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"Facing Truth..."

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

October 28th

Wednesday 4.00pm. I received a letter for the first time yesterday from my local authority announcing there have been 400 virus infections in my area, the third highest in the county and it’s higher than the national average. It was suggesting it would become illegal to meet with members of another household for social purposes either at home or in a public place. It proves it’s only a matter of time before this tide of uncertainty will continue to reach most people’s door. Everyone is having to accept a different reality that you are not able to live life even in the simplest of what was once your normal day. You are having to think more forward with the coming months and plan according to your circumstances, and thinking positive if this is how you’ve always been. To follow the news and think we are all being told this is the way to go, we would all be fools to believe any such report.

It still shows in the U.K. this present government still has no map that shows a clear direction or destination that brings hope that everything will improve. We see businesses flounder, hear of people saying they were alright on 80 percent of their earnings which will soon finish and will soon be unable to pay their previous costs of living. One sad story heard a lady say, she could still save money out of her furlough money, but now 62 yrs old she would probably find it impossible to find a job at her age and would have to sell her home. This is just one of a million stories that will continue to unfold while this virus still has a grip on many countries around the world.

We see France may introduce a lockdown in the next day for a further month due the resurgence of the virus which illustrates other countries don’t seem to have an answer either, other than lockdown everything. France has just announced you will need a paper showing you are allowed out, as all bars and restaurants will be closed for the next month, and only schools and factory work places will be allowed to continue.

In my mind it’s clear what is to be in the future, where it’s been mentioned and talked of before that a universal income is required that covers a sustainable living allowance for all. But should be with conditions, as I could go into more detail but not in this limited space with a message blog. It’s clear changes will be made and difficult times lie ahead, but I’ve found with difficult times if you can stay strong to your core beliefs there is a silver lining behind every cloud if you can believe in yourself first. Who hasn’t been close to a metaphorical waterfall and expected to drown, but with sheer persistence and determination your dreams can still come true. Anyone who has followed my journey will have read some of my circumstances, but in reality we can each say we have not revealed the full truth of how hard life has been.

I read today of someone in a TV series I’ve never watched before, where he said what I think and have said about the Prime Minister and almost every other Prime Minister the U.K. have had. His comment has attracted media space because of who is and what he thinks, saying, “THE PEOPLE WHO WENT TO EATON CAN’T RUN THIS COUNTRY”. First can I say Eaton is an independent public school for the very elite, where most Prime Ministers have been schooled into thinking it’s their birthright to rule our country. This actor is correct, they are and cannot ever lead our country unless they have experienced the hardships and limitations many families experience. Today tells a familiar story that has continued for century’s where those in power never fully understand how difficult life can be. If you travel to the heartlands of former industrial areas you can see a different reality for many. I believe the actors comment is a broadside or warning of what has to come to see change in how we live and go forward in the U.K.

Eaton High School

It won’t be just In the U.K. where change needs to be seen, for when the American election is over great changes have to occur in their society too. Today in the U.K. a horrifying story emerges where a family and their children have drowned in trying to cross the English Channel in a rubber dinghy in terrible weather. One can only conclude how desperate they were to endanger their children’s lives hoping they would have a better future. It appears they were Kurdish Iranians, who are being persecuted and saw they had no other choice. This story is being repeated daily for the last ten years where thousands of families are trying to escape war zones, poverty, persecution and more, trying to land on a safe shore. The winter scenes in France are showing some of the migrants in appalling conditions, and in Greece the same situation occurs, where they are herded into camps not fit for human beings. To make such journeys with your family it’s impossible to conceive or to imagine the consequences and situations, they have previously endured.

Today in the U.K., we hear of modelling from data and guessing figures that at the end of November further deaths will be greater than before. They say the hospitals will be overwhelmed and their will bed shortages, yet another side of this ever rolling coin shows at the moment there are plenty of beds available in hospitals. What they don’t have hospitals say, is enough hospital staff to facilitate such numbers of infections occurring. From the beginning of this year when we first saw this virus approaching, we did not take note of the seriousness of what could happen and was happening in other countries. Now, almost ten months later we may not be prepared for another battle to take place in the hospitals as plans have not been put into place to have adequate reserves of people to help out. There seems to be no forward thinking by this government, and action only appears wrong and too late. I seem to reflect a lot with history as I believe certain periods repeat time and again, where past mistakes and lack of foresight with incompetent leadership appear on the same stage today.

On February 15th in 1942, the fall of Singapore fell to the Japanese, making it one of the biggest military defeats in our history with a total of 136,000 men surrendering. Why was this? Because then we were short sighted and had large guns pointing only out to sea in case of an attack. The Japanese advanced down the Malayan Peninsula through the jungles on bicycles from behind the British forces, where we never believed it was possible. I equate this government to be in a similar position, where they have never foreseen the battle ahead. We hear of growing concerns that face everyone through these winter months and we keep hearing from various Cabinet Ministers, all will be well for Christmas. Mixed messages again APPEASING and trying to please everyone, which again is a try to have public support. Giving incredible amounts of money with panic in control, as seen this is the major fault line with this government. Holidays, and go abroad, pubs top of the list, and now Christmas, why don’t people hear the truth as they can face the truth stoically as their grandparents once did.

Those who have great wealth must be seen to help those in greater need. We still hear of small football clubs facing bankruptcy, and still we see none of those footballers earning hundreds of thousands of pounds a week offer to take a 25 percent reduction in their wages to help their colleagues at the bottom of the ladder. Christmas might be hell again for hospitals, and as I’ve mentioned, if we are not prepared heads must roll. One of the many deceptions that were told to the public was, that they didn’t need masks. The truth was, we were short of P.P.E. Personal Protective Equipment for all hospitals and care homes, and supplying the public never entered their thinking. Again the list of untruths continues each day, which will result in mayhem soon. THE FLAME OF HOPE AND FAITH THAT BETTER TIMES WILL RETURN SHALL PREVAIL, FOR WHEN CHANGES APPEAR, THERE WILL BE HEARD A MOMENTOUS CHEER WITHIN THE COMING YEAR. We can all have an indomitable spirit if we can believe, there is a better future getting nearer, as the young children deserve all the help and love.

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