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"A defining moment in our lives ..."

October 11th

Sunday 7pm. One may think, I have a lot of negativity towards where we are in the world today, but for the bigger and better picture that is to come, I am more than an optimist. I believe in life, circumstances can and will take place, even if this situation has not occured yet. For many, they already feel and believe that changes in their life must take place soon, but certain forces prevent them from making that big change at this moment and time. Each person has far greater capabilities than they imagine. Whether a relationship or their personal working position is with presently the wrong energy forces or personalities around them. This situation can keep people almost virtual prisoners. With many people and governments where challenges are having to be faced, events or consequences in life will see rapid changes occur. This metaphorical river of life we are all on is moving faster than we think for change. I feel like its a time or almost a defining moment in our lives when our personal circumstances are going to change, but will later see a situation which will prove to be better for everyone. These are times where we must give help to others who are struggling to stay on this river of life.

The River of Life

A story was told to me that the refuse collectors in the UK are seeing twice the amount of tins that carried alcohol being collected each week as more people are out of work or have been furloughed and have time on their hands. Another tragic story told of a man 52 years of age on furlough had become an alcoholic as his wife said he could not cope with his routine of work being taken from him and he committed suicide. Extreme cases, but a reality, where another young person a few days ago, threw herself from a bridge onto on coming traffic on a motorway. There are many deaths that get caught up in this wave of uncertainty but these are the sad consequences of our time that must be rectified soon.

This afternoon a situation happened with myself, no, not meeting with someone, but where a moment occurred where I made a decision that could make a better position for one of my daughters. It was unexpected and I never hesitated, but I believe I could help my daughters in the future. Then, in seconds with this thought, it brought about an action which then showed me a door that would open to see one of my long held dreams come true. I tell this story not fully as such a turn of events could and will effect many people but it will be a positive and better move in life for the change that is coming.

By saying this, I’m aligning the present situation in the U.K. where I’ve said from day one with this virus, in my opinion, we have adopted the wrong policy and path, and changes will happen sooner than later. We are only near half way through October and Chancellor Rishi Sunak is having to make another U TURN in the pressures he’s beginning to face with many more of the unemployed that will soon appear. I guess, with the many ideas I’ve already suggested, another path is clearly there. If further furlough money is to be paid for many and there will be no conditions attached where some form work is given in return, we will go further towards the economic waterfall that lies ahead. The end of October is not yet here, and what lies ahead in the following months are more predictable scenarios.

A few days ago, James Dyson the billionaire entrepreneur who invented the Dual Cyclone Bagless cordless vacuum cleaner, said when asked about our present crisis, “We are putting to much emphasis on the pubs closing as we should be thinking of those firms who have businesses who are exporting and have high tech companies that will create a new future. These businesses in the hospitality section, I believe could be told to close them, until the virus has gone. Business rates would be frozen, as would the bank overdraft, so they will not go bankrupt if the accounts and circumstances qualified this certain test. The same could follow for those with rent and mortgages all to be frozen, followed by X amount of money for food according to the family size. But everyone will be asked to do X amount of hours in their locality to fit their skills. Even allowances for heating could be given to the certain members of the community for the coming winter. Loans for cars or other items would be frozen, and if a car was not needed for the present position, it would stand stationery. A new programme would be drawn up as I’ve said from day one we are fighting a battle we must win, and if anyone rich or poor think they are not part of this crisis, they would be wrong. We would set a plan out of where we are going, where the benefits would touch everyone and not just words like we have seen these last sixty years. In this master plan as I’ve said before women would be integral to every department and table of decisions being made and equal to men in payment.

Politicians are proving they don’t have the answers, and certain Mayors and leaders of the bigger cities are rebelling and not accepting the status-quo. Many people are disregarding the different medical and scientific evidence that is being giving as opinions are very divided as no conclusive evidence exists. The further payments by furlough can be be ruinous, and these are not my words as I said in my last blog. Confidence, that we are doing everything right does not exist in the U.K. and without strong belief with everyone we cannot be successful.

I’ve said from day one where the virus was in certain areas, that you direct your local metaphorical forces to track and trace and close only that small area, and keep other services open. We’ve heard from day one that local authorities should have had their own track and trace force with the powers to do, what they considered to be the right thing, where government leadership did not leave them stranded on their own. Seven months on, bigger cities have not been given the tools they need or data of help they warranted. This is now the call being heard from these besieged cities as further crisises will occur. These last sixty years have seen the deterioration of almost every institution that’s been a service to help the elderly, poor and underprivileged. On top of all these wrongs, we allowed building developers to exploit the young with rents and have no affordable homes built.

Show me anyone, who doesn’t want change. I talk so often, where that generation born from 1980 has seen their future limited by not having a decent home to purchase. Rents extort prices that can never give people a hope of owning a home of their own. Crippled by debts, for those who went to university have seen doors closed to harvest the skills, we need to build a better future.

My last message blog looked at the criminal failure of church leaders and we should look at these big empty churches that could provide emergency help to the homeless. We see the government paying enormous sums of money for hotels to provide homes for those who’ve been evicted. Again, we are reaping for what we have never invested for a better future. Free handouts don’t cure the present conditions for anyone in such circumstances, as we must see a policy that shows each person in receipt of government help must give something in return. My firm belief is that this new young generation can sow metaphorically new enlightened seeds in the next ten years, but we do have to leave them better contidions to create such an improved harvest.

At this moment in time, we are going to leave this young generation a mountain of debts. So many of the young today have phones and laptops and every tool a generation ago could never have imagined. Learn they can, but there is another side to these new tools they have been given. Today, young children can have access through their phones to pornography in their play areas. Radical changes have to be made to protect children and in the present society we live in, we have to accept a responsibility. A radical evolution must occur, not revolution led by those who make promises. We have seen throughout history, where people have always had to be subservient and as a consequence to this situation, they have not had the equal opportunities they could have been afforded. PRAY WE MUST, BELIEVE WE MUST, HOPE WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT LOSE. BECAUSE NOW, WE ARE AT A POINT IN THE ROAD WHERE SUCH CHANGES FOR THE BETTER ARE TO BE MADE AND CAN BE WON.

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