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"Optimism, hope, and faith, we must never lose ..."

July 4th

Sunday 4.00pm. A silence surrounds where I live. Heavy rain grabbed everyone’s attention in the night, but earlier in the evening in England, perhaps not all the U.K. we heard Englands lion roar when we become fully awake. The roar came from everyone who is patriotic seeing England not just win against the Ukraine, but to let Europe know we are back with a good football team. Strange, but not strange to me with my psychic gift. I told one of my son in laws who is a Manchester United season ticket holder that we would win against the Ukraine 4 - 1. He said 2-0. Then we got a goal in this first 4 minutes and believed if we played at walking pace, everything in life walks towards you and we would win. At half time break I moaned at Englands poor performance sending my son in law another message saying, “They have to score in the first 15 minutes of this second half of the game if they wanted to win.” They scored again in the first few minutes just has I said they needed to do. They went on to win 4-0. I sent him another message to my son in law saying, “Should we give the Ukrainians another goal?” That’s a characteristic of the British arrogance, which may be wrong, and not always right.

This analogy sums up where we are with those who now like Boris regrettably squat in 10 Downing Street, after having had their Eaton education where teaching gave them the belief they are the ones born to lead their country. I’m referencing Boris, the Prime Minister, who must wake up each day believing he is the special one to lead and create a new Jerusalem for all the U.K. Possible such dreams are, if you have a good leader. With only one message blog left to write next Sunday, each day and each hour I see my predictions occur around my family and friends that will materialise soon.

Even with the book I’ve wrote just with my friend Elena, it carries a big message that will touch thousands of women of all ages. The book is called Marilyn Monroe, Summerland Messages, a true story. It’s a story that will make everyone think about the meaning of life, and how futile it is to think that ambition to make piles of money will bring love and happiness. Those in high places who pass judgment on others will look at their own conscience and lives having read this book. Boris believes he has an enormous carpet where he can brush all circumstances of an inept government from the sight of public view. A couple of programmes called Question Time on TV and radio in the U.K. have seen the British public wake up and roar at his terrible example of having no moral compass and having the affront to believe he is a leader. He’s an embarrassment to all in the U.K. as everyone now sees how many slimy toads he has in government who are sent onto all airwaves to make out he is the Emperor with Clothes. But the pubic know better, for he has no clothes to wear as a leader.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Promises are to see now on July 19 th in the U.K. where all restrictions are to be lifted, as a new Health Minister says there are more worries to our well being with our health and children’s education, if the economy is not opened up and we must learn to live with this virus. A total lockdown which has been eighteen months too late in coming, has seen our economy nearly crash, placing the next young generation in permanent debt. This was never the best way forward. Panic though never did see the right answers appear for anyone or country when having to make the right decisions.

With all or most families in the U.K, parents are near pulling their hair out with frustration of seeing their children sent home again for ten days if one pupil is suspected of contacting the virus. No matter how ludicrous government rules are irrespective to whether parents suddenly have a great problem with working and trying to arrange someone to be at home with their children. It’s made worse when little or no homework is given to pupils while away from school. I’m talking of seeing my grandson of twelve now entombed at home driving everyone crackers.

I’ve said from day one of Boris’s premiership where he was wrongly appointed Captain of our metaphorical ship, whose navigation has seen the U.K. enter storms of seeing needless thousands of lives being unfortunately lost. This week has seen a statue unveiled of Princess Diana once loved by everyone, as it would have been her sixtieth birthday. Sadly and I’m not alone in saying, a better and more beautiful resemblance of her could have been made with her statue.

Another big mistake is being made with removing all troops from Afghanistan, which is a decision that will leave President Biden with his conscience not allowing him to sleep at night. This is the opinion of U.K. generals, U.S. generals and from other countries too. One can not deny President Biden embodied the seventh cavalry coming to the rescue of the Western World of supporting Democracies at the right time and place. It was the time to bury the nightmare of the once Trump regime. This decision to withdraw all troops where thousands of good men over the last twenty years gave their lives believing they were helping the young of Afghanistan to live a life of freedom to enjoy and the fruits of democracy which have now been discarded. We have seen within hours of U.S. and United Nations leave, further attacks and deaths in many of the areas which were previously made safe. The prospect of a civil war may occur with thousands of unwanted deaths. These last twenty years as seen Afgan families and friends suffer a carnage of terrible deaths and appalling injuries. An example and message has now been sent and seen by all other authoritarian governments that democracy is something the West will no longer defend. This is a frightening scenario appearing. To open a door which is now in place, where those adversaries who don’t believe in freedom for their people, will set a chain reaction of consequences the world did not want to see. President Biden believes the American public does not want to be involved with another, Vietnam, Iraq war or the thought of more wars. All Generals now say, they should not have pulled out showing a glaring weakness. We are now seeing the Taliban or its equals will try to turn Afghanistan into a dark era which could rebound to other terrorists groups that will think the same.

The U.K. with better leadership would have stayed. With Angela Merkel leaving office in weeks and Frances President Macron worried whether he will see another term in office, there leaves fewer strong voices to see a better future that can be. Unity and strength allows one to be able talk as Churchill once said Jaw, Jaw is better than war.

Alarm is another word where weather temperatures in Canada and Oregon in the U.S. are so extreme with heat never seen before, that shouts loud, saying yet again Climate Change is not a passing phase. Hundreds have succumbed to the scorching heat where many deaths have occurred. In parts of California ranchers have not had enough rain water to be able to get water for their cattle.

Lockdowns are not a tool to keep economies afloat, as a virus still is sweeping in many parts of the world. This suggests more than ever before, agreement and help from all large powers must sit down and unlock their ideological differences between each other. The present status-quo cannot remain the same, as the worlds problems effect each other. When we see various nations putting trillions of finance into placing rockets into space, instead of humankind acting as one, the world is even more suspect with many growing problems. It would seem this next generation of young children will have a better education than ever before, but so it will be their lives who will have to resolve and correct the many backward steps we continue to make. I’d like to refer again to a message I received in 2017 which resulted in my gift to paint showing young children in a scene where the title was given as A SPIRITUAL REBIRTH. A new generation that has and continues to be born will resolve and rethink a better way to live our lives. Hope, faith and belief, in each other is possible. So let’s remember the famous and giving man Nelson Mandela who said, “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL THE POSSIBLE IS DONE.”

A Spiritual Rebirth

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