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"A better way to go forward ... "

December 9th

Wednesday 3.34pm. Yesterday, Tuesday, a new light was seen with the introduction of the first new vaccine given to a 90 year old lady in the U.K. It’s a start, where hope and help shows a glimmer of light, which will begin to grow each day, and eventually touch everyone in each country. It’s news the world needs to hear as reports of the virus are rapidly spreading again into Wales and many other parts of the U.K. Other vaccines will soon become another source of relief to help first the very vulnerable in all countries and societies, but this will take a long time to roll out as it will prove to be the largest vaccination programme the world has undertaken. Many reports say, it will take until this time next year before one can say this battle is now under control. Other medical experts say, it could be here for a life time, where inoculations could be an annual situation for many just like the flu jab. One of the bright lights we can harness, is the knowledge of how fast science and scientific laboratories have put all their knowledge and resources together into rapidly fighting against a ticking health bomb that brought death around the world. This shows how human beings can bring their ingenuity, high expertise to beat a virus in such desperate times. This gives hope that all mankind’s problems with climate change, poverty, wars, can bring about a better world if there is a will to tackle together all man made problems.

It’s just mentioned on the news in the next 40 years we must eliminate eating meat and reduce flights and unnecessary travel. Beef and lamb is particularly inefficient to produce, because livestock needs a lot of space to graze, and that land is often space, that used to be covered with forests. Lowering the amount of meat people would eat, would also decrease emissions from livestock and the amount of fertiliser required in raising them. This is not news farmers in the U.K. want to hear as they are already up in arms regarding probable tariffs to meat exported to Europe. In the next 24 hours a deal may not be done with the E.U.

I’ve mentioned before in previous message blogs messages given to me when I was a teenager, that fields will be free from seeing many animals as their products will not fit in how we are to live our lives. All farming in the U.K. will have a government land management scheme where produce will be grown more productively and all land will be used in a far better way than at present. We will not have hundreds of small farms, and higher grounds used for sheep will be used to cultivate new crops with a new soil introduced, with land becoming part of the future pleasures to life. The U.K. will be self sufficient for the majority of our food, and having warmer weather, we will be able to grow anything, and the sea will become in part farms, to produce new crops with higher proteins. This will be part of a new world for all countries where the larger and wealthier countries will be in joint control of the planet. Such times as now will appear to those born today as they will look back as though we were living in a dark era.

Today, our Prime Minister flies to Bruxelles for one last gesture of having a deal with Europe to keep our sovereignty and freedom to trade any where. I spoke in my last blog of my thoughts, but I want to dispel the notion that I’m against a union of countries who can freely trade with one another, but still to retain their own culture and sovereignty. With these messages and visions I’m given, I’m always shown a better alternative and a better way to go forward.

I can go back over fifteen years ago, where I shown the U.K. plus Russia would be part of a large European economic trading block, where each country kept its own sovereignty and culture and currency. Smaller countries would prosper far more having their own currency, as tourism would become far higher on their lists, with many more affluent people wanting residence in that special part of their world. The European Union, I was shown, would retain many of their present building blocks, but as their present ideology to try and make everything to fit into one box of thought will not be. This thinking has forced the U.K. to take another path. This is just part of what I was shown, if I visited President Putin, as I was shown much more in how Russia would advance into the future with the U.K. A closer relationship would evolve with Russia in science, medicines and with further investments of ideas, that would see Russia become one the foremost innovators in Europe.

Given such thoughts as I’ve mentioned before with Iran and Saudi Arabia, they will unify with their religion and not needing armed forces as they will together build a city which will be a beacon of spirituality to the whole world. Such thoughts I’ve previously mentioned and many more which I believe will materialise, for who can say otherwise when seeing how the world is now, with all countries suffering with the same virus. Believing some of the scenarios I suggest are impossible for some, because fear can enter into their thinking which many cannot except, no matter what is shown to them about the future. Today, I had a link sent to me saying, a top retired General, professor and Israeli space chief, all titles he had received throughout his life released a message, where he said to have done so five years ago, he would have been hospitalised. He said and I’m including the link to read :

which said, that earthlings had been in contact with extraterrestrials from a Galactic Federation. I can only say read and form your own opinion. But do not have a closed mind, especially where our planet earth is at the moment, as we are as I’ve said so many times entering an era to bring great change.

If Boris Johnson returns with a no deal in 24 hours which as I’ve said must be, this is part of a big change to occur in Europe. I add though a big BUT, because of what I’ve just mentioned about a better future in Europe, I hope and believe the future will soon see a new confederation of countries who will see and be part of a new dynamic Europe who will extend their prosperity to other parts of the world.

The New President Elect of the U.S.A. is already announcing his new team of specialist doctors and professors to combat the alarming figures of virus infections now hitting their country. In his first hundred days in office he announced to vaccinate a million people each day and insisting everyone abides by wearing face masks. A frightening and alarming message was given yesterday by President Trump. He is still saying, fraud has occurred with the election although no such evidence has been given or shown to the courts. But the message he gave said, he’s the next President, and talked in a rambling way, where one has to ask about his mental, and psychologically his frame of mind, with his present judgement. I feel seriously, he is to be asked, is he safe with the power he still holds. I’m sure there are many in his government who are seeing someone who cannot accept the present reality he finds himself in. It’s been said for weeks, the majority in the Republic Party fear him, as he holds so much power that any of them could lose their senate seats if they were to speak out about him. This is in my opinion, a moment when something must be done sooner rather than later, to remove him from office. Do not be surprised the date tomorrow is only the 10th of December, and he shows no movement from his Office, when he says he’s the next President. It is said, when abnormal situations occur, abnormal actions must take place to secure stability and peace, as we are talking of a man holding a position of the most powerful nation on earth.

A waiting game is being played in the U.K. to see whether as the newspapers warn Boris not to bottle it, waver, or even blink, at this crucial moment our country is in since the last world war. His hero was Winston Churchill, and he once faced a similar dilemma, as he had so many opponents wanting a peace deal with Corporal Hitler. He stood firm and listened to the people, who would not make peace with Hitler, but wanted to fight on to the death. Well, patriotic people like myself, will be praying tonight Boris can think, and act like Churchill. We don’t want Boris return like Neville Chamberlain the Prime Minister in 1939, bringing back a piece of paper of appeasement, believing as he said, peace in our time with Hitler. What will be will be. But hope and belief the future is brighter for our children, for they are our future.

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