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"5 minutes to midnight ..."

Updated: May 14, 2021

May 12 th

Wednesday 3.00pm. Walking through the main market square in my town today, I saw every parking space was full in the main market square. Any signs of normality returning was welcome. It was the first time in well over a year since I’d seen so many people walking about. A few scattered marketeers were in the main high street, but more people were actually out. Between thunder storms in the last 24 hours, this feeling of a lockdown had gone, as though this silent enemy, the virus, had departed too. Common sense suggests though this is not correct, but people respond when the sunshine appears having gone through cold days and bad news. I’ve started with optimism which we must all try and find, as many people still remain in difficult times with failed businesses and mounting debts.

I’m having to express my thoughts with the dangerous times with Palestine and Israel. I’ve mentioned before when I’m given powerful messages or visions I follow what I feel is right for myself. The repeated vision of an historical square saw me go to a place I knew little of called Banska Bystrica in Slovakia in 2010. The message and vision I received was as strong as I could ever get. The following year with three friends saw us pushing this enormous canvas mounted on wheels into the historical square I’d seen in my vision. The vision and message specifically said, this painting would have an encoded message for peace between Palestine and Israel. Ten years previously, a message told me, a catastrophe would occur, but I could not be shown the consequences. I’d even found myself ten years prior to 2010, cutting from a newspaper an iconic Picture, showing Jewish children behind barbed wire. I asked myself, why was I given this feeling I’m going have to paint this scene at sometime, as this sort of image did not fit into my psyche at all. In 2010, in the exact historic square and exactly the same place where this painting would begin, I was given to see these same Jewish children behind barbed wire, but also showing Palestinian children trapped behind barbed wire. Little did I know then thousands of Palestinians had been relegated to living in refugee camps in Jordan and the Lebanon, due to wars with the Israeli state. The next three years from 2011 saw me standing on a scaffold tower with my gift of being able to paint. I was shown images of Jewish and Palestinian children to paint who had suffered through the consequences of 70 years of conflict.

My big painting called "Children are the Future"

The images came after receiving the message which told me to make contact with the Palestinians in London. This I did, and they gave me the facility to use anything from their library of suffering children. I was given to feel I would not be biased against either circumstances of the Palestinians or the Israelis. The Palestinians want their own State. In one powerful scene of this large painting I showed a Palestinian girl sitting with a Jewish boy. Both looking happy and both represented a beautiful symbol of what could be. An image which to many seems surreal, as death is occurring today with children again.

With every Jewish child on my painting I was given to place a Palestinian by their sides. Even images of past previous Jewish children wearing concentration uniforms were placed next to Palestinian children vacantly looking through the barbed wire in their present refugee camps. I was being given an encoded message for peace, as this was the bigger reason and purpose of why this painting had to be completed.

Now in the last few days we see this conflict raging again between the two sides. I can only pray this is not the beginning of the catastrophe, I was told and not shown some twenty years ago. If ever wise men are needed in this dark hour, it’s now as we are hearing each hour a full war is developing. President Biden could stop this conflict straight away by saying, NO FURTHER EVICTIONS OF PALESTINIANS FROM THEIR HOMES CAN PROCEED. Then he could say, now is the time to resolve this terrible situation to bring the two sides together, giving Palestinians their Sovereign State. Sounds straight forward, but life is not that easy, but impossible is a word that can be cast aside.

Every great mind, inventor, innovator, with ALBERT EINSTEIN, sitting between each of them would say as NELSON MANDELA once quoted, IT ALWAYS SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL ITS DONE.

At this moment in time, in an area called Sheik Jarrah in East Jerusalem Palestinians are being evicted from their homes by Israel’s law. After the war between these two sides in 1948, Palestinians found theirselves being moved from their homes which had been theirs for centuries. Jordan granted them resettlement in Sheik Jarrah in 1948. Some Palestinians, after living there 70 years and more, are being evicted today, so Israeli settlers can move in. The United Nations Human Rights Council has called Israeli settlements by saying, this constitutes a flagrant violation of International law. So over the last few days these eviction actions by Israeli right wing activists and supported by their government has incensed Palestinians even more. In every sector of the West Bank protests have grown as violence erupts with many deaths some being children.

The Gaza Strip has been governed since 2007 by Hamas which claims to represent the Palestine National Authority and Palestinian People. From a section of this organisation provocation steps in when circumstances and events bring unwanted deaths, with children too. Escalation grows when rockets were fired wrongly into Israel, where another Palestinian generation sees the same antagonistic actions continue, which have been there for their fathers, and grand fathers. These events of the evictions appeared to coincide with the holy month of Ramadan, when many Muslims were in evening prayers at the AL-Aqsa Mosque. Israeli Police were deployed to this area as protest grew over these evictions, which saw hundreds injured, and deaths occur. Now, a war is being seen to take place.

The figure of Benjamin Netanyahu is always seen to be one who will never ever accept a Palestinian Sovereign State. He his being accused of corruption and has been unable to form a government at the last election. No peace will be ever found while his presence is able to add fuel to these never ending fires of circumstances which will bring dire consequences soon.

Baraka Obama failed miserably when in power to bring peace about. Donald Trump poured more fuel on this fire by saying, Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel. A man, who in my opinion, would have terminated life on Earth with his views. Can President Biden be the wise man to avert a catastrophe that would effect the whole world? Jesus was a messenger who came to Jerusalem to bring about change. A COINCIDENCE ? A word, AlBERT EINSTEIN said, does not exist.

We see a pandemic of Coronavirus infect the world, but science and technology can defeat this enemy in given time. We see Climate Change threaten the world, and watch a continuing wrong allowed to grow and grow, with injustice shown towards the Palestinian people. Change can occur with the premise that giving is the power of love. Discussion with giving is there to be had. It’s ironic, part of King Solomon’s walls are presently being excavated in Jerusalem. Wouldn’t it be a beautiful wish or dream, where a KING SOLOMON figure would emerge seeing some of these politicians figures disappear into the shade they already inhabit? An enlightened mind with a different view on life is needed now. OR AT 5 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT DOES A DIVINE INTERVENTION OCCUR ?

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