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Andrea, Alan, Danielka, Elena & Craig

On April 20th 2012, circumstances brought together four ladies ( Jana Svetkovská, Jana Slačková, Elena Solivajsová and Andrea Klimentová, all coming from Banská Bystrica) to create a charity for disadvantaged children in Slovakia.

Together we are going to sail this metaphorical ship that has already created a charity called Kompas to help disadvantaged children.

Our journey will eventually see this charity operate in every country in which we will trade around the world. From the products that result from my paintings, twenty five percent of the profit from each item will finance the charity in the country where that sale was made - to begin with. 


Later, all of the profits generated will go towards helping disadvantaged children, wherever they are. 


My young friend Lucia is a very talented photographer. She has freely given her gift of  photography over these years, taking more than two hundred images of my paintings, putting her heart and soul in helping our Kompas charity progress. 


My friend, Craig, has been instrumental in helping me in many ways whenever it has been needed.  I believe that we all have something to give, and Craig has freely given his time & skills. 


In my eyes, Mirka is a real angel, because of the beauty of her soul, who is in this reality now. With our charity, she wants to give her heart and soul in helping unloved and disadvantaged children.


Katarina is one of those beautiful young women who freely gives her love as a professional, in working with young adults who have problems. Katarina is a very special person who solves problems with that precious jewel called love.

Ivor & Annette

Ivor and Annette are very spiritual close friends to myself. In the past ten years they have helped me greatly with the journey I've been given. They have since Kompas was created helped enormously in raising money to help disadvantaged and unloved children in Banska Bystrica. They are two people anyone would like to meet in this life.

Alan J Porter

My life has been involved with design and painting throughout my life. 

I am only motivated to paint to help unloved and disadvantaged children. 

I do believe, with these beautiful people, that together we can fulfil our dreams of making our charity Kompas a success.  

Danielka, Apache & Alan
moje foto.jpg

Elena has given her heart, soul and love toward helping unloved and disadvantaged children where ever they may be in this world. With Elena´s passion and love, we will all together make our Kompas charity a success.  

Janka Slačková

Janka is a lady who has a beautiful spirit and soul, who gives her love to help unloved and disadvantaged children. It was Janka, who was instrumental in being able to create our charity named Kompas.


Andrea is a young woman with a beautiful soul, who has played a big part at the beginning of our journey. She is a lady who has a lot of love and laughter to give to this world.

Janka Svekovská

Jana was the first beautiful lady, who saw the meaning and purpose of  being able to help children through the painting I was creating called " Children are the Future". I believe, she is going to be a great help for our charity. 

Magdalena is one very special lady where our charity Kompas has had the privilege to meet with her. She has a heart of gold where she gives her love to helping disadvantaged and unloved children. With an orphanage in Banska Bystrica she has given her time freely to help Kompas move forward. She is also the loving mother to Mirka who is part of our group.

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