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July 1st

3.00pm. This date was the birthday of Princess Diana, loved and mourned by millions, and when early deaths occur you have the right to ask why. On June 20th on a beautiful sunny day, in Forbury Gardens in Reading the U.K., the terrible news was heard of a group of people who were attacked and three men were knifed to death as they and many others leisurely enjoyed their day in the sun. They were killed by someone who proved to have a mentally disturbed mind and a refuge from Libya. These three men one being a teacher, another a lawyer, and the third a scientist, each innocent, and had such wonderful gifts for this world of ours. A loss of any life is a loss to this world we live in, but such poignant moments can touch you and make you think and ask WHY. The only comfort I can give is with my belief those three men as with others too, will enter a higher consciousness into a paradise of heavenly pure love and great beauty, where your now spiritual body will be greeted by family and friends.

Only a few moments before writing my thoughts, on my iPad I saw the investigative TV programme Panorama saying, HAS COVID TESTING GONE WRONG? It showed the professionalism of Germany where a doctor and nurse are always present when they do their testing. In this programme, it showed in the U.K. people, who we had testing in various car parks were ill-trained people on low pay with no medical experience. Those who were privately interviewed were amazed themselves as at no time was there any medical presence being with them. It was stated they would use the same gloves with one another, which revealed the appalling service taxpayer's money was paying for. Another appalling situation they showed in a hospital in Weston- Super-Mare a coastal resort, the whole hospital staff had not been tested and it was later found out over 100 of the staff has the virus as the patient too caught the virus. Eventually, the hospital was closed. These stories show the appalling consequence of negligence and ineptness at a high level of who’s conducting this test programme. In fact, you feel embarrassed and ashamed that our country is being run by amateurs and with complete incompetence. Lose of many more lives were being made and to this very day, this situation has not changed at all. The programme also made it clear someone must be made accountable for the catastrophic consequences of so many needless deaths. That accountability goes to the top, which is the Prime Minister and his closest ministers and advisors. They should all be made to stand in a court of law as being responsible for their actions, which has resulted in the loss of thousands of lives.

I mentioned in my last message blog about how the local authority of Leicester, who waited ten days for analysing and data about the further spread of the coronavirus in their city but could not put a plan of action in place to tackle this further outbreak. Now, a lockdown in this area has been enforced a week later, which again may see the further loss of life that need not have been, also people and businesses are furious now they knew the government knew it so long ago and did nothing. The mayor had stated further infections had been found in the city of Leicester only because their area had been targeted more with test and contact measures. He was probably right, but what does this say? If we target, test, and trace other areas that have a high density of population we are going to see this virus has not gone away. We are then hearing false figures from the government giving the impression things are improving. Until a greater effort is focused on similar communities with tests and trace we are never going to win this battle. Another area being mentioned is Doncaster in the North of England and now Bradford, Rochdale, and Barnsley are being added to this list. I’m now repeating what I’ve said before, we need an overlord with a proper battle strategy, someone with the intellect and an enlightened mind such as the man who saved our country within the air battle over Britain in 1940. His name and title were Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh Dowding. We heard today that Melbourne in Australia is facing lockdown with the return of the virus, and asked how has this happened, it was said by people returning on air flights. Here in our country and with some other European Countries, we are being encouraged to travel abroad for holidays, going without any testing. We must be mad because we are giving many people the message everything is okay. Every day now in the U.K. we are hearing a roll call of bad news as this week has already shown figures of 10,000 more job losses, 5,000 jobs to be lost at Upper Crust, a sandwich bar company that has 560 outlets at stations and airports. Predictions are now being made that in the next six weeks one million jobs will be lost in the U.K. This regretfully is the storm I saw a long time ago that is coming, and it’s still a long long way to go yet. With any storm, we have to be prepared for so many unwanted consequences. An announcement was made by Boris today to save jobs. It is a rather pitiful attempt with little substance, suggesting more infrastructure to be built with further repairs made to hospitals and schools. The greatest thing we have to do now is to be radical in our thinking. I’ve said before with enlightened thinking and yes radical plans we can build affordable homes in every area of our country. We don’t have any developers building such schemes as they have been the problem these past sixty years sitting on land then building to make the most profit they can. It needs every borough, town and city will be part of a new National government-run building company that doesn’t build for profit. We will not pay some of the crazy wages to all builders, plasterers, and more. We will start a massive training scheme where previously retired tradesmen will be paid to train a new workforce. It will run until there are enough homes that will replace all landlord rented accommodation. We will have a government-run bank that will provide mortgages to everyone as houses will be built that will be affordable to fit varying wages. Houses will not be sold to sell and make a profit. This will be something of the past. Every town as I’ve mentioned will have such a building plan operated at every level of town planning. This will eventually see the cost of house prices fall as only those who can afford developers to build there, will take place. Employment will come to every area, and more businesses will be encouraged with grants to start-up in poorer areas. We could have six large development zones in the U.K. that would become the engine to a revival with tax incentives for people to invest in these areas. We could look also at companies that are profitable with the future where the government invests as shareholders to expand new thinking and encourage new ideas. At the forefront of businesses, those who can export could have a tax incentive of paying ten percent less to create sales and to promote their products. We can offer incredible deals for companies and investors to come to the U.K. which will become an oasis to prosper and see a great future. In schools, we will encourage young people to become entrepreneurs by using their imagination and giving them confidence in their new ideas. This can happen with the help of other business people and investment from the government as we can create a new culture to see our country to be at the forefront of a new renaissance of new enlightened thinking. We have seen it before in our country and we can see it again. With these radical thoughts, and a great explosion of ideas from young people we will see the birth of a new future.

We can abolish the mass production of chickens for cheap eggs and meat. We abolish the way we breed pigs living in cages, as it is said the pigs get bored and stressed and are heard to cry knowing they are going to be slaughtered in this barbaric way. We have to make these changes now.Providing cheap meat like this, is inhuman and morally wrong. It says Germany’s archesheal is at their meat plants where more viruses are being found, it’s because Germans love cheap meat. That’s no different in the U.K., cheap meat produced inhumanly is wrong again. WE WILL BE REAPING WHAT WE ARE NOW SOWING. A Dr. Michael Gregor wrote a popular book called How Not To Die, his latest book is titled To SURVIVE A PANDEMIC saying that the worst pandemic will appear starting in chicken farms that will wipe out half the global population. Everyone knows such barbaric ways to produce food is against every instinct in our body, but we prescribe to it as you can purchase a chicken already cooked for as little as £3.00 in the U.K. CHEAP MEAT SPELLS MORE PROBLEMS IF WE DON’T CHANGE OUR WAYS.

Dr. Gregor advocates a plant-based diet for the future, this future must start soon, we are having warnings now. It has been disclosed that the coldest village on the earth called Oymyakon near to the Arctic Circle in Siberia once recorded temperatures in 1933 of 68 celsius, but today the permafrost is thawing, forest fires are occurring as they have heatwave temperatures. Buildings are collapsing and Moscow is funding 720 million to rehouse people. Animals are facing new predators and diseases. This is a further message of climate change that will not go away. These times of change will affect the whole world, and it will not be solved until as human beings we work together. Another countries problem is our country's problem too. In my small book advocating change in 2006, I told of the rich nations will help lesser nations, the strong will help the weak and the gifted will influence and help the young in every possible way. WE ARE AT 5 TO MIDNIGHT as the title of my book suggested in 2010.

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