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"A welcome change for the better."

July 29th

Wednesday 2.30pm. The coronavirus has not gone away, but many people in the U.K. want to go away on holidays to far off places irrespective if they think there is a slight chance of infection. But let’s turn this thinking around. If you unfortunately get this infection, you are putting many more people lives at risk if they come innocently close to you. In some news papers they talk of the torturous logic by the government with the decision not to allow tourists to stay in the Canary Islands, Ibiza and the Balearic Islands. They say these islands carry less chance of infection than areas of the U.K. and again this sends out a confused message to the public. In the future lock downs in areas of high transmissions of the virus, it will be accepted as test and trace follows. Each country hopefully will be able to align with the same strategy of fighting and eliminating this deadly virus. It appears instant decisions are being taken by the U.K. government that suggests no one is in real command of the ship, and this adds further scepticism to the way the country is being run. Change is taking place irrespective if people try to deny this. One positive aspect of the lockdown has been securing accommodation for many rough sleepers. Events and circumstances can effect many people sadly in many different ways with their lives.

One man lost his partner to cancer, and the flat was in her name, and as a consequence the man found himself without a home. Some people have family and friends and a job that provides an income, but some don’t have this luxury and fall by the way side. In this mans case he was one who fell through the net and found himself living on the streets for three years. Life does not always have a safe havens for women who are suffering further violence through this pandemic, where their children bare witness to further distress which will impact them for all of their life. Abuse in a family can see young people leaving their homes as their situation gets worse. Later they progress to drugs reaching depths of life no one would want to see any child or teenager suffer. There are a thousand stories that account for a multitude of reasons why people finish up living on the streets, but this case shows the virus has brought a welcome change for the better.

Another big change brought about by the virus is the recognition that obesity contributes to having more chance of the virus infecting you. In the U.K. action is now being taken about obesity that should have occurred over twenty years ago. Its always been clear, we in the U.K. have developed a culture of living on junk food with many families living on take away meals. I was once in a position seeing a family of five regularly order and pay £20 for a large pizza to feed themselves, rather than the parent go to the trouble and cook a healthy meal for less than a third of the price. This habit of unwanted fast food eating has been a contagion that has led the U.K. being second to Malta in Europe as the most obese country. Out of 35 industrial nations the U.K. holds the sixth position as being the worst for obesity across the globe. It’s been seen and acknowledged these past forty and more years that food manufacturers have no scruples when it’s thinking about health towards children. Blame lies with past governments who have been sleep walking through their term in office, and never actioned and made law that companies show the levels of salt and sugar as a health warning to their food products.

Having spoke in my previous message blog, it would seem only a crisis will make action take place, but also and more importantly it shows there is no foresight, vision or direction where the U.K. is going. Seeing these consequences daily is frightening and we all have a sixth sense when seeing clouds appear, believing rain is a likely outcome. So we remove our washing from outside and take it in, knowing we did the right thing. This foresight is not happening now nor in the past thirty years with governments that live in their own bubble.

In one of my previous blog, I mentioned I saw Ernest Marples on TV screen open a new section of the M6 motorway in 1962. Within seconds of him cutting the tape I saw on the TV the new motorway completely log jammed with heavy traffic. I told my mother what I had seen saying, this motorway is no use for the future as she knew, I had this gift to see into the future at an early age. I sent a drawing to the Daily Express showing how five motorways should be created in the future. Today I saw a similar plan of the future showing a five lane motorway system but showing heavy vehicles connected to over head electric cables.

To have this gift, to see glimpses of the future and to be ignored all my life, I ask the bigger question, why have I received such visions and messages? If notice could had been taken years ago lives could have been saved, wars averted, billions of money saved and not wasted. Such facts and truth today could stand up in any court of law. One theory of mine which I’ve mentioned before can apply to all of us where at a certain time and place in your life you could be coordinated to meeting someone or something that can be a life changing moment. Events with time and place fit into this equation, where we have all experienced many times such situations, but not realising the consequences that follow for each of us.

A friend, two and a half years ago invited me to see a wood that he and his colleagues were thinking to purchase. When I saw the wood for the first time I picked up a beautiful feeling and a incredible vibration, as their was an astounding beauty about the place. The scenery blew my mind away and I said without hesitation, there’s something magical in the air about this place. I also said and believed, there is no where else in the whole country that can equal this almost enchanting place. I stood on a rock at the far end of the wood that probably was more than a couple thousands of years old. I said to my friend this panoramic view of hills, valleys and further woodlands reminded me of a scene at the end of the film Last of the Mohicans. In the distance, here in this wood, you could even see a romantic castle. Today, this friend and his colleagues have converted a hundred year old hostel into a magical B-B which was voted the best one in the U.K. Yesterday, seeing this wood again just reinforced my previous thoughts. I said to my friend, I’m picking up a feeling of a past belonging to a period when people similar to Celtic times once happily enjoyed the wooden area. My friend and his colleagues intend to progress their dream and purchase Swedish pods on stilts with their own hot tubs. They have ideas to have an array of lanterns in this bewitching wood. Because of the virus, people are now seeking holiday breaks or different group weekends in their own country. My prediction to purchase followed by me saying if I’d have been thirty years younger and not involved as I am now with our Kompas charity dream, I would have funded this venture.

Belief again is the key to everything and to each of us, although difficult times lie ahead for all of us. In this world, I’ve been given to see everything is possible and a beautiful life is there for all. I talk of this hidden spiritual power and energy that we can harness and it can spread faster and further than any virus. There will be seen a new light and opportunity for all young children today who are finding their legs to run around. A new window for the talent of young teenagers approaching a world they find presently hard to understand. Students have so many fears, quiet rightly, about their future prospects, but I believe they can be shown a better world where they can contribute their attributes and enthusiasm. They must be given hope with a new direction which brings confidence. They must believe in being able to make a dream come true. I would tell them, everyone is special and each one carries a gift to make a difference to this world. They would be taught the meaning and purpose to life that we are all here to add something big or small to improve our world. We are all passing through a small spect of precious time.

This is the first message blog today that now enters into being a trilogy of thoughts as we all witness time of change. I believe the spirit world don’t have little dreams, but present a picture where everyone is part of this beautiful loving ocean of life. We will see friends on our journey through this life where many will need some help, as metaphorically, we are all moving in so many different ways on this river of life. Just believe there are many good spirited people today, always helping someone, where you might call them an angel. Small signs of help can appear then disappear. Don’t dismiss beautiful thoughts and feelings you don’t fully understand, but think a while, and if you feel as though you are having this invisible help, embrace this energy. We all have passed love ones by our side trying to reach us. Acknowledge this, and a greater door will eventually open if you can understand and believe.

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