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"A different perspective of 2020 ..."

November 1st

Sunday 2.08pm. Well, we are only hours past the end of October, and already my unwelcome predictions are beginning, and I can only feel sick in my stomach as events have to go has far as they are doing. There’s no good feeling for me to say,“I told you so.” Imagine you have had this gift all your life as I’ve had, seeing what happens in the future, and No one listens. Then I see exactly what I’ve been given to see, which I believe is power that comes from the spirit world.

Last Monday afternoon one of my daughters drove me and my grandson back from Marlow and we came to the M6 motorway in the U.K. There was a large traffic jam crawling along as usual and it is like this every hour of the day on the M6 motorway. I’ve told of this story before when watching the TV in the early sixties, I saw one of the new sections of this M6 motorway being opened, but I was given to see a never ending queue of heavy wagons and traffic all not moving. This was the scene on Monday past. Then, in 1962, I wrote to the Daily express saying this motorway will not accommodate the future traffic. I even drew a plan of how future motorways should be. So as I sat on this Monday in one of my future visions, again, what I felt I won’t express.

Today, I’m heading HOPEFULLY NOT, into another future vision yet, but the majority of visions I receive are beautiful, showing a far much better future for everyone. I’m given and I pray change will occur soon for new directions in the U.K. and for all other countries too, to appretiate we have to live our lives presently, with the virus. HOPE IS THERE NOW THOUGH, as louder voices from many Conservative M.P.’s in the U.K. are going ballistic as they can see our economy is going to crash if we follow the present course of having another full lockdown that may have a longer end than we imagine. As I’ve said so many times, the consequences of how incompetent this present government is, that if we don’t change the leadership quickly, we can forget anything about Christmas as the reality of the situation is getting more dire every minute. I can only believe, one day these message blogs are showing and keeping a different perspective of this year 2020. It will illustrate clearly, how blindly the country is sleep walking with this government that is continually making a U Turn after another. We now hear of this particular lockdown might reach December 2nd, but it might go on until no one knows when. An M.P. trying to keep his cool said this lunchtime, “Every week 1,600 people die from varying ailments, 450 these are with cancer. Again, repeating what I’ve previously said 87,000 people die each year from dementia in the U.K.. Sadly the famous football star Nobby Stiles and Sean Connery of James Bond fame died of this illness this week. The present view being taken, that is only by certain scientists suggest staggering figures of 4,000 people a week to die of the virus if the data is right. The news gave out there will not be enough mortuaries available. This is unbelievable how the media are placing panic and fear with the public. Consequence of such talk is trying to influence people to just obey and accept such figures. I mentioned the lady professor Sunetra Gupta before, who was part of the Barrington Declaration. She is still saying loud and clear with no U TURNS, we must learn to live with this virus, but protect the vulnerable. To crash the economy will multiply the troubles of millions and see the N.H.S. hospitals not being able to operate at all if the economy collapsed. Already, a new political party is being formed, because there are so many political figures of all parties shouting loud, “We must not lockdown the whole country.” Today, as I sit editing this blog with my friend Elena, she has just told me, this weekend in Slovakia, 3.6 milion people had been tested for the virus. Only one percent of the tests came positive. This is staggering and positive news that confirms without a shadow of doubt that to Lockdown the whole country is not necessary.

The present advise given by our Prime Minister just leaves him as he has always been, indecisive, not strong enough to take hard decisions, because he has no vision or direction, so he is easily swayed by a few scientists who give him such varing statistics. Today, those against the Prime Minister are saying, after hearing the latest news, that hospitals may not be able to take anyone who needs hospital attention later, if such modelling and data are proved correct. Now the question I’ve already posed, Why at the beginning of the year we did not train enough further staff to help doctors and nurses in this foreseen emergency? Why have we spent millions creating enormous facilities to have hundreds of bed spaces if we don’t have the needed staff? Anyone, who has followed this road show of the U.K. government has clearly seen decisions made by panic situations of fast moving events. Rushi Sunak the Chancellor as been one now exposed to having released billions foolishly with seeing his war chest disappearing very fast.

A Northern Ireland toffee manufacture was given a contact worth £108 million pounds to make P.P.E. as the country was in short supply. No other tenders were put out to improve on this figure. If you were to purchase anything at such a price, would you not enquire whether you could get a better price from some else? This is mind boggling incompetence on a frightening scale. How many millions did we pay a Turkish firm who made 400,000 gowns for the hospitals that did not meet safety standards? Billions have been paid to a company to do track and trace who have never had any experience in doing such work, which is failing abysmally. Depressing to continue, and depressing to use the analogy of the Titanic again. The latest crisis where there is one every hour if you are not in control, showed on Saturday only four with the Prime Minister were deciding about the lockdown and one had leaked the news to the newspaper. The fox hunt is now on, as no one will admit the responsibility for this damaging leak. At 4 pm on Saturday the Prime Minister should have addressed the country at large, and it was not until 7 pm the Prime Minister appeared, which asks the question again is anyone in command of this U.K. ship. We have heard for months, why have local authorities not been given control to do their own track and trace, as no one knows their area better than them theirselves? Forgive me again, I said this in the first couple of weeks of the virus outbreak. Further battles are brewing between the North and South of the country, as it’s shown clearly now the Northern Authorities were denied the amount of money they required to stop their public services coming to a halt. Now, Southern Authorities have been given a green light. The divide argument simmers again with discontent. There is now a discomforting feeling reminiscent to the fall of Berlin in its last days, as many ministers are not kept in the loop as to what is happening.

To weather any storm it’s easy to not to face the reality that lies in front of one, as we have all faced a similar situation at sometime in your life. The North American Buffalo which sees a great storm in front of them could have changed their direction and gone around the raging storm. But they don’t. They run on straight head through the centre of the storm, believing this was the right way to pass through, rather than taking an easy route by going around the storm. There is a moral for everyone with this story saying, we can not ignore the realities that lie head, and not face the problems we may have. Life proves if you take the long way around facing your problems they will only confront you again in life. Who hasn’t experienced this before?

I’ve talked of a storm coming and as you know I like to refer to past history. On January 9th 1879 in South Africa at a place called RORKE’S DRIFT, 150 of the British army faced up to 4,000 Zulu Warriors wanting to wipe them all out. Try to imagine the data and modelling on this encounter. Such odds could and did bring fear to those soldiers, but the two in command stood out with their leadership John Chard and Gonville Bromhead. The battle was won by giving the belief if they stood firm following orders by repeatedly shooting in lined formations they could win the day. Eleven Victoria Crosses were given for outstanding bravery that day the most ever given in a British battle. What am I saying? We should have acknowledged in January 2020 we will be at war with this invisible enemy for an unknown time. We would not have had many in the public panicking and going crazy in purchasing products. We would not have left people in fear of what they were are up against, as we would have all pulled together as our grandparents did in the U.K. in 1939. Those with more wealth would have helped those with less, and there would be no way found to slip and slide with their responsibilities. It’s now how long can those in the Bunker of Boris hold out, before the men in white coats approach them.

The world waits now for what happens in the coming few days with the election in U.S.A. as fear is taking hold with many who worry with their jobs and the virus. One must hope that the democrats can bring forward stability and policies the once great statesman Franklyn D. Roosevelt brought in 1933. My hope and belief is that the quiet man Joe Biden can win by a staggering majority. Then I hear the words of Bobby Kennedy who say’s WHY NOT. I’m always asking myself questions, because as I’ve said before my gift is not allowed to see all that will be, because I could not comprehend all that lies in front of me. It’s the same for everyone. Imagine if you were shown everything that lay before you in your life, it might leave you in terrible shock seeing how parts of your life would turn out. I believe I’m given enough to be wary of, but equally I’m given the confidence I will have the strength and fortitude not to give up and believe I can do what I’m given to do. Life is not straight forward or easy, but having a belief in yourself can help you a lot. That comes with the experiences you have faced in this life. I like to think you can bring many of your characteristics from your previous lives, which can be of help today if you have a mountain to climb.

I ask myself today, as I’ve mentioned before several weeks ago, I was given a feeling to paint the facial image of Jesus Christ. I did not have any influence off previous Master Artists, as that was just their opinion, when choosing a face of Jesus to paint. I went with my own feelings and created an image in thirty minutes. But in reality, it’s taken me a life time to reach this point in time, what now makes me wonder why at this point in time, when the world faces a crisis with no end in sight yet. In the followings weeks, I’ve been drawn to other things as I paint and write. Now I will begin on Monday the 2nd of November as I’ve been given to paint three images of Jesus each identical to the other. I feel I’m to paint each portrait in a different colour way, as the face of Jesus stays in a white ghostly way. They can only be shown together this is feeling I’m given. This isn’t the end of this story as something I could not have envisioned happened only last Wednesday. I have to believe I’m not to put the finishing touches to the paintings, where I know a message will be given when completed. It’s a human hand, but someone who believes like myself. I’ve always believed since I was fifteen I had the help of Master Artists. I have to wait and see, as I’m only following my feelings. Let’s follow this thinking, that there will big changes in all our daily lives, bringing better foundations to be built on, as the children deserve help in their future.

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