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October 7th

3.39pm. How do I start with how we are with the virus that is effecting large parts of life, and we now see the virus events threatening the American election in thirty days time. Well they say a good Captain stays on his ship until he his last to leave. Well with President Trump he has 30 days left on his burning deck, a fire he has created for his type of politics in trying to divide a nation rather than unite its people. This is my opinion, it is the end of an era where America has had to tolerate the most abhorrent and obnoxious President they have ever had. If the result allowed him to win I would see a future I would not like to say or describe, but with that negative word doubt, you don’t allow it to enter into your thinking. BIG CHANGES, the message, I’ve been given all these years still rings out loud and clear. If I use a nautical term I would be calling from the top of a crows nest on a high mast and shout “No land in sight yet,” meaning in what I see there must be radical thinking that changes and sets a new course for a better life for everyone. Yesterday one of those stories raised the dark secrets from the Church of England who have tried to bury this episode for years. It’s abhorrent, this is the second time in a few seconds I’ve used this word. The high level of abuse towards children has been revealed, where Bishops and other clergy in the Church of England have committed terrible crimes against children. These particular crimes date back some 80 years to the present day and we must not be naive and know it’s been there since this church began. Hidden it’s been just like the Catholic Church with its Popes for centuries, and such abuse has been allowed only with the help with those who hold power.

To harm and hurt children which also destroys their lives too, is one of the greatest crimes one can commit. Under the name of a religion, it has shown the depths these people, who pretend they are doing the work of god will go, but they to will be washed away when this new enlightened era appears. Questions were put to the Arch Bishop of Canterbury who like others of his station like to dress up in their official office gowns, and the Arch Bishop was asked the question, ARE YOU GOING TO RESIGN? Just like a politician they won’t take responsibility and he avoided the question. It is clearly seen that the establishment and structure of the church does not change because they want total power over the people. If Jesus Christ was a witness today, and saw how the Church of England and the Catholic Church had abused his name and faith. I’m sure the very walls of these churches would have fallen. In both cases the church were participants in helping such crimes by continuing to give aide and refuge, and in many cases they just moved these evil individuals to another diocese where they committed such acts.

A question to be asked, If you or I helped someone who took part in a crime like this, you would you be charged with aiding and abetting and see a prison sentence, or a punishment. This is applicable for such evil paedophile acts. So why and how can the law ignore such things? SIMPLE, these are the pillars to the establishment. When I’ve been given to see change I’ve seen these pillars crumble and collapse, just like the banks and many other political systems that still exist.

In my book THE MESSAGE I said such walls of the Catholic Church would fall in twenty years unless reforms occurred. But the prophecy I was given in 2012 which I believed was given from Pope John Paul II, where I was told to go to the Vatican and see Pope Benedict and later Pope Francis with this message. ALL CELIBACY RULES WITH PRIESTS AND NUNS WOULD END, AND ALL THOSE WHO HAD A DIVORCE WOULD BE WELCOME BACK INTO THE CHURCH AGAIN. THE PRESENT POPE WOULD APOLOGISE AND ACCEPT THE CHURCH TOOK FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN. My book tells more of this story that had taken a big twist with how and why I met Pope John Paul II. Four times between 2012 and 2014 I sent a print of the painting I did of Pope John Paul II to both popes and requested permission if I was able to meet them. I did not tell then of the message I was bringing, knowing their doors would not open. Fear is their weakness, just as hearing the truth is.

This story of abusing children in the Church of England has been known for years, but their has been a vail of secrecy hidden by the establishment for centuries. The controlling and hiding the truth from the ordinary man has been a tool and device that still operates today. Another story that won’t be kept down rears it’s head again in the last 24 hours. I’ve mentioned in previous message blogs I don’t agree with the accolades the Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak has received, as I’ve called him naive in his plans to tackle this crisis the U.K. faces. Twice Rishi Sunak was warned of fraud and the danger that lay ahead by the treasury if he went ahead in creating a system that was flawed. The consequences seem familiar with the warnings Captain Smith of the Titanic received, telling him the danger of icebergs lying ahead. Is this particular situation with Rishi Sunak among the many other mistakes being made? He is leading us to see our economy sink, unless action and change take place soon. The government auditing office has announced that between 15 and 28 billion pounds could be lost to fraud and non payments to the business loans companies have received. The banks were given assurance by the government that they would cover the loans. This announcement to many of the public immediately thought this was a crazy idea, and now we see the catastrophic consequences that shows the analogy I’ve used before. WE ARE TAKING ON FURTHER HIGH LEVELS OF WATER ON BOARD. Well this has happened and it could be 28 billion pounds out of 38 billion pounds that went to businesses that would be lost forever. If this isn’t naivety and a resignation situation for Rishi Sunak, it will be clear soon providence or a Divine Intervention will be needed before the U.K. economy is swept away. The tax payers money has been wasted again. How many affordable homes could we have built and helped enterprising companies to kick start our economy again? I’ve just read the price of a average house price in England has gone up seven percent, making the purchase price £249,870. A word of warning to those who are buying at these prices. WHAT GOES UP WILL COME DOWN. We are in a bubble that will soon burst.

Our Prime Minister delivered his annual Conservative party speech yesterday, but with no audience participating due to the virus, some would say he was blessed as his followers may have been mortified or needed a strong drink with listening to his Lazarus speech which means raising the dead. He spoke of the future ten years ahead about the U.K. having off shore wind power that would allow each home electricity. He was talking like a messiah that was going to give everyone free electricity. He never addressed the present situation as millions face unemployment, thousands of businesses will go bankrupt and fear will stalk many homes. The words you keep hearing daily on the news are ACCOUNTABILITY, this word addresses all those, who are not taking responsibility for their dire actions from the beginning of this virus. CREDIBILITY, this government has none left, having seen what they have done as they still are moving the same deck chairs around on the top deck aligned to the Titanic. CRISIS, the situation created by our inept government. CONFUSION, this is now accepted by almost everyone in the U.K. as the message is not clear or transparent in any form as to where we are heading for. A question put to Boris in parliament today, “ Who gave the decision that all pubs and bars must be closed at 10pm as there appears to be no medical or scientific advice on this mater? Of course no answer was given, as it may be a trap door question to see him fall. CHAOS, a word you attach to extreme occasions. Again, a daily occurrence on the U.K. large ship. COMPETENCE, if this was a school report on this subject, you would read failure to each lesson that was undertaken. CONFIDENCE. Who has this ring of confidence in the leadership and his present team that makes us proud of the wise actions and decisions our government has taken? Also can they admit they followed carefully the better procedures other countries took, who seemed to have far fewer deaths. Shambles doesn’t begin with the letter C but it keeps reoccurring like as the English say, A BAD PENNY KEEPS TURNING UP.

I spoke in my last message blog about Divine Intervention, help from the higher power I talk of and believe in. Well, a word that comes to my mind which as only just appeared in my thoughts is C for Christ. It’s maybe the time when we need help. We can all say prayers, when answers can’t be found, and like me, you don’t have to belong to any other religion. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE POWER OF YOUR OWN BELIEF.

My painting of Jesus, as I saw him, called "TIME FOR CHANGE"

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