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"Wait and see ..."

February the 19th.

I heard on the news in one of those split second moments, when you are half listening to the news, a professor said, Heavy Duty Freight transportation. He went on to say a new energy is already being researched and advanced by using Ammonia and Hydrogen. This will fuel planes and the biggest ships in the world that are presently transporting crude oil. The world’s largest green ammoniun plant powered by renewable hydrogen could be built in Queensland, Australia. This is where the future is heading. It made me think where in one of the blogs I wrote a week ago, I was told in my very early years I saw and heard that hydrogen was being used in cars and the majority of energy supplies in the future. Hearing this professor today, fortified one of my future predictions given to me nearly fifty years ago. To me, this illustrates when I’m given glimpses into the future with predictions, I sometimes have to wait years to see I was right in what I was shown. With the extreme weather of rain and wind we are still experiencing in the U.K., it highlights another vision I was given when I was fifteen, where I was shown the government would maintain all agricultural land. With the continuing devastation of severe flooding we are now experiencing, and seeing the consequences to people’s homes, we are asking for more flood defences. Ask we may, but the true costs no one could possibly put a figure on this, because billions of pounds would be needed which would take another ten years and more to achieve safety from future flooding. The consequences could also blow metaphorically any economic plan out of the water without proper planing. So in the future to defend so many increasing flood situations, and seeing farmland in many areas only used for cattle and sheep, we will see meat not being on the menu as it is today. That future is less than fifteen years away. So my prediction is that all the land must be used economically to produce arable farming in a very different organised way, and fully controlled and managed to the highest efficiency by the government. With this vision as a teenager, I was clearly told we must be self sufficient with growing our own food. This is becoming a mantra of being self sufficient for every country now, which would see less movement of goods around the world.

I might have mentioned in these blogs before of a prophecy regarding Muhammad Ali. I was told before his world title fight with Sonny Listen in 1964 that he would win his fight, but more importantly I was told, which then I didn’t fully understand “He was more than a great boxer, for he had higher enlightened spirits helping him.” At that time who could have foretold his future. Throughout his whole life, Muhammad Ali became a great campaigner and activist of the civil rights movement in both America and across the world. His boxing career I believe was a vehicle in which these higher spiritual powers harnessed their message to his charismatic personality. He had a social message of black pride and black resistance to white domination, but in my opinion he was the greatest boxer to have ever lived. I’m sure though, Muhammad Ali himself would have prized greater his message of love that he gave to so many children and people around the world, as he also donated so much of his wealth to charitable courses. Only after seeing his life unfold, one could now fully see and understand, how enlightened he was, bringing a message of peace and showing all people are equal. This was another prophecy that took years to fully see.

Another prophecy I will give with our present Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Boris wrote a book in 2014 called, The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History, so naturally Boris feels an affinity with him. That’s a good thing, for now he must look more closely how he manages his own metaphorical war. Boris, having seen preceding governments cut back on finances bringing wrongly austerity for the last ten years, now faces his battle to see his country prosper. He obviously will have to carry a great burden on his shoulders where at this moment in time it is impossible for him to presently imagine. At this moment in time he has the majority of people on his side, but like his mentor Winston Churchill knew and saw, this will only last as people see results. Like Winston Churchill he could have a large tabled map showing markers pointing to all the priories on his battle field that he must win. Besides having hundred percent full support and nothing less of his ministers, he must have the lady he is with, matching up to Winston Churchill’s wife Clementine. Again, nothing less in love and support. I predict seeing difficulty in this area appearing in two years time.Poor health could follow Boris with the enormous pressures within three years, but his heart for his country is in the right place. His present adviser Dominic Cummings is radical and good in many ways, but already he has made the first big blunder in choosing someone not right as an advisor. His judgement with people can be questioned, but his policy’s are right as far as one can presently see. His health two years later will see the pressures of government taking its tally on him too. A rocky road ahead, but a battle will be won to have this once mighty metaphorical ship turned around and find its right way in the world. This is the most important message we all need, which is to find that right path to walk in life.We are all capable to be greater than we think.

Think about that once young boxer Cassius Clay who believed when he was so young he was great. Then changing his name at 22 years of age to Muhammad Ali with his conversion to Islam. He became what he believed of being great, by giving his love literally two thousands around the world.

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