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"A Time Bomb ..."

August 19th

Wednesday, 3.50pm. It’s nearly two weeks since Ive been in a position to write further message blogs. No, I haven’t been on a holiday, as I’ve said to some of my closest friends, even with free tickets I would not have ventured to some of the best holiday resorts. Why? Because I’ve stated before, holiday flights should have been out of bounds until the new year, when hopefully the test and trace service is better and maybe it gets nearer to a vaccine being found. Yet governments have encouraged such holidays to take place where people were prepared to wear face masks all the time which is beyond my comprehension. Predictability isn’t all about having insights, and foresight, but having what Thomas Payne wrote in 1776 Common Sense which encouraged American Independence. Common sense is in short supply, not only in the U.K. but in some other countries as they face the growing emergency of seeing the Coronavirus return. In Germany they are seeing young people returning from holiday resorts bringing this not surprising infection with them. In some ways I felt relieved not to be voicing my thoughts about our continuing inept government in this past two weeks.

In the early months of this year newspapers, and reporters who inhabit the Westminster bubble, never came across such a word as shambolic. But I was using the word, because in my thinking in regard to how this government was trying to handle this then growing epidemic, it was clear they had no command of this operation. I’m not alone in thinking this because having a life time of dealing with people and events no confidence could be found in the poor leadership being given. It was later disclosed Boris did not even attend those first early meetings of the seriousness of the on coming virus. The U.K.s metaphorical ship was rudderless from the beginning, and had no worthy Captain and officers on board. It appears we have no Fletcher Christian yet, the famous mutineer of the ship Bounty in 1787, to take command and chart another course. Today, the word SHAMBOLIC is splashed across every newspaper and is being shouted by every authority in the teaching profession. Now, we see another U turn by this lost ship finding no real direction, which leaves yet again another CRISIS, WITH CHAOS AND CONFUSION. This follows the using of Alga-Rhythms to assess students qualifications without having proper tests. By now it must be clear to most people we don’t have the leadership the U.K. requires to fight and win with a plan to combat the coming financial storms and unemployment that will ignite other serious issues. The chancellor of the exchequer who’s been acclaimed wrongly in my view because as a general you don’t commit your full force into battle knowing there is a no quick solution. By giving right through to October eighty per cent of wages to so many who lost their jobs temporarily Rishi Sunak has committed an enormous error and a colossal amount of money he can’t afford to do again. If we had been fortunate to have someone like the former Air chief Marshal Hugh Dowding who ran and won the strategic Battle of Britain, he would have agreed the chancellor has been naive with his plan as any general would have seen there was no quick fix to this long protracted war like situation. The same can be said of the Duke of Wellington who chose the right battle ground at Waterloo which won the day, none of these present politicians can see what’s coming down the line. Another authoritative billionaire and philanthropist John Caudwell co-founder of 4U mobile phones, said he’d tried to speak to the chancellor to influence his direction, but to no avail, then said we could be facing a catastrophe.

The coming American election unfolds with Joe Biden being nominated by the democrats with the winning ticket of having Kamala Harris as his running mate. This is a lady who stood out a year ago, when making her mark as a President candidate, seeing her then I predicted one day she will be President. This could happen in the next two years when ill health could approach Joe Biden then having to stand down. The Democrats and most of America are now asking for leadership as it’s been clear from day one, Donald Trump was not fit to hold the great office of President of the United States. But this cry of leadership across the pond will vibrate soon in the U.K. as it’s inevitable as our Prime Minister is clearly seen to be out of his depth. One headline read the other day Boris’s cronies gain a place in the House of Lords, one being his brother who stabbed him politically in the back a year ago. What message does this send out to the public, as the drumbeat gets louder each day to abolish this ludicrous farce of having over 800 sitting so called lords? They are all entitled to £300 a day whether they speak or pontificate on anything. Two hundred of the best brains and expertise from industry and all walks of life could do a far better job. I talk of a storm and this is just another element of where change is needed. I’ve mentioned before about another storm that is heading over the U.K. which is that no one should lose their homes or be evicted as rent tenants through genuine loss of income due to losing their job through the Coronavirus. Yet ,we hear from many British Airways staff who are losing their jobs with a prospect of losing their homes. This is not acceptable, as tenants too renting properties should not be evicted. The banks and landlords must bare this shortfall until this tidal wave of redundancies ceases to exist. Already it’s going to the courts that landlords will be given the right to repossess very soon. This decision is like lighting the gunpowder to see a crisis that will be unmanageable to control if this occurs.

Another nail in the coffin of this incompetent government is announcing all the planning restrictions that try to safe guard the building of decent homes especially the invisible affordable homes that don’t exist will soon allow developers to step in and be able to turn warehouses, and former office space into slum dwellings that have already taken place and are not fit for families to live in. The future must be for those who have children, that they have the opportunity to purchase their own home, having proper bedroom facilities and their own garden space. This is not futuristic science, as over sixty years ago they were building council homes of the right standard then. Today, we can build homes that can be owned for all various people’s incomes because profit will no be had by developers. The profit will be for the country seeing people leading happier lives. I will keep mentioning this unjust housing problem which I mentioned in 2006 in my book New Foundations, a Time for change. Another storm to combust are those students that have come out of university in the last ten years and witnessed the impossibility of raising the deposit to afford a decent home. They have been left out as millions more of young people who can’t even dream of affording a home. It’s said in the news today, a time bomb is waiting to happen in China where the true figures of unemployed are not given. This is a storm and a time bomb facing every country with people facing hardship and unemployment and finding no prospect of work. There is a way forward for every country as I’ve mentioned before, where all leading countries sit down together and draw up a plan what was once known as the Marshal plan. This was known as a recovery plan providing aid to Western Europe and to Japan after the Second World War. This can only happen when President Trump is seen to go, which is only three months away. Change is now taking place everywhere. Those politicians who have been corrupt will no longer be tolerated by their people. With the same thinking of minds so many problems can be erased from the earth plane as I was shown in the prophesies I gave in 2012. The denuclearisation of all mass weapons of destruction I was clearly shown by one leader who is there today which could change the world forever. Nuclear disaster could occur by human error. All children that are born are all equally sacred and special. We all owe to them to do something to improve their life on Earth today. An impossible dream? No, an enlightened dream, where those, that are strong and those that are rich understand, they cannot spend their wealth frivolously and they cannot take their money on their final journey. I mentioned a few weeks ago Andrew Carnegie a great man who gave all his wealth away to do good. There are many like minded people here today, doing good with their wealth, but we all have something to give which is love in helping others and each being capable of having and giving beautiful thoughts that can change this world.

Andrew Carnegie

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