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"The Jigsaw ..."

January the 15th, events occur in everyone’s life, that are not always attributed to yourself. Your own actions, whether it’s the right or wrong choice you make bring consequences. I can assure you, I’m no different from anyone else, but those choices you make at the very early part of your life are already forming the side or corner to your own jigsaw. Later in life you will see the bigger picture you have been making for yourself. This metaphor pieces of a jigsaw, I’ve mentioned before in previous blogs. In 2004 in North America so many unexplainable and incredulous situations occurred due to the consequences of following spiritual messages and my own actions. This is when for me events we’re bringing pieces of the jigsaw I could never imagine, when or how they would fit together later in life. It’s the same with your own life, you can meet someone that can change your life, or you can feel with your career, relationship or life something is not fitting right. My philosophy is through believing we are reincarnated many times, we bring certain metaphorical pieces of jigsaw with us at birth, which is our characteristics.

This can be good or bad, but if you can think of your own strengths and weakness or personal traits, you will have a better understanding of what you can do with your life, and where you can go. This applies to your dreams, because if you believe you make a dream come true, you have done it before in your previous lives. Following my last blog called Four letters, this situation was not preplanned, events occurred, and by taking decisive action you may open a door which in my case was to try and do good and achieve peace with the message I was given. I believe, we all have many intuitive senses, we are not even aware of, but with teaching and further understanding we can all achieve, if one is not not happy, a happier life. So yesterday’s events in the Middle East continued with a momentum, and with myself to send three more important letters to be coordinated with the other four. Many people just accept the way things are and just say, Why ? This was a famous quote of Bobby Kennedy’s which followed by him saying, I had dreams no one else dreamed of, but I say, Why not? I can remember twenty years ago, I could have said there are now no pieces of the jigsaw that fits into my life. I was wrong, I had been left with my four daughters and my painting and psychics gifts, I’d had all my life. I was to start a new life. I started following my messages and visions and yes my feelings and straight away left the previous baggage of problems I carried. I believed, I was freed from purgatory that saw me accepting so many simpler things in life. I now saw all my actions were creating new jigsaw pieces which seemed to fit far better then with my previous life at that time. I was creating dreams that were coming true.

These pieces of the jigsaw came when I was given to paint a story of my past, belonging to the American Indian tribe, the Nez Perce. From reading a book in 1996 called Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, this proved to be a piece of my jigsaw, that led me impossibly to the very heart and sanctuary of the home to one of my present spiritual guides Chief Joseph and his warrior brother Ollokot. With these passing years, my metaphorical canoe has travelled and continues to travel to places, I could never imagine. What will happen next with the consequences of these present letters and those I’ve sent ? One can look at individuals like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos creator of Amazon, and Elon Musk, all had dreams. But dreams must not be measured by wealth, but with your own happiness. Try to believe certain jigsaw pieces can come into your life that can change your life. I’m hoping these jigsaw pieces which have shown me the way to eliminate nuclear weapons can soon to find the next piece that will perfectly fit. This is my thinking for our charity Kompas, as there are many who can be said metaphorically waiting to join our ship. With everyone’s life we cannot just accept that each day, month and year will be like yesterday. We all have our own power to change what others think you should not do. Only sheep follow who can be just led over a cliff instead of rejecting what other sheep do.

They say a free spirit is an individual who will not accept the status-quo, is unconventional, unorthodox, a dreamer, but the bible says one driven or led by the spirit of God. We all have the freedom of choice. We are now living in a small world which connects each country, and each wrong decision made. But equally we can connect all the right dots and re-energise this beautiful planet with new thinking. This is evident around the world, where this young generation is not accepting what’s been given to them. Change is in the wind and in the hearts and hopes of those who’ve lost their homes and families and cannot see their dreams coming true.

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