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"A powerful story to tell ..."

December 17th

Thursday 2.15 pm. This is the final message blog for this uncertain year, but with whatever is written, I can only speak of my journey of where I presently find myself.

I mentioned in a previous message blog a couple of months ago, I was walking through a copse of trees in our local park, a walk I make a number of times a week to our town centre. Those who have followed some of this journey which accounts now for 185 message blogs, have probably read I have been given a gift to have visions, premonitions, messages, and prophesies from my teenage years. On this particular day, near the end of October, as usual it was very quiet moment in the park, not a bird to be heard and no one passing by. I felt this high energy within my body, I often talk of, and I had a feeling the figure of Jesus was with me. First, let me dispel again, I’m not a follower of any religion, but I can say, I feel connected to all faiths, which I feel belongs to the same tree. So on this day I was given to see the face of what I believe was Jesus. His face was in a white ghost form, and I could see his features, but my eyes were drawn to his eyes, and I clearly heard a message saying, I was to create three images of his face with my painting gift.

This sort of message is not uncommon to me, as at 15 years of age when I did my first oil painting, I could feel as though someone was within me. I then heard the name Corot given with a feeling, he was a French artist. I knew as the painting developed, there was this feeling of someone painting almost each stroke with me. A year later this name of Corot had still not left my mind, and I found out there was such a french artist born in 1796 until 1875 known as Jean -Baptiste Cammile Corot.

My first oil painting

I began in November a painting showing the ghost image portrait of Jesus, an image I felt and saw. I placed scenery around him, but this feeling didn’t accord with the feelings I’d been given. I’ve mentioned before each day at 8am, I viber my friend Elena in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, as I’ve known her now these last eight years. We work together on many ideas and projects to help our charity Kompas go forward, and our thoughts and thinking are pretty much synchronised in what we do. I showed her what I had done, and I knew deep inside me this image was not right. Elena is very honest, and she has her own mind and opinion and says what she feels, saying the colours are not right. I knew the look in the face of Jesus was right, but then I was told by spirit to paint colour into the face of Jesus, and start two other portraits on two other canvases and I was told to try and get each image as close as I could. I was then given the feeling of painting a beach scene across the three canvases, and each day I would show Elena what I was doing. Then something I felt remarkable happened, Elena began to direct me to paint certain parts of the beach on the centre painting. I was being given to feel, this beach represented the shores of Galilee, so on the far left of the centre painting I painted Jesus walking with eleven figures following him.

While painting the first portrait of Jesus, I felt the presence of the Great German Renaissance Artist ALBRECT DURER with me. I had felt his presence before some 25 years ago when I had designed his image for sketch book for a children’s stationery business I had created.

Albrecht Durer

As I began to paint the back ground to Jesus on the far left painting, when I heard the word Byzantine given to me. I knew then, a religious artist was with me as later in that day I heard the letter G given to me. Later that day, I thought I would go on goggle to find this G name, but instantly, the name GIOTTO was given to me. I then checked out further information about this artist which showed he was born in 1267 until 1347, an Italian painter from Florence who painted religious subjects. The way the halo was painted was in a manor and style, I knew was not mine, so I thought it must be Giotto’s. I was given to paint in great detail, dots of colour in a precise way taking hours and hours, almost as though I was part of a surgical operation. The halo was like creating a delicate and intricate design, where I imagine this was the style of this great artist.

One of Giotto´s religious paintings

When I started painting with the background to the far right image of Jesus showing streams and waterfalls, I immediately received the name of LEONARDO DA VINCI. Strange, 25 years earlier, I designed set of four sketch books called Master Artists, which became a best seller for our company. Leonardo was on one cover and so too was Albrect Durer. At that time, I felt the presence of the other two artists Raphael, an the great German artist Hans Holbein 1497 until 1543, which made the set of four. Now, when I came to concentrate on the beach scene, it was Elena guiding me to paint certain images as though she knew this scene well. On the far left canvas, she began by saying to paint a scene showing homes of where the local people lived, and probably the fishermen too. She mentioned at this place, to leave an open beach as though she once knew this area well. I felt there was a power channelling through Elena and there was no feeling from me to question her at all. I had this strong feeling maybe she had walked this beach at this time in a previous life.

Almost at the same time in October of me having this message and vision of Jesus, Elena with her daughter of fourteen, would go on a walk at the early hour of 5.30am each morning. Lockdown was beginning and her daughter was having to study from their home, as was her husband, and during the day she and her daughter took further walks through the day to escape from this boredom of lockdown. Although Elena said, they both felt invigorated with their walk at this early hour. I was given a message one day to tell her, Jesus walked with both of them on these walks. Elena would say, at this early hour they would see the moon in this heavenly silence as many people still slept. One day on this early walk, they met a kindly man with his dog, which later led them to meet his friend, who had made a nativity scene out of wood, which had all the appropriate figures. Elena fell in love with what she called this Bethlehem scene and purchased it straight away, as it turned out it seemed this almost gift was synchronised to appear at a certain time and place in the painting. The following day, Elena suggested, I paint a scene on the beach with small figures at the far right of what I call the Leonardo canvas. This showed me then, there was a story being told on this beach. Then, Elena told me to place Mary and baby Jesus on a donkey with Joseph leading the way. I later realised, this was their journey to escape to Egypt, so symbolically I painted pyramids. This feeling of following Elena in what she said agreed with me all the time. Next she mentioned Jesus sitting on the beach around a fire with his followers. Earlier Elena had also mentioned placing trees that represented the garden of Gethsemane, and this now linked the first images I painted of Jesus with his eleven followers. I thought then, Jesus on the beach with his followers, was one part of his resurrection that ocured as the story told.

Following all the help from Elena, I could not have my name alone on this painting so I placed her initials next to mine. Probably the first painting in art, having two names to a painting. It’s my believe this timing of where the world presently is, one has to think carefully, because we have a pandemic virus, climate change, and a possible big change between the U.K. and Europe, plus many explosive theatres of war emerging. I say to myself, are we witnessing a DIVINE INTERVENTION?

My trilogy of Jesus paintings

A few weeks ago Elena came up with the idea of creating a poem gallery attaching my love poems to images from my paintings. But Elena went a step further as she had been cutting certain parts from my paintings and placing them with my poems on our LOVE IS page on Facebook, for a number of years. This time to my surprise although for a while, she had added certain feelings to these images before, but now I was amazed because she added further beauty that I felt was coming from a different place. I said to her, you must have the hand of god with you. Imagine you had some of the greatest artists sitting before you, and you showed their paintings with further beauty than they could imagine. They would be amazed and gratified and probably shocked just the same as me.

Some of my images from our Poem Gallery

To have three paintings showing one scene was known as a Triptych, a Greek word for the folding of three showing one scene. With the painting, I was given to do in 2011 called Children are the future, many people visited the painting said there was a great spiritual power within this scene. I’ve said before there is an encoded plan for peace between Palestine and Israel. With these three paintings, I believe the same power is here too. One day maybe we will realise, we did something that unbeknown to us, saved someone’s life. Are these paintings, I’m given to do, another sign of this higher power trying to show there is a better way forward?

I feel as I write this blog, at this moment in time, a message is been given to me: Look within yourself for the answers you need. Look for no other place, because there is a beautiful light within everyone if you seek help. Look at life now and say to yourself, are you happy with where you are? Believe, no one in this world is better than you. Do you believe there is a greater love within your soul that knows where your love should be? Many have had moments when they felt happy and free, but others have dampened the love you carry. Marriage is only a marriage when the love of each soul can light a flame and express your dreams and all the love feelings you have shown, especially when you are with children. Do not be afraid of someone else’s dark view, where no light shines. This coming year you will find you can walk where your heart and soul shows you where to go. If you look into my eyes which have been given for you to see, you will feel and believe you can see a better way in your life. I will walk this earth again, to show where your life and love is meant to be, for the answers lie within you, and you can have a new life this coming year without any more fear. So follow your feelings that again lie within, as I’m going to be by your side and your new life can begin.

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