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"What is the next step?"

July 26th

Sunday 3.22pm. Today is another milestone in these message blogs as we reach another blog number of 77. With the first 77 blogs, with my friend Elena, we didn’t set out with thoughts of converting this journey into a book. The first was called Crossing the bridge between the past and future. At first I called it a journey, recalling the many visions, predictions and messages I received all my life which have all proved to come true. I’ve seen glimpses of the future and received prophesies, again all coming true or about to come true. Later in my life, I realised as these gifts were getting stronger and my knowledge and understanding grew, I discovered how Nostradamus could see into the future. With this statement I have categorically proved this, which has been mentioned in previous message blogs. Twenty years ago, I was told with my gifts which includes my painting which helps to illustrates many messages, I will receive many arrows and stones being aimed at me. This has proved to be so true many times, and even to this very day where those close to me do not believe in me or have faith in me. Whatever I’ve been given to tell, just as this second part of my journey documents my thoughts, it’s down to ones belief in what I say. Before I carry on, and this is to the first reader of this blog I now write. I do not belong to any religion, but I can sit comfortably with all religions, as they are the same fruit that belongs to this tree of life.

I’m not able to keep to myself, what maybe to some is a secret knowledge that is still denied to this very day. I cannot stand by and ignore such powerful messages I receive and tell of nothing. I’ve mentioned before, I ignored one such message, as I was having a traumatic time in my life in the year 2000 and did not follow what I was told. Consequences occurred, and I was fighting for my life. As time progressed, I began to believe that this higher spiritual power has a synchronised system where on my path everything is to happen at a certain time. But I believe, this is the same situation for everyone. As you meet certain people in your life, I believe many have been with you before in a previous life, because as they enter your life there is a fundamental reason for this. I could not have made my journey without these many people believing in the story I tell. When one day you, the reader, will look at your own life and see that destiny and fate have placed you where you are today.

As you have read, I’ve been critical especially with how our government has proceeded in the U.K. with the virus and about handling our economic strategy. Wrong from day one, and in today’s news that familiar word SHAMBOLIC is back again and was used by the Shadow Secretary of State for health and social care, as he refers to tourists panicking having just arrived in Spain. I’ve mentioned just like thousands, including scientists that to even think of going on holiday abroad at this moment in time is wrong. My opinion is little stronger, IT’S CRAZY. I’ve said such holidays should not occur until the year is out, because their is a chance their could be a spike in the virus. Weeks ago it became mandatory that face masks were to be worn at all times in Spain, with consequences of not wearing one is a 100 euro fine. How can you think of having a holiday, although it maybe needed in the circumstances you are in? An emergency quarantine was introduced on Saturday night at midnight in the U.K. meaning when you return you would have to be quarantined for fourteen days. If your employer does not finance what you are not entitled to, the government will pick up a bill for more millions again. Our leadership and government encouraged such flights trying to keep our economy moving, which would help these countries who are reliant on tourism.

BUT WHERE DOES THE GOVERNMENT SEE THE U.K. ECONOMY FLYING TO? That’s a question they do not have an answer for. Again, we are in a war against this invisible enemy, but a bigger battle must be won with the economy that could nose dive. I sometimes think with the amount of people, media, newspapers I’ve contacted in the past and no one takes any notice IS THIS A PEARL HABOUR SITUATION BEFORE ANYTHING IS DONE? This catastrophe had to happen for the U.S.A., to make them enter the last world war. I look at the present situation around the world and there is further bad news of the virus. Vietnam is on the alert with a further few infections appearing. Australia with another spike of infections recorded its highest ever daily tally of deaths from the Coronavirus. India’s total of infections have reached 1,400,000 people, with almost 50,000 infections reported in the last 24 hours. 16 million people infections world wide, 644,500 people have died, and 9.26 million patients have recovered. In Germany today, a further outbreak of the virus has occurred on a farm leaving 500 on lockdown, as 174 people harvesting crops have been infected with the virus. Japan’s capital Tokyo struggles against a resurgence of the virus, making it alert to its highest level. Another important consequence occurs in Israel as tens of thousands protest against joblessness, corruption, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s handling of the pandemic. I look at the bigger picture of the future in how with my large vision painting that has an encoded message painted in the scene that will bring peace between Israel and Palestine. I was given in this message, two years after my painting has arrived and visited every school of learning in both countries, only then will peace come.

It appears when the U.K. Parliament goes into its summer recess from July 22nd until September 1st, what sort of message does it give it give the country. What message does it give those whose business cannot now economically return, and those who have lost their jobs, and those who previously had a few hours of work? It says clearly, there’s no war like spirit or thinking that Parliament will stay open until this must win battle is over, It say’s I’m alright, it’s my holiday time. I read a short while ago of a woman who took a mortgage holiday as her and her husband were splitting up. Now, the lady who had a previous good track paying record has now been black listed preventing her from another mortgage and she will have to sell her home. Other banks deny they will do that. Another prediction, people will take to the streets, and banks will fall as well as the government that presides if people lose their homes due only to the virus and bad government.

We see the worsening situation with President Trump’s undiplomatic moves against Democratic mayors in Portland, Chicago, and other states against worsening crime in their cities. He’s sent federal agents in, wearing plain clothes and making arrests, with those that are protesting. Also national guards troops are being sent in. President Trump does not know how to unite people but only to divide them. He believes, you operate diplomacy as though he’s pushing through a property development. On Friday last, a Tit-for-tat situation occurred with the U.S.A. and China where the Americans closed down the Chines consulate in Huston alleging they were stealing intellectual properties. The Chinese closed down in Southern Chengdu the U.S.consulate saying, they were meddling in their internal affairs. This friction could have been avoided if you look further and know more about the present leader Xi Jinping. Talk and compromise is always better knowing fully your opponents background and thinking. President Trump’s situation now sees his poll rating fall, and he does not want to lose power. He hates losing anything. So I feel things could deteriorate even more with the problems he has, which could see before his next election a military coup occurring. Many of his Generals have already been pushed to extremes of thoughts, as one Top General took many seconds to a answer what he thought of President Trump. He said after a long pause, he is a awful human being.

The U.K. along with the U.S.A. and Europe saw ten years back that China was moving far faster with their technology. Now the West is having to ostracise themselves against China and refuse the company Huawei with their 5G network as a battle escalates with China. Investing far more in technology China has moved faster. Once China was a world power house inventing gunpowder, paper and a stream of other things. Their ingenuity will not disappear but grow. Many of their ideologies and systems against human rights don’t fit with the West, but in time and sitting with these great powers such as Russia too, CHANGES WILL OCUR. I’ve said before, with the messages and answers I’ve been given, I would fly to either of these great powers tomorrow, and be confident I could change thoughts to having and showing a new and better way forward.

This message blog ends with these thoughts from a story from facebook a felt I had to write:

A young man in the army was constantly humiliated because he believed in god. One day the Captain wanted to humiliate him in front of the army. He called out to the young man and said, Young man come here, grab the key and go and park the jeep in front. The young soldier replied I can’t drive! The Captain said we’ll then ask your God for help, show us he exists! The young man took the key went to the vehicle, and began to pray. He parked the jeep into the spot perfectly just as the Captain wanted. The young man came out of the jeep and saw them all crying. They all said together, “We want to serve your God “ This young soldier was amazed and asked, what’s going on. Crying the Captain opened the lid of the jeep, showing it to the young man the car had no engine. The young soldier said, Look this God I serve the God of the impossible, the God who gives life to that which does not exist. You may think that there are impossible things, but with God everything is possible.

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