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"A new future emerge ..."

September 16th

2.47pm. I use river as a metaphor, then add the River of life, as I feel this applies to everyone where we presently are. We all seem at this moment in time, we don’t fully know where we are going. The reader knows I’ve pointed out many situations I’ve predicted which I believe ultimately will come true in due course, if all governments of all sizes can change how they think. After finishing the last message blog, my friend Elena opened a letter which was from the UNICEF organisation stating 3.1 million children died from hunger in the past year. With the Coronavirus lives that are being lost, they are not on this scale of hearing such figures that made me angry. I think of a previous moment, when the U.K. Chancellor of the exchequer once said, when the country faced austerity cutbacks. WE DON’T HAVE A MONEY TREE, but somehow, now many governments have found such a tree. Those appalling, shocking figures of three million child deaths are just the tip of an iceberg of the terrible reality we face in today’s world. Further reading shows statistics saying 820 million people are hungry and suffering due to droughts, conflicts, wars and mismanagement of their countries with corruption. It is said, a third of all food is not eaten and I guess these are some of the unpalatable true realities we cannot digest, as our news bulletins do not make these issues a poignant reality.

When devastation was seen in so many countries and millions lost their lives to the war that ended in 1945, there was then a hope and belief a mountain could be climbed to try and rebuild what mankind had destroyed. The previous twenty years, before 1939, allowed evil dictators to go unchallenged and see a huge body of politics fester with a disease of abhorrent evil that knew nothing of humanity to its fellow man, or anything about the human soul. My generation saw a slow rebuilding for the future, and from my perspective, a long time ago in my youth I had the opinion, then it was evident we were building a society with the wrong building blocks. Yes, there have been many improvements to so many in society, but so often today we hear the gap between rich and poor grows daily. I’ve spoken before of a vision I had in 2017 where I heard the words A SPIRITUAL REBIRTH for many children being presently born. This empowered me to paint a scene showing the birth of babies and young children who one day will face such mountains to climb, but they will have all the ingenuity and clear blue thinking to change what’s gone before. The word spiritual to me covers all religious faiths because we to have a belief so we can go forward, and children today are having a greater education than the world as ever seen before. Those with children, if they live in part of the world where they are fortunate to have a phone sees them accessing news and events giving them a greater insight and knowledge to our world. This generation will see a new future emerge because hourly and daily they see changes occurring due to a pandemic of Coronavirus that will inevitably change their future.


Yesterday is gone, tomorrow we never reach. In between these time zones changes have to occur. Its already past a tolerance zone where inequality is rampant and in the U.K. house prices are spiralling again, because banks are not giving mortgages to anyone with a ten percent deposit. Panic, and fear prevails with many, as only those with parents who can afford and try to step in with their money to help them on the first housing ladder. Is this not an aspiration or ambition for every young family to try and have have a decent home?

On the radio news this morning, I heard that the premier football league will lose £700 million pounds in revenue, if people are not allowed to watch football. Attached to this scenario are other sports too. We see in the news today, one footballer, who is not kicking a ball for his team because he’s fallen out of favour with his manager, yet his contract is for another two years which guarantees him £600,000 a week. This is the tip of an iceberg, where huge salaries are still paid to these players and they have no physical audience. Surely soon a reality check will hit them as if crashing into a wall. I’ve mentioned this story before, but it doesn’t change as they live in their own bubble of reality. The richer footballers don’t help the lower leagues, don’t help those at the bottom of the ladder, and this week in the U.K., they are seeking a meeting with the government to allow more people to watch football. This suggests to me, one rule for the rich, and as history shows another rule if you are not rich. You cannot gather in an open park, if you are more than six. You cannot talk together outside with your neighbouring family if you are more than six, you cannot get a test and trace unless you live in the right place in the U.K. This list grows daily. As I began where does this river take us all to, UNLESS THERE IS GREAT CHANGE. Again I must switch my radio on at the right time to hear certain news items. Those people over 75 years of age are not to receive a free television licence anymore. It’s been revealed today about the money these TV celebrities receive, and the word they used to describe their salaries was GARGANTUAN. Where does this fit for those elderly people who may only have a TV for their company and cannot afford very many things in life? If those of that age have incomes where they are comfortable, why should they too have a free TV license as before? Inner qualities are abounding everywhere.

These issues are a tiny fraction of the metaphorical building blocks we continue wrongly to build in the U.K. and the picture shows no sign of change in any of the present political parties. I do watch our parliamentary question time each Wednesday at midday. It lasts 30 minutes and it shows clearly the absence of anyone who has the message to lift anyones spirit who might wish and hope of better times to come. There is one lady who is the only green Member of Parliament who’s sole passion is Climate Change. On today’s TV, she was on her own with her long held views, as she tried to support the well held view, these forest fires are the result of climate change. The sheer higher temperatures and winds are making it perfect for the earth to be scorched with fires, and droughts are now more prevalent than ever before. But this lady had three other opponents that did not match her views, and one male was stating what President Trump says that forest fires are not about climate change. Such intransigence of views is nothing knew as it’s been there throughout all history when change is being brought about with either inventions or new thinking. AlBERT EINSTEIN and many other great minds had to fight years for their theories to be accepted. In my opinion and belief today is far different than any other time in our history AS TIME IS RUNNING OUT AND WE CANNOT SIT AND WATCH AS THEY ONCE SAID AS ROME BURNS.

I have eight grandchildren all young and like any grand parent or parent you wish them a good future. I believe and have said before it will the young that will change our world for the better. I was given in the prophesy for peace between Israel and Palestine that it would not be the present generation of parents that will bring peace, but those young who will soon have their vote. This will be the message for all countries. In my prophecy for Russia where I saw an incredible rich future for their country in 2027, where change will come about without bloodshed, as Russia’s great wealth like every other country in the world IS THEIR CHILDREN. It’s this new generation where in particular as Russia’s people have suffered for centuries under the foot of tyrants running their country. Part of my prophecy said for RUSSIA: OLD ENLIGHTENED SOULS ARE RETURNING TO BRING AN ABUNDANCE OF LIGHT AND NEW THINKING. There is a higher spiritual consciousness on the Earth plane that will bring light and a better life for all. We are entering a new dawn of hope where love is the fuel which is free to all those who can believe in theirselves, and believe together we can build a better world.

PS: On this Thursday morning at 7.55am, I’m listening for just a couple of minutes to the radio news as the feeling is pretty clear the U.K. is taking a battering from the U.S.A. towards our stand on the E.U. negotiations. Our Prime Minister and his government are being criticised in every quarter. My feelings instantly felt, our small island nation has been seen before when mass opinion would see the U. K. sink. Agincourt was a battle lost before it begun, but the heavens looked down on us and said different. We stood alone in the 1939 war for two years, and our stubborn obstinacy showed the world, we have a character that makes us more determined to win in any hardship or battle to be won. Our journey in the U.K. will eventually see the sun rise over a nation who was once the first to introduce democracy.

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