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Before I start with this last message blog, I would like to show the first painting I created in the year 2,000. It came with a message about the future showing a beautiful Orangutan who is so close in its ways to the human being. The painting shows the Earth burning with forest fires and how we show no real thought of our planet but place materialism first. Falling sand is representing time, which is so quickly passing by for everyone, but time is running out to correct the wrongs we have committed. Yes, we can put everything right, we are a clever species, but we are in a time when we all have to wake up and realise we have to accept changes in every imaginable way. I’m given to believe a new bloom of thinking from youth can resolve the crisis we all face. Stay positive and remove doubts that prevent all your dreams coming true.

July 18th

11.10 am. It’s a beautiful sunny day here in the U.K. but I believe it’s a special day. I have been given a special gift from a young lad that has implicitly helped to show me glimpses into the future. A further gift that I have recieved is the talent to paint, where many of my paintings are attached to giving messages that can help mankind. The flip side to this gift suggests that after a life time of experiences, if we ignore such predictions we will have further continuing catastrophes.

The first thought or message I received this morning was telling me to go on Google and ask this question. “The number 777. Is it a sign in numerology? ” First, why ask such a question ? I began writing what I call message blogs over two years ago. Messages and predictions I’ve included in some of these blogs, were given to me at the age of 14 years, which have all eventually come true. PROPHESIES YES, and I’m not embarrassed to say this, when I’ve seen incredible situations occur which have become a reality and undeniably true. The meaning and purpose of writing these message blogs was to show, there is a better way to go forward in how we live our lives. One can always question such thinking by those who have no vision or understanding of the true meaning of life. I began writing these message blogs 115 weeks ago, as I felt compelled to write two message blogs a week before any virus pandemic was heard of. From the very beginning I’ve had help from my friend Elena with the editing and illustrating of all the images she felt appropriate for the stories and predictions I make. Why did I choose the number 77 to finish the first edition? I don’t know why. I believe it was chosen by the special spiritual power I so often talk of. My hope is to see eventually each edition published, which has now seen with today’s message blog reach two further editions of 77. This now brings me back to the previous question I posed. Has the number 777 in numerology any significance? The answer from Google this morning gave me 777 IS A HIGH SPIRITUAL ANGEL NUMBER WHICH IS THE SIGN OF GETTING DIVINE GUIDANCE. To receive such a message before I finish this present series is just another sign in a very long journey through my life. Along this path I have had exceptional experiences which includes instigating miracles from the special powers above.

In today’s U.K. Sunday newspapers, they are carrying those familiar words CHAOS AND CONFUSION. These are damaging words to the U.K. which are forever hanging the wrong lable around our country of Lions. Albert Einstein once implied that those who have created all the problems cannot possibly be the ones to correct such mistakes. I’ve heard over these past twenty years the word constantly calling for great CHANGE. On the T.V. this morning scientists are showing great alarm at the intensity of heat on the West coast of Canada, Oregon and beyond California. The highest temperatures are being recorded in this part of the world are reaching 48.6C and in California’s Death Valley a high temperature of 56 .7C that has never been seen before. The following extremes with weather saw heavy rain downfalls burst the river banks and dams in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland and parts of France. Devastation and great loss of lives came to Germany and parts of Belgium. Change is being called for by many of these countries and their leaders, who can see a repetition of events occurring again. In some instances like the collapse of the apartments in Miami Florida which had over a 100 deaths and more people missing, warnings were ignored about foundation structures that needed urgent repair work. It is said, countless bridges and further properties in the Florida State are believed to be under a severe watch as similar cracks are occurring.

I’ve previously mentioned before that predictions can be very precious assets, and could help to save thousands of lives. I also believe, we as a society and the world itself are in a position when some of my previous predictions need to be mentioned again, because of their high importance. I could have saved the Tesco Supermarket group billions of pounds in 2012 and the Poundland retail group millions in 2015. If you mention money in the right quarters, ears are opened by investors which is the life blood to any healthy economy. I’ve spoken about a top investment C.E.O. where if he had time to read my book I sent him called THE MESSAGE he could saved his reputation and his company falling into collapse.

If Vladimir Putin had someone in his office not throwing away 13 requests to see him during the year 2012 to 2014, he could have seen a new gateway for Russia to have prospered with a robust and growing healthy economy. He would have seen millions of people wanting to emigrate to Russians sixth largest border in the world of 2,600 miles with China. Innovation, entrepreneurship would have seen Russia flourish like never before. This divine power I talk of will do such things, not to make a few individuals wealthy, but by creating a new happy and healthy country for all who had been subjugated for centuries under the Czarist regime. They also suffered the cruel rule of the evil monster Stalin, who was an equal to the evil abomination of Hitler. CHANGE could have occurred if such a meeting had taken place, and seen a great harvest of an economy grow tenfold within the European Union.

I’ve mentioned many years ago the beautiful land of South Africa will see a devastation of anger and revolt through never ending poverty that provides no dream for anyone. The looting and violence has occurred in these last few days through sheer poverty and lack of good reforms. In today’s society the young will not sit and watch this dream ship of materialism pass them by. Opulence of any material goods or lack of affordable and decently built homes will see a similar revolt appear in the near future in any country who neglects to address this problem.

I’ve spoken before of there not being affordable homes in the U.K. which will see similar unrest if the building of new homes is left to the present large building companies who only build for profit. These are the dinosaurs that still survive in a unjust system for the young, and those who have not had the chance to reside in their own affordable home. Changes have to be made, not in one or two places within society as the list is agonisingly so long.

Sixty years ago 2.5 billion people lived on our planet. Now there are close to eight billion, and as facts show by 2050 ten billion. An article gave an example, that every year 24 billion pairs of shoes are produced and sold in the world. Of those 80% are trainers, and manufactured with acids and glues that cannot be recycled. The article went on to say, we must stop this trend. But the question is how can we feed everyone, dress them and give them a job. Answers are needed now. Further neglect of not facing the problems we see now cannot be accepted. I believe this young generation now facing their teens will change almost every aspect of how we can achieve a happier and healthier life for all.

I spoke of spiritual rebirth in my last blog. Another prophesy given to me. Change can mean doing everything being better than it is now. It’s about evolution not revolution. I guess there is another book to be written about life in the future, but I’ve written now three life changing editions of how and why I believe there is a giving dynamic spiritual force to help everyone if they can be awakened by new beliefs that can provide the answers the world seeks.

I’m hoping this new book created with my friend Elena can touch an audience who seek love and understand more what love really is. But a story called “Marilyn’s Messages from Summer Land” a True Story, will help this once famous beautiful soul to tell the world she was portrayed wrongly all through her life. Our charity Kompas waits for providence to guide our metaphorical ship to where we can give help to unloved and disadvantaged children. Love is giving, learning to love and give is the answer for all manmade problems we have brought to this beautiful planet. We all have love to give that can change our world for a better future, now is the time to see our planet bloom with what could be.

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