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"A big shake up of change ..."

August 2nd

3.45pm. Sunday afternoon. Sometimes, I don’t find it easy to get myself into the mode of thought I believe I need to be in, writing these message blogs. Many times I have feelings I’m travelling on this spiritual energy I’ve spoken of before, then I find myself in situations I could never have imagined. This can and has happened to each of us at sometime, where your day or evening finds you in a place you never planned to be. I remember being approached one day by a man as I stood on my tower scaffold in 2013 in the Europa Shopping mall, painting what was a vision given to me. The man introduced himself speaking good English, saying, would you give a talk on why you are in Banska Bystrica painting such a scene? He gave me the impression he belonged to a group of intellectuals, who met creating ideas to do good in their community and country.

I went that night to a property that suggested they were a group of individuals of financial means. When giving a talk I never need notes, but I can tell a good story because my life has seen and had so many experiences that don’t fit into everyday thinking.

I spoke of my journey why and how I reached their city, where once I’d never heard of Banska Bystrica. For three hours I must have intrigued them, or even bewitched them as the time was 10.30pm. They said, would you give a further talk on the future to some fifteen or more. I had already seen someone lock the door. There was a good energy in this place as they seemed very friendly. When I was about to answer this question to talk on the future, I said something where I later realised, I was being guided and channelled to say what I did. My reply to these intrigued people heard me say, “I will tell you something even better than the future, I will tell you of your past. I was only slightly conscious what I had said, as I had never done this before to talk of the past, where each of them would see the past they had in a previous life. I felt totally in control and believed I had no problem at all with this talk. It was nearly 2.30am and they didn’t want me to leave. I had to get out of bed and travel to the shopping mall by 9.00am and continue on my odyssey to paint my vision. To tell you what happened through the later part of that evening as to what occured, the reader would be spellbound too for a lot longer than this message blog allows. Why I am I telling you this story? Because it’s fundamental to where we presently are. I realised this greater spiritual power fully knew why these people wanted me to stay in their company because they were greatly intrigued to know more.I believe this higher power wanted me to prove more to them, as they were opened minded. I remember a young man sat beside me before I started and he told me, he didn’t believe anything I said. I told the group this young man of about 24 yrs was in the wrong place and I said he’s not on a level of thought like themselves. He was escorted out. So this power I believe in, does intervene when necessary, if it’s at the right time and place. This is enlightened thinking I refer to, which is on a higher level. Also this story tells and shows how these message blogs flow. Did I know I was going to talk of this experience I’ve just spoken of? No, it just happened.

I’ve been given today to start with a beautiful story that came on the news today. It’s a story that brings hope to seeing how the future can be. On the Isle of White, at the southern tip of the U.K., the news mentioned a Vine Yard, which is one of the oldest commercial wine cellars in England. This Vine Yard was in dire straights due to a lockdown of COVID 19 as they were behind with harvesting their vines. The owners placed a message on facebook telling people they were desperate for help and would give a couple of bottles of wine if they could help them for a days work. They had hundreds share this message and scores of people turned up to volunteer not because of the wine offer, but to help someone in need. When some of these people were interviewed they said, they came to help their fellow man when he was in times of trouble. This thinking of giving and helping one another is the answer to many of our problems that exist today throughout the world.

I mentioned months ago, we have given billions away to people helping them to secure an income due to the lockdown. But we have seen nothing in return given for help from their government. I have to repeat myself again, saying the U.K. government should have made it compulsary for people to work so many hour a week for the Money being given to them. Did giving 80 percent of their wages secure their jobs? For a few, but now we see businesses are closing even more faster than before. I’ve said before each area, town, borough, or city should have their own army, a large workforce that could be dispatched to wherever help was needed due to present circumstances. We’ve heard before the virus pandemic that tons of food was going to waste because they could not find people to harvest their crops. I’ve said so many times, we are in a war situation to survive, and each day gives news that has a parallel with the sinking ship Titanic.This unsinkable ship survived less then three hours. So what am I saying? We do not have the time or money to believe we can go on in the same way we are. It’s said in the newspapers, the banks are writing down heavy losses with bad debts with companies and individuals with small businesses. They have the resources to cover these debts now. But who is seeing just a few months a head? MANY. The banks fear continuing defaults on house debts will occur, but as I’ve said in my previous message blogs, people cannot and must not lose their homes. But our U.K. ship ploughs on, just like the Titanic who had thirteen previous warnings of a iceberg.

I read today, “Some say we have to go back to 1825 when the Bank of England was a whisker away from collapsing to find anything comparable. Some say it’s worse than that.” These are not my words. I was given a message in 2005, the banks will collapse, and gave talks of this in 2006, then I showed Thread Needle Street the centre to the Bank of England collapsing in a prophecy I painted in 2008. I also showed the date of 2005 in the painting on a fallen stone of the bank. I’ve said before in 2009 after making a 45 minute film called THE TRUTH AND REALITY OF THE FINANCIAL MELTDOWN, I received a message the moment me and my friend finished the film. All taken in one shot and with no notes. I WAS TOLD TO SEND A COPY OF THE FILM TO THE THEN GOVERNOR OF THE BANK OF ENGLAND MERVYN KING, PROBABLY THEN THE SECOND MOST IMPORTANT FIGURE IN THE FINANCIAL WORLD. I received a hand written reply within 24 hrs hours.

A week ago it was reporting loans would be available again for property speculators with their buy to let schemes. The last governor made the cardinal sin of releasing billions of pounds for these people I call parasites to our society. They buy homes knowing, there is a shortage of homes for ordinary people, then rent them out leaving people trapped unable to save for their own home. Is this the road we walk down again? When those in control of the government are blind to the coming consequences. Today, a minister promised they would place billions of pounds to build new homes. What happens is a repeat performance, when developers build shoddy homes with inferior building materials. We built far more superior homes 80 years ago. These thoughts are not mine alone, as one million homes had received planning approval for building and it hasn’t happened. WHY? Because these large developers sit on land and can make more money from speculation than building. The developers only look for profit. In my world of what I’ve been given to see, the profit of new built homes is seeing a family housed in a comfortable home, where they can raise a happy family. THAT IS PROFIT FOR EVERYONE. This can happen as I’ve said before by having a government bank that loans to all for a new affordable homes that will be built to suit the various incomes. A home for all and a job for all.

Today, an authority on restaurants said a CARNAGE WILL BEGIN IN OCTOBER WHICH WILL SEE MANY RESTAURANTS COLLAPSE. This sector of hospitality is being hit hard as many don’t find it comfortable sitting more isolated from one another. The office return is now even greater with knowledge that suggests many thousands of people can work from their home and no longer have these horrendous three hour journeys to work. My son and one of my daughters, each had a four hour journey backwards and forward to work each day. To me that sounded almost like a jail sentence. It’s now being seen where large developments of offices and shopping centres at huge costs and investment are now in the process of being built. They are watching a nightmare unfold, as cities centres are looking surreal with lack of people being there. It’s even being speculated now, the owners of big retail shops are seeing where they are having to close many of their big stores and see their buildings converted into homes where many might want to live. We can all see this big shake up of CHANGE where life is taking on a new reality. The message I’m being given and has been for years, it’s inevitable life cannot go on as it was. With so many problems facing the world how can these situations be solved? The present big powers cannot put right such matters as many are already working against each other. There is a better way, a remarkable way forward. A way that very few people in this world would disagree with. I believe if this new path was laid down removing so many differences they have between themselves, a new beginning can occur. These changes can occur peacefully in a way that will not be fast, but quicker than anyone can imagine. Fear will grow stronger, but the messages I’m giving are being said by countless of other people in all countries. In the state of Victoria, Australia, the virus fear has hold of many people as their government are imposing what they call a state of disaster night curfew. A lockdown that allows only one from each household to go out and get food each day.

In the Amazon of Brazil, huge forest fires are now alight. Twenty years ago I was given a message to paint an Orangutan staring out at the troubled world before him. I painted the burning forests around him, I painted the sand of time is running out. I painted the Earth not in a glow of beauty but as it is today burning with climate change. With all the presents circumstances I see a better and more beautiful future for this coming young generation. Hope, that powerful word we must not lose sight of. Belief is all you need, and follow your heart and soul that carries an unstoppable force which is your indomitable spirit, because within each of us there is a power to do good.

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