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"Activating good thoughts ..."

November the 17th the birthday of one of my daughters, a special day, but this day also turned out I believe in a special way for me too. I would like to continue with how I mentioned in the previous blog, how I saw a lady working at the bank who gave all who she served a terrible look, clearly showing she was not in a happy state of mind. Yes, we can all fall into such states of despondency at times. Its said you can judge a person at their best, when they can stand up again to fight a better day, when they carry or have been knocked down by the weight of problems they have had to carry. With my friend E ... she is wise and spiritual in her beliefs, for on Friday our conversation went to talking about thoughts. If you activate good thoughts they can grow into dreams, and dreams can be made to come true.

I mentioned in my last blog about dates, and from these thoughts with E ... I said, “I’m realising now I was drawn to say what I did about the lady, intimating she was not happy by saying, “ Don’t worry I’m not going to rob the bank.” I don’t usually approach people like that. Thinking more of this situation, I believe now I was somehow synchronised to go into the ladie’s bank by the power of spirit because she was in a rock bottom state of mind. The following day circumstances or fate brought this lady to deal with me opening an account, because the real person to sort me out was tied up. I talked of being with the lady for thirty minutes in trying to set up an account. But my time was really spent lifting her spirit and putting her life into a proper perspective as it was more important, putting her present life before her and being positive than waiting for her pension in a few years. As I mentioned, when I gave her Egypt her smile and laughter showed she could easily meet someone else with the same dreams. These random dates where I find myself giving at various times to certain people which is not every day or even weeks, are not given by myself personally. I believe, I’m directed to certain people who need something to lift their spirit, or to give them a belief after finding something good has happened on the date, I have given. I now understand as I mentioned in the previous blog, the lady bank manageress at my own bank who said I gave her a date, then telling her a lot of changes were coming in her life. Then she said, she found herself selling her home and purchasing another and signed and sealed this new home on the date I gave her. But what did it say to me? The lady manageress then said, “Could you give my young assistant a date?” Why did she say this? Because she believed in this higher or spiritual power that had been given to her. So I believe even more profoundly, why these dates are given to certain people. I could tell a hundred good stories on these dates.

Another sign I had earlier in the week came from my youngest daughter, I’ve slightly mentioned of before. Her path regrettably has seen her walk a long path, I would not wish on anyone. As her father, I’ve got the belief she can walk this long road and turn her life around seeing her helping many others where she herself has been. This new walk for her only began a few weeks ago, and as a single parent I give her all my love and belief that she can get metaphorically to the other side of the river. This a spiritual saying, I’ve been given to use when people have come to see me before with their problems. My daughter went of her own accord to a church where mediumship was was given on Monday night just past. The following day she called saying she had been given a message. She was told, someone was with her as they were trying to pull our family back together. I knew that was my mother’s spirit as her son was not in tune presently with myself. Then more importantly, if my daughter and I were to believe further, she was told by the medium that this lady kept winding something up, and went on to show my daughter the action on this small object. My daughter knew straight away what it was, and so did I, for when my daughter was a young girl of four or five, until she was at least thirteen, everyday day after their school, my other three daughters used to visit my mother for a coffee and chocolate biscuits or cake. My youngest daughter, when going had the habit of winding up a small music box of my mothers from Switzerland, which showed a small man and woman dancing on the top. My youngest daughter used to do this all the time, irritating even my mother when in conversation. This too for both of us was proof, my mother’s spirit was trying to help my daughter walk this new path. A couple of days later, my youngest daughter was having a difficult time with two of my other daughters, because of her being on the wrong path, she has created terrible times for them too. So hearing my youngest daughters story at 10.4O pm one night in the week, showing me she has been placed in a difficult position that she could not visit one of my daughters, I found myself in a place, that when I went to bed at 11 pm that night and I prayed for help. I asked my guides for help and my mother and father. At 11.15 pm I had just finished my prayers when a ping went on my phone by my bed. It was a text message and only my conscience made me get up to look. My youngest daughter texted her other sister, who sorted out this big problem, and now she could go to Manchester and see her son. What does this say to me? A spilt second after saying those prayers I believe again my mother’s spirit was instrumental in resolving this awful problem, I was having to deal with.

As a parent you will be there until you are ready to go on your next adventure high above, that’s parenting. All these stories I’ve mentioned today in this blog are about believing. There is a very special power to help everyone, again it’s making that first step and believing first in yourself.

Another sign to keep me believing today is, that I finished a painting which I would find it hard to let go for £50,000, and yet this is the figure, I need to take me to Banska Bystrica to paint now two more visions, I’ve been given. Everything I do is based on feelings I have, or when I’m given a specific message. I have one room at my home it’s full of thousands of prints and paintings too. Each time, I’ve gone into the room for the past year, I’ve always noticed a A4 size coloured photocopy of a portrait of young woman taken by my lady friend photographer from Banska Bystrica. I picked up an old printed canvas having had this feeling a long time to paint her. I did not have the special white undercoat paint to cover this terrible print. Boring you, I used a tube of white paint to cover this old canvas, which I’d never done before. I then used my imagination and went with my feelings towards this young woman and completed what I feel is a beautiful image of her. A few times I thought, I should not have used this old canvas, but in past times many a famous artist did the same. For me this was another sign why I have to go to Banska Bystrica to paint what I’m given to do. After I’d finished this painting, I had a meal and put Netflix on with a series called The West. It showed the story of my important guide Chief Joseph about his 1700 mile flight and escape to Canada. The trail he made I’d visited many of these sites in 2004, even the last battle site they fought at a place called Bear Paw mountain, 40 miles from Canada.

This was another sign for me, as Joseph was telling me, I must pursue my visions to Banska Bystrica although at this moment I’m facing unforeseen negative forces. Signs for each of us are there daily, if first we can believe in ourselves.

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