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"The Ides of March ..."

October 25th

8.17 pm. My day started in another part of the world this morning as I’ve visited one of my daughter’s in Marlow. It’s quiet surreal as I sit quietly looking over a panoramic view of the countryside as she has twins of two years of age and one of five years. Soon there will be an explosion of energy and noise. I’ve said before, with this generation, they will change and make the world a better place. I’m seeing the high intelligence of my grandchildren, but also with many other chidren of family friends, as they enter an ever changing environment. I’ve mentioned before about been given a message which created a painting called Spiritual Rebirth. I’ve seen clearly over the last three years since this painting was created this new generation of children are exceedingly and more noticeably cleverer than previous generations at their age.

I will start with a positive in the U.K. where we are now hearing that maybe by Christmas a vaccine will be made available to frontline staff which indicates there maybe light at last at the end of this long dark and dangerous tunnel. But hearing the latest world news, this Covid 19 infection is growing all the time in many countries who are now imposing tougher restrictions to try and prevent further infections growing.

In the Czech Republic they have 8,000 doctors and nurses currently out of action because they are infected with the Covid Virus which sees help being given from other countries. After only 12,000 cases to the end of June they are now recording that many infections each day. Easing restrictions by their government has been heavily criticised by many of the public and media. The Czech Republic now hold the most unwelcome title of being the highest infection rate with their population of ten million in the world, but only a small population of 77,000 people with Andorra can claim this unfortunate but true title. With other countries the Czech Republic followed their pursuit of opening borders which are still open to Poland and allowed tourism to flourish in Prague.

In the U.K. our Prime Minister led the charge for everyone to travel anywhere in the U.K. and to take holidays abroad. Such decisions are seeing those misdirected arrows return and pierce the credibility of this government, and worst still the government gave billions away with vouchers of £10.00 to encourage people to eat more in restaurants. This was all about trying to inject confidence into the hospitality and restaurant industry, which was banal in my view when such money could have helped industries who are trying to export and increase productivity with further jobs. Providing the right amount of income to those who had lost their jobs, where as I’ve said before, utilising everyones skills to temporarily fill the gaps that authorities could not fulfil due to successive government cuts backs. Flesh could be put on the bones of this idea. Now yet again, the U.K. Prime Minister is facing another rebellion, not just from some of his M.P.s but from the public at large. His response regarding this issue has seen him to refuse giving further food vouchers through the winter months for struggling families, who can’t afford nutritious midday meals for their children. Many M.P.s who voted with their government to say no against giving further help for children are now facing a backlash and a whirlwind of anger, where they are being refused entry in bars and restaurants, and also receiving other insidious threats for not helping children.

Again one expects the U.K. Prime Minister to make yet another embarrassing U.Turn, which sees a rebellion of Conservative M.P.s slowly fermenting and continuing to grow against his leadership. Empathy and lack of understanding towards a growing amount of unemployment and the consequences of trying to get by with losing your income is not felt or understood by those in government. A leader who has had a life of not truly knowing or understanding what it’s like not affording heating costs through the winter months, and all other expenses that occur to survive seems to be a galaxy away from its people. This is another failure on the Prime Ministers list who supposedly is well read in history.

If this was so with his history he would know of Alexander the Great who divided the spoils of war between his men not to himself. He showed leadership by fighting right at the front of each battle following a vision, an ambition and a direction, knowing where he wanted to go. Horatio Nelson did exactly the same through many of his younger years leading charges in boarding many ships of the then enemy. Julius Caesar fought for years right at the heart of every battle, and ate the same meals with his men. Soldiers followed such men who lead by example and sheer bravery. This list is never ending with great individuals who showed outstanding courage and leadership.

I visited Brighton on Sunday to see my son and granddaughter, where now in Monday’s morning news Brighton was in the top ten worst regions of seeing their economies collapse. The middle classes are being severely hit, where airline industries have been decimated in the past six months. Theatres, music venues, the arts, hospitality, freelance workers, specialist workers in such industries like Rolls Royce are also suffering greatly, as all sections of middle management are being hit in a way not seen before. It’s clear to hold this government line in obeying so many differing rules, it will soon show a national mutiny of not accepting the present strategy. The public response, I’ve just talked of with children’s food vouchers clearly shows it will be the people who will make the changes with what is required.

A lady of fighting spirit and of 83 years was interviewed in Barnsley, a town in the heart of Yorkshire as she spoke for a majority of people who thought exactly like her. When asked about a further lockdown she said swearing, Sod off to this government who is telling me I can’t go out of my home for so many weeks. She continued to say, It’s these politicians who have got us into this mess and I’m not living like this. She then said, they are spending all this money and she was not going to pay for it as she said, she will be dead in a few years. Then saying, it will be the poor children paying for this for years to come. This lady had struck a chord with the nation and further interviews with her continued as she was talking common sense. Politicians, scientists, medical advisors, economists and every other instrument of advise has shown, there is little unity in their many different views. Again my mantra, “We are not yet at the end of October and the official date of winter is not until December 21st. The winter months recorded in the history books showed Napoleon was beaten by the winter in Russia. This was followed by Hitler too at Stalingrad in Russia. So what am I saying, “This winter could see the down fall of this present leader Boris Johnson with fatigue, pressures, uncertainties and ill health as I’ve predicted before.”

In the last couple of days, where I’ve been especially in Marlow, the escalation of house prices are going through the roof. Common sense has been abandoned as circumstances have shown people to be blind when they are in a storm which is creating a panic. Even prices on fairground activities in Brighton for small children are seen to be crazy as few people are seen to participate. When you can be charged over several pounds for two small flimsy plastic cups of coffee, only the foolish and those few who have money to burn are being seen to be participating like the stragglers of a beaten army.

A few more days will and must mark the correct change needed to remove the odious President Trump. It will not be an opposition of the vigour and dynamism of J.F. Kennedy, but will follow with one that can bring calm and stability with a new direction the world needs from still the most powerful country in the world.

The Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis said, if there was no better results in his country in the next week or two a miracle is needed. Maybe the world will be saying this soon. For those who’ve followed my path and journey with our Message Blogs it will be of no surprise that I believe with the spiritual powers that exist something like a miracle will appear with better news. I mentioned in a previous message blog to look at March in 2021. In history again, I refer often because history does repeat its self but the world fails to learn from previous mistakes. Julius Caesar met with his passing from political power with his assassination. No, I’m not suggested this way will remove the present Prime Minister of the U.K.. Then the Roman calendar date was March the 15th and known as THE IDES OF MARCH. It corresponded with several religious observances and it was considered then a date for settling debts. Maybe the time is to be called in the coming March to say accountability is needed for the mistakes that have been made. As the 83 year old Yorkshire lady said, “How many money trees do we have to pay for this lot?”

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