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"A lemming mentality ... "

February 10th

Wednesday 3.15 pm. If one was a bird looking down and observing the specious of human kind, and they tried to analyse which direction humans might metaphorically fly to in the coming weeks, months, or in the next year, these enlightened birds would say to theirselves, what a confused lot of creatures. I would also speculate and predict they are absolutely right.

Decisions made for more than the last year have proved to be wrong in so many situations with this virus in the U.K., without me making further a long boring lists of what’s gone before. My message blogs have referred time and again to the ineptitude of this present lot of government ministers. I’m not some eccentric individual who sits in a high nest, immune from what goes on and caws like a giant black rook bird. I could say I’ve observed and have an opinion that throughout my life most governments are not fit for purpose. COMMON SENSE is an ingredient you can’t go out and purchase. It’s acquired through many of your own mistakes, but equally acquired by observing others who make mistakes more stupid than you might have done. We fail to see through the misinformation that’s given out, and wrongly believe that our politicians are telling the truth. What is a lemming? A small, short-tailed, thickset rodent related to the voles found in the Artic tundra. Or a person who unthinkingly joins a mass movement especially in a head long rush to destruction, or someone who blindly follows others. We are a specious of lemmings, but not everyone, as many follow just accepting all that is said must be true. Or if one is in a position of ministerial power you believe wrongly they have qualifications to be right in what they might say. Somehow, we do not like knowing or seeing the facts or even want to believe the truth, but that reaction comes from fear of having eventually to ultimately face what is unavoidable. I’ve used this parable before. When a large herd of buffalo would see a great storm in front of them, their instinct and belief was to confront and go right through the centre of the storm, rather than go around to avoid the consequences of what might be. The buffalo believed face your problems, because if you don’t you will have to face them later. How many of us have not had the courage and tried to live with what was not acceptable knowing your life was unhappy with your circumstances?

When I talk of this lemming mentality, I think of the dark evil force that gripped Germany a country that once had so many enlightened minds who were indoctrinated to follow the cult of Nazism. We are in a culture that accepts all we hear from media and politicians. I heard today 2.8 million people had booked holidays for July, half being British. This message gives more people the feeling that come July everything will be okay. David Blunkett, a former Labour minister, openly said he was booking a holiday for Italy, and others on this panel showed the same interest too. Common Sense shows it’s a rare commodity to find with former politicians and present ones too. Last summer the government was saying go on holiday, and everyone go out and eat in restaurants, even giving everyone vouchers. Fools and horses was once a popular funny series in the U.K. Now we have this surreal infection touching our present democracy. Another lemming occurred recently when a scientific professor said, “Well if we look at what others countries are doing regarding lockdown it must be right.” This sort of thinking has been seen for centuries. Until some wise bird comes along and says, YOU ARE GOING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION, we will just follow instead of questioning and making accountable those who’ve been at the forefront of wasting billions in the U.K..

I listened to a probing programme asking and wanting answers to the questions I’ve previously mentioned. These are some further facts that are being kept hidden. We all know in the U.K., P.P.E. equipment was purchased with many companies not even having the necessary safety certification. One contract for surgical gowns cost £70 million for the making of ten million and all have never been used because they didn’t pass safety tests required. Another contract worth £116 million was given for face shields where they were of no use. Another contract of £350 million was given to a company in Malaya making rubber gloves, where it was found they literary had a slave Labour camp of workers from Bangladesh, working 12 hrs a day and 29 days of each month. They all slept on factory premises many sleeping 30 to a room, and indebted to people, where they could never return home. No one in authority in the U.K. checked this out. Another contract was given for £366 million, where goods were not made to the appropriate standard. The list goes on. Do we really believe when we have a government performing as bad as this in the U.K. that they are the ones to lead our country out of this crisis? Boris and his buffoons are an embarrassment to the good name of the U.K. The wrongs of the past are not learned which includes banks. I remember in 2005, house valuations had risen, so on this speculation it made certain individuals could go and borrow money from the bank. Many I knew of, went on expensive cruise holidays, some had conservatories built on to their homes, purchasing caravan homes was on the list too, because they had heard others were doing this. We all know of such stories of following a crowd, or going to see a film only to find out it was sheer rubbish.

So today with this crisis it’s like putting your hand in a lottery bag and pulling out the right number to presently find the right answer. In my opinion, we are not on the top of this virus, because each day we are looking over our shoulder as this virus mutates into another variant and alarm is spreading with scientists, as it’s impossible to know if the vaccines will do what we want. Hearing today, our Health Minister has introduced a penalty of £10,000, if you fail to complete a form properly of where you have travelled from. In addition to this a ten year prison sentence could be served if you are breaking the rules. This indicates, in my opinion, there is sheer panic now occurring at the prospect of another possible battle ahead. Former Supreme Court Judge Justice Lord Sumpton says, the terms of jail are extraordinarily high, then suggested ministers were unfit to hold office over this decision. Arrivals from red list countries will pay on arrival £1,750 to quarantine in hotels. I’d like to think there are good stories to report and their are thousands especially for all those in every country, working on the front line in hospitals.

If one takes notice of the present impeachment trail ,now taking place in Washington, we are now witnessing something so important with the American democracy that is in danger of being defiled. Failure to impeach Trump would cast a very dark cloud over the U.S.A. and the rest world at this moment in time. If the U.S. cannot convict Trump and stop him from ever taking political office again, it’s a time to worry. He was in-sighting fraudulent voting took place and he was caught trying to bargain with officers counting votes to try and find more votes for him to overrule the official vote. He has committed acts against the office of what a President should represent, and caused chaos with diplomacy around the world showing, he was not fit for office. All this occurred with Trump before as he was encouraging a mob to fight, then seeing them invade and enter Capital Hill. I’ve said in a previous blog, I didn’t blame the mob, I blamed the Republican Party for supporting Trump for the last four years, afraid to stand up to an obnoxious man, who bullied those who disagreed with him. When men in power are seen to be sheep and they are weak, dire consequences will follow, just as night follows day. The worlds waits as many people walked in the footsteps of another man who used violence and fear in the thirties in Germany. One must pray good will overcome evil intent. Rome fell from within, and it’s been said in past times by previous senators, the U.S. will fall not from the outside, but from those within. I spoke of seeing a metaphorical bird, a man who could bring new thinking.

One can hope an Eagle has landed with the name of Alexie Navalny in Russia. We hope the young will not stand by and accept those who want to tighten the freedom that democracy can bring. I sit presently with a large framed photograph in front of me of Jack and Bobby Kennedy as it will play a part in the story I’m writing of the acquaintance I believe I made with Marilyn Monroe in 2009. The American Embassy sent these photographs to me in 1968 following Bobby Kennedy’s assassination. I think, what would the brothers do and say today seeing their countries democracy under threat from senators who fear Donald Trump? Those two brothers had so much to offer mankind, as they will be remembered for their ideas and ideals. I believe their spirits have been close to me all my life, and I am sure they will pass their thoughts to me as I write this particular book.

Belief is a force to do good. Only those, who believe they have the power to subjugate their people with lies, and threat of violence, should read their history books. Light will prevail, but belief, faith in ones self, and hope will always shine through, because we all know we can constantly improve with inspirational dreams, we all can carry.

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