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"A wake up call ..."

September 13th

3.30pm. If someone from another galaxy landed on our planet to observe the present situation of life on Earth, the word they probably would use is maybe perplexed, mystified, or crazy as they made their analysis. They would automatically assume that the human race seems to be completely lost in the direction they should travel. This is my view, but I keep repeating to myself with these words “I’m not alone.” in the views I take. I could rightly say as my opinion, neither are we alone in this vast heavenly universe, where there are probably billions of universes. You can start accepting, I’m not alone in having a gift that shows me glimpses of the future, and ask why how do I have predictions, visions and prophecies that all come true. We have to open the real window to our minds and realise there is another reality we can all be part of and contribute to, in having a better way of living. How many times have we heard in the past, there is no life on other planets that we know of, as their travel to earth would take centuries to arrive. We are now understanding more about the aero dynamics of travel where a new science will occur in the near future which will see flights to far away places like Australia take less than an hour. Future fuel will see hydrogen converted from water replacing oil that is polluting the oceans with their spillages from large tankers, and we see each country being self sufficient with new food products created, leaving meat consumption as a medieval way of eating. I have to believe this present turmoil and crisis in the world must stabilise soon.

If we look back at the financial crash of 2008, a very very small percentage of economists saw this enormous crash coming, and yet it was evident years before. I’ve spoken about it before as I predicted in my book MY JOURNEY WITH JOSEPH in 2005. I also remember for weeks and months in those days, where each Sunday I would visit my mothers home and we would discuss about the banks would crash. The reason being, house valuations were rising, and we knew many people locally borrowing money because home valuation had risen by £30,000. It was quite an extraordinary time as we knew people who were buying expensive motor homes, going on expensive holidays or having large conservatories built on to their homes. Anyone could get a loan, even if you were on benefits. I’ve just read economists suggest by the end of the year the jobless total in the UK could be above 3.28 million. Now a few weeks later after this analysis, other economists say these previous figures are wrong and they should be torn up, as their predictions say, 4.4 million will be unemployed by the end of the year. What am I saying? The more you read from scientific advisors about their answers or suggestions of the present response towards the virus, they too differ greatly about what is right or wrong. The contrast of opinions touch every direction, where we should be going or what we should be doing. I can only guess this opinion may be the same summary in most countries as each country has their own problems.

I’ve said from the beginning of this year, we have to watch out for what is coming down the metaphorical line in October, which will prove a greater crisis than the unfortunate virus deaths, and I will say again, the needless loss of life especially to the elderly. A question was put this morning on a political TV programme, “Has Sweden got it right in not having a lockdown and allowing everything almost to continue as normal?” At the end of what will be a long running story with the virus and economies crashing, how will everything be accessed? It says since the beginning of the virus crisis, to fund this astronomical expense the U.K. government has printed, which is called quantitive easing, this means the printing of Money, where a government has to sell bonds to investors at a lucrative interest rate. The figure started a few months ago at £450 billion, it’s now reached £720 billion, which is frightening as you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see where we are heading. It’s my belief we will be counting the financial costs as more pain and sorrows will follow. Scientists and economists will not accept other realities and this can lead to disastrous consequences.

The World Health Organisation gave a message, no one else needed to wear a mask other than two types, those who are sick with the virus, and those who have symptoms. It’s also saying in China, they believe one third of all virus carriers show no symptoms, this thinking probably applies to most other countries especially with younger people. So how can anyone have full command of this virus when so little is presently known? Some professors say it could be years, before any vaccine is found, so to shut the down the economy will only make life impossible. We have to have a team of track and trace in every authority, big or small, using their own powers of common sense to lock down a street to try contain the virus spreading. At this moment in time in the U.K., the spread of the virus is beginning to grow again, especially with those younger age groups, but no details are attached to this age group of deaths appearing. This may mean the younger generation are able almost like the flu virus to have it a few days of illness, then recover in good health. Maybe this is how we have to adapt rather than scaring everyone with fear, and hope we can get past these growing numbers of the virus. But taking more care of the elderly by testing more regularly the staff who care for them.

In the U.K., we are facing at long last a decision day in the next few weeks to having a trading deal with Europe, or to just leave with the sovereignty and independence the majority voted for. Democracy was subverted by the last Prime Minister and a large part of our parliament could not accept a democratic vote. I predicted five years ago, when a referendum was first being discussed, that we would leave without a deal, and many billionaire business men agreed we could have taken this decision in four months, if we had no deal acceptable to the U.K.. So at the same time many people will see their 80 percent furlong deals finish as we are entering uncharted waters, where confidence in leadership with big changes need to take place. Without going over what I voiced before, with the many skills we have in the U.K., we can with new thinking organise those with no jobs to adapt to new circumstances. I believe, we can create and support them to a certain degree with an income that fits their abilities, rather than just having a basic benefit and doing nothing with their time. This sort of thinking belongs to a dark age, where vision is required to fit with the present crisis we now face. With the enforcement rules that take power on Monday the 14th in the U.K., where no more than six people can come together, we now have many prominent politicians saying, this ruling is an infringement against civil liberties. Those in positions of political influence have to change and compromise in many ways. I have mentioned before we are in a battle equal to a war zone. With this situation, we have to succeed, if people want to regain many of the privileges, they have had before with their way of life. But more importantly, we have to make a far better future for the growing majority of young people to fulfil their ambitions and dreams.

England is the most overcrowded large nation in Europe where experts say we need 200,000 affordable houses built each year, again other so called experts say, we need 300,000 new homes built each year. Apparently which does not surprise me our homes are far smaller than those in Europe, and built to inferior standards, I’ve mentioned before. Such facts are hard to dismiss as in the U.K. we have to find by 2025 an estimated 750,000 new school places as our population grows. We have to galvanise everyone to believe we must work together just like the previous war years. This though cannot happen until we put right the many divisions that lie in the U.K. We seem to have this great divide where today previous Prime Ministers voice opinions because they cannot accept a democratic vote. They act and talk as though they have their own agenda and believe, they have an entitlement to go against the majority vote.

In the last message blog, I referred to the enormous fires in California, which are the same in Oregon where 500,000 people are displaced from there homes. Large fires are still in South Africa, Canada, Siberia, Brazil, the Argentine, and many other parts of the world where it was said last week in Los Angeles temperatures reached 49 degrees. As a consequence to this U.S. citizens had their air conditioning on, which then saw emergency black outs in many parts of California. Climate change is shouting from the roof tops. It’s not about in ten years time, it’s about now. We have to take action which is to be shared with a world government that can oversee and put in place plans to make right decisions about what is going wrong on our planet. Today, I read in Amsterdam a section of wall that holds the canal system collapsed, because of the water depth, which is increasing. They now say, 27 new bridges and walling systems have to be built at a cost of 450 million euros as originally such bridges were built not for heavy traffic or rising sea levels.

It’s a wake up call for the world, and we have to hope and pray, we can see great changes in governments. Every minute and second a new child is born, a miracle of divine creation, it’s a duty we all have to carry to make sure these children inherit a better world. As human beings we can surmount all manmade problems, if we can move forward together with I have to say, enlightened thinking. This comes with a belief we are more than just ordinary mortals, but each one of us is a very special spark of divine life with a gift to do good.


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