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My journey and story through life, I believe, has many of the answers we now require, with the gifts I’ve been given. This is just the tip of an iceberg I write about. I speak with sincerity and truth, for I believe if I distort the truth, I will lose these precious gifts I’ve been given.

I have a photograph somewhere of myself at the age of seven, which clearly showed then, I was a stubborn child. Today that characteristic is still with me, for many parts of my life I have had to face great adversity, plus many challenges, and I’ve never been one to aimlessly follow others or their thinking.

Anyone who seeks answers and different truths to life must have an independent mind, and not accept the status quo, for with every passing second, change is taking place.

My psychic and artistic gifts are woven together, to help many people with positive thoughts and kind actions.

I have had predictions throughout my life where all have come true. I have received visions which has seen me travel thousands of miles, as I have known my gift of art is a vehicle to convey a greater clarity of the message I’ve been given. Also with my psychic gift and art I am able to help many who feel down with their spirit, but also I am able to use, I believe, which is a spiritual gift for healing.

I will add now, I’ve never taken money for tarot reading or any of my psychic gifts, as I believe these gifts were given to me so I give them freely. I might add, with all my paintings I’ve never sold any, which might surprise many, for I’ve been given a bigger reason for that. I believe, there will come a time, when all my paintings will be shown together in a gallery, where every person can view them with free admission.

I’m here with my true incredible stories to bring light with sunshine where everyone seeks a better day.

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