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"Reaching Out…Two images and a true story to save Women in Afghanistan."

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

August Friday 13th 11 am

I have been given to tell of what I believe to be a divine and remarkable story. Events control many things in our lives, but not all. One week ago I was given to paint an image of a young woman who was portrayed almost like a Madonna figure in a black and white photograph. This belongs to a very talented young woman photographer friend, who comes from Banska Bystrica in Slovakia. So I began to paint my feelings of this particular scene. I first painted just her portrait. Each day I viber Elena, a lady friend I’ve known a long time who lives in Banska Bystrica too, where each day we create further ideas for the eventual progress of our Kompas charity. Elena has been given a powerful and extraordinary gift of being able to beautify many of my paintings where they now appear on our website in our Poem Gallery page.

After I painted the portrait, Elena showed me the latest image she had created of two tigers with a beautiful colour similar to pale purple and cerise. I felt strongly, I must place such colours in a cloak I gave this young woman to wear. As soon as I applied these colours against a yellow sun background which gave a halo feeling, I received a strong sensation that these colours together represented something far more powerful than I could imagine. That night close to midnight I received a vision showing I was to paint a bush burning with a white cross. I’ve previously had many visions throughout my life, which has seen me travelling to the opposite sides of the world, and spending three years on a scaffold painting over five hundred children.

My original painting.

The following morning I always talk to Elena at 8.00am, but this morning at 7.30 am she sent me a photograph of a bush showing some small red flowers. I said to Elena, this was extraordinary, when I was given to paint a burning bush the previous evening. Elena’s bush became the model I painted. The next day Elena sent further images of certain flowers I felt compelled to include in this scene, as I tried to capture the feeling of heat and flames around the white cross. I found myself struggling to create the burning bush I saw in my mind, so I prayed for help. Since I was fourteen I’ve been aware that each time I paint, I have a previous master artist helping me. Help now came from Caravaggio which was not the first time. My paint brush began to rapidly move, applying much black paint around the burning bush, which soon transformed my previous attempt. Again, the following day Elena sent photos of pale blue thistle flowers, which now fitted perfectly into the painting. I was then given to see and feel I must paint the shore of Galilee into the background, but nothing more. At no time did I have any thoughts or associations regarding the terrible consequences that will occur in Afghanistan if help does not appear soon. The next feeling I was given was to paint a group of eleven small images of women on the Galilean shore. At that time I had no idea what was to appear in the sky. I even said to Elena half joking, Could you give me any thoughts as I have no feeling what is to appear next? Then laughing we both instantly said no to this suggestion. Then I felt it would help if I had my regular power nap sleep at 2.00pm, as I awake most mornings at 5.00am. After waking up I still had no idea what to place next into the sky, so I prayed again for help. In seconds I received an overwhelming emotional feeling to paint Jesus on a cross. I will say now, I belong to no religious group, but I try to be spiritually giving with my philosophy. Within hours the painting was finished, leaving me with a feeling I had not painted this.

A week passed and Elena continued to use her gift in beautifying my paintings, sometimes doing three a week and passing a total of one hundred and twenty. We then place them three times a week on our website and other social media with love poems I write. The previous evening of Friday August 13th, Elena had randomly chosen this painting of mine to beautify this scene. I have no influence on what she chooses or does, because I believe this gift is given to her from high above. When seeing this new image of Elena’s, I was awe struck at the incredible power and beauty she had created with how she had formulated the flames around the burning bush into a heart shape. Then I saw, she had been given to place a crown of thorns, similar to that Jesus once wore, on the head of this young woman. This touched my soul. I felt this picture Elena was given to do now represented the pain that would touch women in Afghanistan.

Elena’s digital image, she has created from my painting

Little did I know, this was a forewarning of what was soon to occur on Sunday with the collapse of the Afghan government. I felt immediately, we had to try and get this story told and seen around the world as I was given to believe a powerful spiritual intervention will occur. I then thought of a month earlier where I’d written in my two year diary message blog on our website, where I said, President Biden has made a terrible mistake in taking out U.S. forces knowing other countries would follow showing weak leadership. To abandon Afghanistan it was clear to see this fledgling democracy would have dire consequences for women and all the people of this country. Many Generals, politicians, ex ambassadors, lords and ex soldiers are all saying, they are hanging their heads in shame in the U.K. Now the same story of shame is being heard in the U.S. by many military figures and prominent politicians.

We saw the reign of terror during the Second World War, but nations did not stand by and capitulate believing everything would be alright. The force of good must overcome evil. I now pray that this story and images Elena and myself have been given to create can go viral. I believe there is a far greater power of good that rests with all people in every country that can harness the love and energy to help the women, the young and all those in Afghanistan who are looking forward to a better future. Prayer and belief to do good, and create a better world lies within everyone to prevent a dark shadow returning in 2021.

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