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"End of a nightmare ..."

May 2nd

3.30pm The weather in the U.K. has returned to being cold with heavy hail storms the previous day. The weather with the virus storms are increasing daily in India, as they saw figures of over 360,000 people daily contacting this deadly virus. Help is being sent, from many countries, but however well intended with India’s population of over one and a half billion people, all help is just just a speck in an ocean of problems. Certain scientists would probably be blamed by their government and would see no one being accountable.

A lady professor from Oxford, Sunetra Gupta with a P.H.D. of theoretical epidemiology, was one of three imminent scientists who signed the Barrington Agreement last October in Massachusetts 2020, suggesting lockdowns did far more damage to the disadvantaged and young, with the economy facing permanent damage, and imposing meanlngless restrictions on the liberty of all. The other day this courageous woman who has strong convictions in their scientific beliefs, faced an onslaught of questions from a news woman interviewer who had no qualifications in epidemiology, or science. Professor Gupta was repeatedly interrupted as the woman TV interviewer never gave the professor a proper chance to respond with her views. What does this say? Sounds a little bit like Russia, denying another opinion. It’s my belief, she was closed down because with her colleagues, they are viewed controversial. In science, when someone is seeking to find new ideas with new answers, every different thought can be shown or felt as controversial. That means by the argument this lady professor makes, you must not have new enlightened thinking. One good reason for her not to be right would show this government and many others would be seen, they had wrongly spent billions of pounds or euros costing thousands of jobs when never needed to have been. Professor Gupta suggested the greatest care should be given to protecting the elderly and those with health problems and helping all those who have been denied treatment and many emergency operations.

Professor Gupta

There are four and a half million people in the U.K. waiting for operations that had to be postponed, and their are no figures for those who had heart attacks, strokes or cancer who might needlessly have died. We see daily in the U.K. where democracy is not working, and this government along with many previous ones have only contempt for voters, who like Boris says and believes NO ONE GIVES A MONKEYS. Local elections come on May 6th in many areas, as I may be looking for that Oragutan to vote for in our town. I’m sure there are many more like myself who would rather vote for an educated Llama, or a couple of chimpanzees who loved to give it go.

Failures by many politicians is rife in every country, but I won’t cast this aspersion against President Biden. At 78 years of age, he is leading with radical ideas and policies, after only being in power 100 days. He makes his former President Barak Obama, he worked for, as though he was a child afraid to cross the road. Anyone who makes decisions that are bold and brave, and not fearing others firing metaphorical arrows at them, deserve support and praise.

Professor Gupta has faced online abuse of every description as she stands for what she believes in. She gives any payment for interviews to charities helping the poor. A far cry from former politicians in the U.K. who will sell their souls to reveal knowledge they acquired in government. Integrity and a moral compass don’t exist with some politicians who only seek further money.

While businesses went bust last year, millions out of work, some not able to feed their children, Boris’s fiancée was purchasing wallpaper at nearly a £1,000 pounds a roll, an arm chair at £5,000 and a list, where the refurbishing costs of a small flat at 10 Downing St. is speculated to have a cost over £200,000. A friend of Boris’s fiancée Carrie Symond’s said, “Its classic, stunning, stylish, and chic and she should be congratulated not criticised. When a conservative donor not named stumps up the money to pay for it, we have another Tory plonker saying, if the tax payer is not paying for it, why should it matter. One can say someone can buy him a yacht at million, and it’s does not matter. No one gives Money in politics, unless they are buying influence or for a peerage. If one believes Marie Antoinette said to the starving crowds in 1789, “Let them eat cake,” this sought of attitude brought a revolution. That quote may not have been true, but it was true that the wealthy had no regard for the poor and their problems. Add to Boris’s thoughts of what I’ve mentioned, when three independent witnesses heard him say, “Before another lockdown, let the bodies pile hight.” There’s a deja -vu feeling here, where part of the elite disregard the thousands or should not have died, if appalling and inept decisions were not made we would not be in a debtors yard.

We can see an enlightened mind of thinking with President Biden who will provide millions to now have access to free medical care, where in the U.S., it can cost thousands of dollars for health insurance. President Biden said, We will make the rich pay for it. I admire him because he’s saying to everyone, don’t go out of this life like a damp squib, do what you believe in. He proves with age, it’s just a fallacy you can do nothing at a certain age.

Age, if anyone knows me, I’ve been 45 yrs for this last two centuries. The key is to think you are that age, and then you act that age. If you love what you do, then you can acquire more energy especially if it’s laced with love. If you are in your forties you are or should be no older than 25 yrs. Think young and you will be young. My four daughters will never now move out of there early twenties, because I will always think of them being no older. My son believes he too is just 25 yrs, and no more. Just a better way to think about life.

This virus in the U.K. is on the way out. Fewer daily deaths can be seen than ever before, as more sadly pass away with an heart attack or other ailments we truly wish no one had. It’s now soon, there is to be greater hope than before, but only a fool would think all is well in the world. The slogan is NO ONE IS SAFE, UNLESS THE WORLD IS SAFE. Until everyone in every country has seen the last of the virus only then we can truly rest.

Today though in Liverpool 5,000 people without masks will attend a music gig, as each must though have certification they are virus free. It’s an experiment that if all goes well, it’s another step forward. I have a niece who celebrated two years of marriage yesterday, so they went for a meal. They had to be served outside, and she said it was freezing cold, and was glad to get back to warm home. This says, restaurants and all hospitality venues are screaming to open their businesses as fast as possible. Analysts are suggesting, just like after the First World War in 1918, where the later the years became known as the roaring twenties, as the youth and wealthy went mad spending money. It’s said, such times will return. We must hope all those who lost money, accrued debts, lost homes must be helped to climb back to their former positions.

News headlines said this Sunday morning, END OF A NIGHTMARE. Our prayers should be asking for better days for everyone, and hoping Global unity can appear, for all manmade problems can be corrected, and we can feed the world, extinguish wars and poverty, and give everyone the chance to have a dream and the belief they can achieve.

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