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Paintings for Sale

   Price £25,000 /each                   Conditions of sale:

Copyright retained by the artist

If the circumstances are right for the purchaser and the artist after five years from the date of purchase. The artist would pay twice the amount paid to have it back.

25 percent of purchase price will go to help disadvantaged children with our Kompas charity.

For further details contact the artist:


Tel: +44 7548 275020

Gorillas in the mist

GORILLAS IN THE MIST Medium oil paint on canvas size: 77x61 cm The Gorillas like many other animals are becoming an endangered species. I paint these Gorillas showing their love they have for their young, but I am also trying to express my love for them, as they are truly beautiful creatures, we should all love and adore. The splendour of the greenery and jungle habit they live in must be respected by all human beings.

Tigers in the sky

TIGERS IN THE SKY Medium oil paint on canvas Size: 20x24 inch / 50x60cm "I love painting tigers, because they have such a powerfull, majestic beauty, which to me is an awesome feeling. Painting these big cats gives me a enormous satisfaction, If I can place their beauty in a wonderfull scene."

Fairy Queen

FAIRY QUEEN Medium oil paint on canvas Size: 60x50cm This is another painting I have created of the young girl, who in later life wants to help children.

The Humour of the Orangutans

THE HUMOUR OF THE ORANGUTANS Medium oil paint on canvas Size: 60x50cm This painting really typifies the actions of the human beings and shows the love and humour that should be in all families.

Dream horses

DREAM HORSES Medium oil paint on canvas Size: 20x24 inch / 50x60cm Sometimes when I paint, I try to think of an ethereal world. These horses represent a celestial scene.

Lion kingdom

LION KINGDOM Medium oil paint on canvas Size: 20x24 inch / 50x60cm With lions, I do believe they have the presence of being the king of the animal world. Again, such beauty and love they show induces me to paint these beautiful big cats.

Animal Paradise

ANIMAL PARADISE Medium oil paint on canvas Size: 50x70cm When ever I paint an animal scene, or any scene, I use very vibrant colours. The reason for this is, I believe, I´ve been given an insight of what heaven is truly like. Such colours, I am painting are the beautiful colours we will all experience, when we reach a paradise place, where our life continues.

Dream World

DREAM WORLD Medium oil paint on canvas Size: 76x60cm Another painting of the beautiful lady in an ethereal dream world.

The set of four horse paintings

Price £6,000 /available only as a set of four

Size:  9x9 inch / 20x20 cm / each

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