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"It always seems impossible until it's done ..."

July 8th

4.30 pm. I’ve just been to my town centre in the U.K. and Wednesday used to be a very busy market stall day that attracted many visitors to this historical place I live in. I can use the expression “ONCE UPON A TIME”, referring to our whole country that is in the same position of trying to see their future. Those that have followed this journey may think many of the situations I’ve previously mentioned then occur and then are seeing to be discussed on the news programmes. In my last message blog, I referred by saying, “We have to break every metaphorical dam that allows a greater flow of confidence to reach everyone. One of today’s themes on the news was saying as a country we must get our confidence back. Positive thinking and a great belief in yourself can get you across any river, no matter what anyone else thinks. Some would use words to such a proposition as foolhardy, barmy, crazy and no chance at all. Well, whatever the circumstances, I would not be on the side of pessimism and skepticism and never believing something is impossible. Nelson Mandela, an incredible and inspiring human being, served 27 years imprisonment on Robben Island. He once quoted, IT ALWAYS SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL ITS DONE. Men or women of enlightened thinking who possess imagination and vision are the people who do extraordinary things in life.

Nelson Mandela

Today whoever saw Boris Johnson in Parliament facing yet again the six questions from Sir Keir Starmer you might have believed Sir Keir was once part the Spanish Inquisition. He truly has at times the look in his eyes of a professional assassin. Looking at Boris, and I truly have great empathy for the man, but in my eyes, he’s a man trapped in the centre of an electrical charged magnetic field that has become a vortex. Anyone who today saw Boris would have seen his demeanour spiralling downwards after facing these punishing questions from his nemesis Sir Keir Starmer. The face of Boris was sadly very red, and that in itself suggested with these huge waves of never-ending gigantic problems could see him eventually having a stroke or heart attack. As he sat listening to his Chancellor Rishi Sunak the camera gave a clear view of his leg continually going up and down in a fast motion. This is an anxious stress reaction of a man you feel you want to throw him a lifeline. His hero, Winston Churchill, I’m sure sat in that chamber today, as we the U.K. face the biggest storm since the early desperate days of the Second World War. Winston Churchill found solace in his dark hours by having continuous drinks of champagne. Who could excuse him of that privilege when facing neverending bad news of further deaths and defeats. Just like Winston Churchill who had many enemies, Boris is creating an army of opposition after he was accused of attempting to deflect blame for the government failings with an outrageous comment. He suggested that some care homes fuelled the spread of the Coronavirus by failing to follow the right procedures. This is more than damming, as no great general or leader would apportion blame on his troops when he was in charge and carried ultimate responsibility. Also when he said a while back, he’d rather be dead in a ditch than ask the E.U.for delay. Such promises are soon believed to be worthless if you can’t honour what you say.

Winston Churchill

This Coronavirus is creating consequences for the American President as he too is trying to apportion blame to W.H.O. the World Health Organisation. After decades of long US relationship with the organisation which has been instrumental in improving health around the world, it’s a step back from creating a better world. After weeks of President Trump accusing W.H.O. of helping the Chinese government to a cover-up in the early days of the Coronavirus epidemic, he says the United States would terminate its relationship with the agency. In a ten minute address, the President took no responsibility for the deaths of 100,000 Americans from the virus, instead, he said, China had instigated a global pandemic. We are living in times when the wrong people are in charge and logic, life and history shows big changes will take place. It’s now known that scientists in Italy confirmed as far back as December 2019 that after a waste water study found sewage water had traces containing Coronavirus long before their country confirmed their first case. From Milan and Turin, genetic traces were found on December 18th and French scientists said tests on samples showed a patient treated for suspected pneumonia near Paris on December 27th actually had the virus. Barcelona in Spain had in January some forty days before their first local case with the virus being discovered. This further knowledge will spread and grow as scientists begin to know more about the virus. China took the blame, but now such findings are opening another door of thought and have in life judgement should not be placed on anyone until conclusive facts are seen. This story is far from over, just like the virus itself as news keeps confirming that metaphorically this fire is not fully out by no means as we still see this torturous flame continuing to ignite. With Melbourne in Australia, now having a five million population lockdown this shows clearly, this virus has not yet been extinguished. In Brazil, their President Bolsonaro has now tested positive with the Coronavirus as he has been a hard advocate in not believing in lockdowns, as he thought there was more harm to be done to the economy. The Brazilian Coronavirus deaths have now reached 66,860 the second highest in the world, but with our country the U.K. it suppressed for a long time the full death toll. Russia’s statistics on their Coronavirus has shown 10,667 deaths, but the World Health Organisation question their counting and procedures. Scientists are now studying that airborne transmission can be a possible way to travel through respiratory droplets and contact routes with coughing and sneezing. With such consequences occurring, this epidemic is far from over as this feeling cannot yet possibly take away this fear factor that is deep-seated in many people's thoughts.

Every hour and every minute certain sectors are calling for more money, and questions are being asked how long before the bank can say no more. Many believe there is an endless money pit as the U.K. tries today with a new policy of creative ways to encourage firms to take advantage of generous grants given if they take on further young apprenticeships. Cutting V.A.T. down to five percent and giving vouchers worth £10.00 if you have a meal on the Monday to Wednesday is a step to help the hospitality section. But this is going to be a long tortuous route, as there is less money in peoples pockets and more people continuing to lose their jobs. I will keep saying that house building on a large scale by a government National Building Company could begin with a ten-year radical plan. Government taking a share position in new forward-thinking companies has got to quickly take shape and must incentivise companies to export by giving them more in the first year a ten percent less tax to pay against other companies. The clock is ticking and a lady Professor Stephanie Kelton a US economist has produced a new book called the Deficit Myth. An exposition of modern Monetary theory. Some economic journalist believe it to be deeply controversial and others say positively dangerous. The words Deficit Denial is a phrase many economists are afraid to confront as this book suggests Kelton has abandoned orthodox economics, saying we should not worry about the vast debts governments are accruing. This to the man in the street who has more wisdom in one tooth than many economists as they play their games with figures and maths. Oh, how I wish Albert EINSTEIN was alive, as I’d love to know his opinion of the situation we find ourselves in. Years ago he said, you cannot keep taking the raw materials from the earth on the present scale to satisfy this gargantuan appetite for material items. Where were the economists in the financial crash which was obvious to many? I have to believe, today's governments are playing a very dangerous game with their high borrowing debts. Then, when it all goes wrong again they will say they only took the advice. The blame game is already being played out on many different scenarios now. Who picks up the pieces? Of cause the ordinary Joe Blogs who have been suckered again. Before I finish, in 2015 it was stated just the interest on the debt will absorb one out of every three personal income tax dollars. One danger is that Asian and other central banks which hold growing amounts of debt could stop financing our deficits. If that happened interest rates would rise, stocks and bonds would plunge and recessions would grow bigger. Increasing government debt combined with people's dwindling private savings would mean much less available to invest in infrastructure, new technologies, and businesses, which means less growth and a slower increase in standards. Wishful thinking and irresponsible political rhetoric is not the fuel and sustenance to our souls or our inner being as this particular path has no good place to go. Changes will prevail, but hopefully sooner rather later before we all have to face the consequences of our actions.

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