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"A Christmas story ..."

December the 30th. Another Christmas has come and past for those who celebrate Christmas. Some say a time of giving, my philosophy is every day is a time of giving. Sometimes with festive gatherings time passes very quickly, when families can share precious moments together. The New Year can bring about happier and better times, if you can all think positive and believe in your own thoughts, rather than letting others cloud your visions or rebuking your dreams and hopes. I had the opportunity of talking to a young exceptional woman at a party given over Christmas at one of my daughter’s homes. I say exceptional, because twelve years ago, not long after studying and qualifying to be a psychologist, she travelled for six months across South America on her own. It always amazed me that someone young and attractive never considered the dangers she could have faced with such a journey travelling all alone, but was inspired to do so. Being one of my daughter’s friends I’d not seen her since that experience, and it was good to talk to her. I mentioned her friend should have been arriving this evening. By coincidence this young woman too faced the same dangers at exactly the same time, when she travelled alone through Cambodia and Vietnam. In my mind all those years ago, I thought what possessed these two young women to make their own separate personal journeys? As I spoke to the first young woman this last evening, she then told me a couple of years ago she set off on a famous spiritual pilgrimage walk of 800 miles through Northwestern Spain to a Cathedral in Galicia called The Camino de Santiago. According to medieval legend in 813 the light of a bright star guided a shepherd at night looking after his flock to discover the bones of what are believed to belonged to the apostle James. This news reached King Alphonse 2nd, where immediately the Cathedral would start being built where the body was found. Twelve years ago I told the other young women she was special, and at a later point in life I believed she would connect with a path I was on.

Machu Picchu in Peru, the citadel of Inca civilization

This evening brought these thoughts back, where at some point both these still young women, I believe would receive a phone call one day from our charity Kompas. Then with our metaphorical Kompas ship we would harness their energy to help the disadvantaged children of this world. Through this Christmas period I believe there were another four synchronised situations that occurred with me. Before I go further there is no confirmed theory of how and why synchronised circumstances occur, but most people in life will have countless stories to tell of their own experiences. Carl Jung a famous psychologist and psychotherapist with many more titles had his own opinion and thoughts, and that was all it was. I feel, I can give my own thoughts and philosophy of life and ask the reader to reach their own conclusion. My first experience this holiday period began on December the 24th, when I experienced an absolute excruciating pain that nearly knocked me unconscious as I walked through the park to my home. Through weightlifting 208 kilos and more on my shoulders at nineteen years of years I became flat footed, and this was a pain that had not bothered me before over the years. I have to believe now, a synchronicity of events had been put in motion, where later I was able to think and see I was receiving great healing help. Unable to move or walk for fifteen minutes, I eventually with great agony got home, tip toeing all the way back on my right foot. Then minutes later my son in law arrived to take me to their home some sixty kilometres away, which then saw me in a hospital Accident and Emergency unite, all within a space of an hour and a half.

Within minutes of getting there, a male nurse attended to me, which was most unusual for a busy accident hospital unit. Straight away from his vibration before he spoke I knew, he was no ordinary male nurse. He could not have offered me more help, then he said this story of yours is incredible. I said,“Why?” He then said his sister came to him yesterday with exactly the same story as mine. Again the male nurse was giving help and assurance which seemed beyond his station. He then said, he was going to bypass other doctors and quickly get me to see another specialist. On his inquiry he now made for me, I said to him in a light hearted way, “I’m going to give you eleven out of ten”, this was just an expression of mine acknowledging how good he had been to me. The lady at the enquiry desk later told me, this good man had several layers of knowledge and qualifications above his nursing role. I then saw a doctor who kept asking me, if I had this allergy, or that, trying to tick numerous boxes, only to hear me say “no” to everything. He then said, he wished he had my good health. It was at this moment everything impacted as though I’d been transported on a spiritual level of having immediate healing. I now collected tablets from a prescription he gave me, for having as he said ruptured ligaments, then telling me to rest my foot as much as I could. I told him, I had two weeks of five star treatment at my daughters home. Before leaving the hospital, I told this special male nurse, I now realised why I’d given him eleven out of ten for his help. I’m now telling him on the 11 th day of October the 10th month of the New Year he will have a happy experience. Twists and turns in our life touch us all. On the 27th of December my French son in law’s mother was returning to Paris, and unusually asked me to tell her of her future for the New Year, as she had never done this before. I said, I feel in mid September, I’ve a date of the 16th which I feel could be either side of this number, where I feel there is good feeling, but changes are coming to you. I did not want to tell of the changes that would occur. Through translation, she said the 17th was her birthday in September, and she would be then at her home, where she was born in Madagascar.

Madagascar island

On the 28th of December, I was reading in my weekly magazine about the enormous increase of online selling. The numbers are staggering with each cardboard package. In New York City in 2009, daily delivery’s were 360,000 a day, today it’s 1.5 million deliveries a day. The distressing news for waste packaging of home deliveries now accounts for 30 % of the solid rubbish the USA generates annually. The card board alone costs one billion trees. This year global online sales will be 3.8 trillion dollars. By 2024 its calculated it could be 6 trillion dollars. While reading these future figures, before my very eyes are two large mirrors over 100 cm square in size. Each with extraordinarily strong cardboard packages giving a perfect example of what I’ve just been reading about. Again synchronised timing is showing me a glimpse into the future with consequences we cannot fully see and cannot presently reverse.

Later that day, I had a call from my daughter, who the previous night had visited her other sister’s home in Marlow near London, as her friend from Canada was calling to show her new born baby. My daughter said, someone was calling at her home to give a price to fix these large heavy mirrors on the walls she had ordered and wanted my opinion. The man duly called, and to me it’s not always about the lowest or best price, as I’ve found I’m able to pick up on the vibration of what the man is really like. I liked the man’s presence, personality, and demeanour, so he passed the main test with myself, so I returned my opinion to my daughter and the man got the job. He came the next day on the Sunday morning a few hours before my daughter was throwing a large party for family and friends. Some of my grandchildren had already arrived, but all had to disappear travelling to festive play areas in Manchester while drilling work and electric had to be switch off. The man came now, which left me with the return of my daughter, and it soon emerged on my part, this man was destined and fated to meet both of us. It emerged, he had a terrible story to tell. The man was a likeable man saying, he’d served nearly twenty years in the navy, as I’d asked how long he been in this home repair job. He decided eighteen months ago to start working on his own. Somehow, when people talk to me they reveal situations, where they feel comfortable in my presence, to discuss things they normally wouldn’t do. He first spoke of an horrendous operation he had to go through when he left the navy, he was now 48 years old. By the grace of god he survived with details I will not mention. He then told me and my daughter of the horrific murder his father had suffered some ten years ago, with more harrowing details. My daughter is a barrister in law and she listened with me to this incredulous and heart breaking story. He then said, his father’s new wife of a few months then inherited everything which amounted into hundreds of thousands of pounds. With his younger brother they were left with nothing, and he’d just helped his father renovate a large home by the sea. This story touched both me and my daughter, and she said she would try to find a barrister friend to make an appeal at the injustice he had received. When such situations occur like this, I have to believe the spiritual powers I so often talk of create these circumstances, where this divine power can carry out their plans to help certain people.

With these few stories, I’ve mentioned in the past few days, each one was about giving help. The story of me I believe was to quickly relieve me of my pain. The other story was to help my son in law’s mother in reassuring her about her uncertain future. Then the cardboard with online selling high lighted this ravenous desire, we all have for more and more material goods, which will continue to grow bringing further unimaginable consequences in how we live our lives. Maybe the synchronicity of having such a large amount of cardboard in front of me was clearly saying, when all the fish have been caught, and all the trees have been cut down we cannot eat money. Nor we can replenish our souls without giving and helping others.

Steve Jobs of Apple fame said, LIFE IS ABOUT CONNECTING THE RIGHT DOTS TOGETHER AT THE RIGHT AND PLACE. With these coming fast changes, mankind can solve the present problems they have made. HOPE AND BELIEF, ENGULFED WITH LOVE WILL SUCCEED, but great changes will ultimately have to be made in starting to understand who we really are, and why life as a far greater meaning than we presently understand.

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