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"Going through the storm ..."

January 24th

Sunday 3.32pm. The silence is profound around me as there are no sounds from the park, although yesterday I saw children playing and sledging in the snow. Today less snow is about and it appears there is less good news about too. It’s worth mentioning a good story of a miracle occurring as human beings have great ingenuity and resilience in overcoming sometimes impossibilities. Eleven out of twenty-one miners were rescued from a gold mine explosion that occurred on January 10th in China. With working around the clock and drilling boreholes through tonnes of debris, they were able to locate eleven of these miners. It could take another two weeks with hope and a great endeavor to try and locate the others.

There is another story that illustrates where mankind is capable of reversing some of the obstacles they have made. It is a story that tells of U.K. students who have created 3D printed coral structures that could rebuild the worlds damaged reefs. This particular story of the young aligns with a painting I created in 2017, after having a vision and calling the painting SPIRITUAL REBIRTH. I was given to see, young children of today will have further enlightened minds and ideas to change the world from self-destructing.

"Spiritual Rebirth"

One hundred and three years ago saw the end of a Great War in 1918, where on battle fields nine million men lost their lives, and millions were wounded with millions of civilians dying too. Imagine, for those who have followed my message blogs where I have said so often, “Life is but a pause, as I believe there is a far greater spiritual force, that sees our spirit body travel to a better shore.” Let’s imagine all our families and friends in spirit are witnessing and seeing how the last 100 years have developed. The diary of events is not good in the overview of all these years that have passed. Astounding new inventions of communications have occurred, and man has landed on the moon. It also brought better healthy living standards, with many people living longer and healthier lives than their grandparents. BUT, we have created a world, where material items have made life easier in the home. We have fed children that money is everything, and celebrities are superstars like many who are top of their professions. We have created an illusion of what the best things are in life for our children.

A former top politician today suggested the U.K. could become a failed state if we don’t change our present government strategy. Also today we can see dramatic changes occurring in the retail sector, where two large former brand names disappear from the U.K. high streets. This spells a profound change, where thousands of people will lose their jobs and careers. So where are we now? We still sit on the edge of a volcano where life is unpredictable and uncertain by those who cannot accept great changes are needed. If we pool our talents, and resources as human beings, we could see the world I’ve been given to see change and bring a far better future for all. With all the prophecies, I’ve been given to see, all can be changed if the human race was able to the unit as one.

I accidentally watched yesterday an interview on a talk show where the ex President Bill Clinton was asked about the famous classified information of the 1947 alien Roswell incident. As a former President, he smiled and laughed at some of the questions but did not dismiss the situation was not true. He had stopped answering direct questions as this subject is still taboo. Another clip showed the former President Baraka Obama interviewed, he laughed but with further questions, he showed clearly, he knew about the incident and was getting nervous about answering further questions. It would seem, all presidents have access to this incident that occurred in 1947 but are sworn to secrecy not to tell the truth which would destabilise the world. By accident, I watched another program, where the ex-President Ronald Reagan made a speech before the United Nations in 1987 as he was a great communicator having been once a Hollywood actor. He said, Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognise this common bond, we all have with one another. I occasionally think, how quickly our differences worldwide would finish if we were facing an alien threat from the outside world.

Are we at a place in time, where the world faces a threat so large with the virus and economic position with our climate change seeing us being vulnerable for the future? Is this the time where the world should realise it’s time to unify all our resources and capabilities. I believe president Reagan in 1987 was trying to say the same thing but in another way.

The ex-President of the U.S.A. Ronald Reagan

Today in the U.K., 4,000 people are on ventilators, our death rate is now the highest in the world with the proportion of our population. Today a professor said, he had run out of superlatives to describe how short of staff they are in some care situations where there are not enough people to help. This again repeats the question I made nearly twelve months ago. We should have created an army of ex doctors and nurses and taught volunteers to cope with vaccinating people and expanding with all general help with hospital activities. Now we see clearly how badly we have planned everything as we enter into a storm of further unnecessary problems, our government has created with poor leadership. We are now looking and this applies to all nursing situations around the world that’ve been fighting a battle with the many virus cases, where many have been under-resourced. The consequences are seen more urgently for those working on the front line as they have been severely traumatised with the immense work they have had. We hear of passports being mentioned for those who believe it will be safe this summer to travel, which could stigmatise others who don’t have such a passport. Again, we are failing to believe that the virus situation is far from over.

For once this morning I saw on the main political TV show, Andrew Marr ask the Israeli health minister the question of why Israel is not helping to provide vaccines for the Palestinians. This is a story I raised in my previous message blog. The questions from Andrew Marr saying that Israel is breaking International law, which proved embarrassing for the Israeli minister as he could not escape from the truth. I highlight this story, because of the vision I received in 2010, where I was shown to paint Israeli and Palestinian child being together. This, in the vision, highlighted the peace could be found as I was instructed to encode a message, where young people could see a reality could be attained if both sides were able to give and compromise with each other. This painting (called "Children are the Future"), I was given to create showed where once Jewish children were behind barbed wire, and now still today, the Palestinian children are behind barbed wire in refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, the West Bank and Syria. This situation I refer to often because it’s inner escapable fact that the Israel and Palestine confrontation will not go away and it’s my belief and hope that a new American administration will bring and correct this situation turning into a gulf of flames.

"Children are the Future"

At this moment in time, there is a race to vaccinate as many people as possible in the U.K. For yesterday the Prime Minister dropped a bombshell saying this new variant could increase and further spread of the virus by 30 percent. Immediately he was attacked by medical advisors saying, such thoughts have not been qualified yet. There is no question, we are in the storm now as it’s being proposed in the U.K., a further lockdown could occur until July. This would be like opening Pandora’s box of where anything could happen now. All restaurants, pubs, and the same businesses of hospitality could be closed, and this would apply to all schools being closed. Further billions would be required to bail out an even bigger crisis situation that would unfold. We could even see social unrest occurring, which is easy to predict.

It’s ironic, Scotland is now choosing to have a referendum when the former leader Alex Salmon is ready to knife metaphorically Nicola Sturgeon in the back for the conspiracy accusations that are soon to be heard in court within weeks. This in my opinion is another divine intervention to stop the break up of the U.K. Union with Scotland now. Events are clearly showing the decisions that have to be made throughout the world.

We see the Russian man Alexie Navalny, who is imprisoned as thousands protest in various Russian cities. This man as I´ve said before is exceptional, as he sees the freedom being stifled for people in Russia. For centuries Russia has had a system of serfdom, operated by their royalty which was slavery. Russia has not experienced the freedoms of the west. It’s ironic too when war was declared in 1914, Russia, the Austro-Hungarian empire and the British Empire were all connected to the same birth tree. All empires had to fall. What is to fall now with the many crumbling foundations that exist today? I believe divine intervention is taking place right now.

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