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"The Millennium decisions ..."

I heard Sunday morning on the 26th, Dominic Cummings the advisor and strategist to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, had received 75,000 replies to him requesting people which some news articles wrongly called misfits and weirdos. As one of these thousands, I told Dominic Cummings, Boris will face a big revolt by those born in the 1980’s who do not have the wealth from their parents to help them purchase a home. This generation of being named the millennials, are those born between 1980 and 1994 are trapped by ever increasing house prices due to speculators. The increase in house prices are not just in this country but around the world. This situation has been exacerbated here the last forty years in the U.K., and we had Mark Carney the governor to the Bank of England in 2016 fuelling further escalation in house prices by allowing 67 billion being lent to the real estate sector in the crazy scheme of BUY - TO LET. This enabled landlords to speculate even more pushing house prices up even further, denying yet again young hopefuls throughout the country to get a foot on the house buying ladder. The answer to this problem can be solved by new thinking and taking radical steps. First, we stop speculators from China and other countries purchasing British property in the U.K. This same situation has occurred in Canada and they placed large taxes on such speculators which soon put a stop to fast rising house prices for ordinary Canadians. Next we stop the strangle hold of large building companies sitting on land and finding by sitting on land their profits increase dramatically. We then create a state building company that acquires land from brown field sites and views profit by building homes that provide good facilities for families to bring their children up with a better way of life. They would build affordable homes that fitted the economic need to the area they are built in. At this moment in time this millennial generation are stuck in inadequate rented property. Another radical change is to have a state owned brick company, if present brick companies held the country to ransom. New thinking for building homes where profit is not based on money, but giving this lost generation new hope about their future prospects. I talk to my son each Sunday morning, as he is one of millennials and he does not have a cat in hells chance of ever owning a home in Brighton where he presently lives, as property prices there are out the reach of ordinary people. He told me on Sunday a friend of his lives in Nottingham, a population of 289,000. His home was in a conservation area and it was a 200 year old property, and on this first day his home was put up for sale it was sold, and never even viewed. How, and Why? An anonymous buyer from China bought it without physically looking at it. It was an investment to just sit on, just like so many blocks of flats that are being built in major U.K. cities. Years ago this started with wealthy companies from abroad, building blocks of flats, then boarding them up to watch their value rise. Another way to help the ordinary man, is to stop the wealthy buying second homes which many do so in idilic places that see small communities disappear. Cornwall is one such place in the U.K. Another way is to start capping rent prices, stopping landlords exploiting tenants. There is a list of ideas that can create homes desperately needed for the young of today. In my visions forty years ago I saw domes almost the shape of UFOs that would provide towns under one unite, but this is another story for another time. To achieve what I’ve said is possible, and it would see a change in the banking system too. Students loans could be changed to help them acquire their own home, again radical changes are needed soon to remove people out this quagmire of having no hope for their future. In my letter to Dominic Cummings I predicted “UNLESS CHANGE COMES SOON, YOU WILL SEE A REBELLION WHICH WILL INCLUDE TEACHERS, NURSES, FIREMEN AND OF ALL PROFESSIONS JOINING IN THIS PROTEST, THAT WILL BRING DOWN THIS GOVERNMENT BEFORE ITS FIVE YEAR TERM IS UP. No one can expect the present circumstances that is the same in many other countries, where the young are expected to keep accepting the present status quo.

On Saturday the 25th a young friend called to see me, mentioning a holiday he had just returned from in Sri Lanka. He showed me photos of a paradise beach, then said with his girlfriend they saw a turtle struggling with its leg hanging off, as it was wrapped in plastic. He got help to rescue the turtle and was told it was thirty years old. This is not a new story, it’s happening world wide, but when it’s seen directly or heard from a friend from a few days ago, it seems to impact on you even greater. We are destroying this beautiful planet, and only minutes later I read this small article ... Coca Cola, enraged campaigners by refusing to ditch single-use plastic. The firm, which produces the equivalent of 200,000 plastic bottles a minute, says its customers like plastic bottles. But it will now aim to use more recycled plastic. Are we watching metaphorically ROME BURN?

Yesterday I heard on the news of a glacier in the Antarctic the size of Britain, melting far more rapidly than previously known. At this moment a group of scientists have sent a robot submarine one half of a mile (0.80467 kilometres ) below the ice to reach warm water.

Glaciologists have described Thwaites as the most important glacier in the world. The riskiest glacier, even calling it the DOOMSDAY GLACIER. It already accounts for 4% of the world sea level rise each year - a huge figure for a single glacier, and satellite data shows that it is melting increasingly rapidly. There is enough water locked up in it to raise the world sea level by more than half a metre. Not until this year, no one has attempted a large scale scientific survey on the glacier. What does this say to me? My prediction of New York being flooded in 2035 is unfortunately on course raising this possibility. I have given answers to saving the twenty million people who live in New York. Who can confidently say ignore this chap. I can say yet again all my predictions have come true since I was fifteen. The doors to the media just don’t want to know, either through fear of understanding, what they can’t answer. No again I’m not one of President Trumps doom mongers, as I present the answers they are afraid of. For me, it appears all the knowledge, I’ve received to help people will be perhaps too late.

But there is a positive side to the gift I’ve been given, where I know as I’ve said before ALL IMPORTANT THINGS IN YOUR LIFE OCCUR AT THE RIGHT TIME AND PLACE. I can say this has been true for myself all my life. My blogs can testify to this statement. It would seem that until the fire or the effects of the climate change come to your front door, media will try to keep a closed door. Some of those in the first class accommodation on the TITANIC had the same thoughts, it cannot sink. How many more of the same scenarios has there been throughout history? We can make a long list.

On the same day as the glacier announcement was made, President Trump announced a peace plan for Israel and Palestine ...

This synchronises with my other prediction, I will talk of in the next blog.

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