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"A Visitation dream ..."

Sunday January the 26th, 2.20pm rained all day, but my day began by waking up just after 4 am. I had a dream, but not a normal dream. A vision is which usually brings a message and shows a scene of what is to be in the future or a vision can be or a foreboding, which I’ve had many throughout my life. THIS WAS NEITHER, but so powerful I can’t recall ever having this powerful feeling before, by seeing someone. I believe it can be called “A VISITATION DREAM,” again this terminology is just someone’s opinion. I saw this morning the woman I once fell in love with, which goes back to 1974. Her name was Angela, and I would travel many weekends to see her, the journey was four hours long, as she came from Norwich some 203 miles (325 kilometres) away. In this visitation dream, I saw her so very clearly, and I kept saying repeatedly to her, “Wow Angela you still look so very young.” It was a fantastic feeling seeing her, but our relationship sadly finished after a couple years or more and we never ever met again. I blamed myself, knowing my path was not to be there then. Angela was a beautiful young woman in mid twenties, with a beautiful loving soul. Guilt lay with me for a long time, but true love never dies. She seemed to stay with me in this dream a long time, as I spoke to her and after she left, in my dream, I found myself driving to a coastal resort trying to find her, where we stayed a week in the heat wave in 1976. I didn’t want to wake up as her love this morning was a palpable feeling, I will not forget. Later, when I woke up I had this awful feeling that Angela passed away. It also made me think, she had now returned to me in her youth and beauty, as I once knew her then. I have been given to believe, in the spirit world your spirit stays young and vibrant. It’s my belief LOVE DOES NOT DIE, as your spirit can return to family and friends you loved, and also places where you used to live, or if it was a place you loved. It’s the same if you lose an animal you loved, they will be by your side throughout your life. I’m now in a position, where I have not made contact with Angela in all these passing years, and I cannot remember her unusual second name. I prayed this morning, hoping I’m wrong Angela’s spirit has not passed away. I will never forget Angela or this beautiful powerful meeting, I had with her.

I mentioned in my last blog I’d been given a message of an assassination occurring on March the 14th of a prominent person. I cannot confirm if the assassination will be this year, but then again, I cannot confirm it will not. A few days before I was given this message. I saw an image before me of the former Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia. He was wearing white pith helmet hat and just stood motionless before me. It fact he was so clear I mentioned this moment to my friend Elena saying how strange this was, as I knew nothing more about him other than his title. I did know though, he was evacuated from Ethiopia to England, when Mussolini the Italian fascist invaded his country in 1935. I read this afternoon Haile Selassie was assassinated himself in 1975. Was this a forewarning two days before I was given the assassination date of March the 14th of this prominent leader? It was my friend Ivor who brought to my attention later about the “IDES OF MARCH”, which became associated with the notorious assassination of Julius Caesar. Initially the Ides of March marked the first full moon of a new year, and signalled the beginning of the new consular year, in which two annually-elected consuls took office as leaders of the Republic. Senators were now so concerned and incensed with Caesars increasing authoritarian power and monarchical leanings, that a group of Roman Senators decided to assassinate him by stabbing their ruler to death on the 15th of March 44 BC.

Emperor Haile Selassie

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