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"An Idea whose time has come ..."

It’s December the 15th, 4.15 pm. It’s a dark, wet, windy and a cold day, so familiar in the U.K. at this time of the year, when most people start dreaming of spending this time of the year in a warmer climate. In my last blog, I talked of big changes coming to everyone, and if you have a generous open mind, the river of life will continue to take you where you want to be. Following our U.K. election, big changes are coming to our country which I believe will be for the better if promises are kept. I predicted in 2005 the U.K. would leave Europe to have the chance to trade freely around the world, but staying close to Europe as close allies and good neighbours. I heard a spark of hope yesterday for the future of our country that fits in exactly with the continuing spiritual messages I’m given, saying it will be the young who bring change to our world with more enlightened thinking. Today the political losing opposition party fight to find a new leader with a compass that shows them the future. A young woman M.P. newly elected to the losing opposition party was only 23 years of age. She declared she would give half her salary to charity. In my eyes and thinking, if new foundations are needed for the future, this is one young person, I believe could make a big difference to our future. This must be a strike of light, to show and attract more like minded young people to any political party who can think in this positive giving way. Such actions bring hope, but show those presently in our politics where such light does not shine as bright as it could.

Such thinking align with messages, I’ve received and I’ve spoken of before, where I was given a message to paint a scene of children in 2017 called SPIRITUAL REBIRTH.

Again the same message applied in 2011 when a vision painting I was given to do came with a title called CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE. This title though was given to me three years before I later painted over 50O children. Only a couple of days ago at the gym I attend, a friend was telling me of his granddaughter nearly three years old reading fully a poem. I’ve seen this with other friends children having extraordinary intelligence at such tender years. I may have said before about my sister in laws son just four years old came to me at his mothers wedding and was testing me then in front others saying, can I name six planets. I named five and had to think hard about the last. Then he was asking myself and others questions an Astronomer would make. His father said he’s into astronomy. I’m sure those parents with young children today are familiar with what I’m saying. The seven children I painted in my Spiritual Rebirth painting are all exceptional at school. Hard to argue with such thoughts. But this points hope for the future and validates the messages I’m given. I’ve mentioned before, it’s my belief that we are not in control of all our actions. So many times I’ve previously wrote of situations that occur around you, where you might believe you are marooned metaphorically on an Island, and you are not where your heart and soul wants to be. I’ve been given thoughts and messages for years when my path has needed to take a new direction.

My painting called "Spiritual Rebirth"

Again I can only talk of my own experiences which have been many through my life. When I look back and later think it’s been clear to me fate or fortune carries me down this river of life in a direction I can only believe belongs to the power of spirit. I’ve mentioned this story before, but today at the same time of this year, the same thing occurred twenty years ago.

But I’m now shown the full picture that is given to me. It’s almost like listening to a dripping tap. I’ve said to my two spiritual friends Ivor and Annette, and Annette has her own spiritual powers, and she always proves to be right with situations that effect me in what she says. She has told me in the past, I must go back to Banska Bystrica, because there are friends waiting for my return. E... my friend has also caught this vibration and awaits my return to help and take further, what we feel must be done. I also feel the present book of blogs, both E...and me are working on, must be synchronised to be completed, when this vision painting of New York is completed. I have to hope and believe these metaphorical doors now will be opened that will allow me soon to go back to Banska Bystrica.

Another sign was given to me on Friday, as I visited two ladies I’ve known for thirteen years, where I give healing to them. Both are in great pain and through healing I always believe I can help them, but I can never say I can cure them. One of the ladies said, Do you remember Gary? This is the young man who was about 36 years of age, when he came with me on this journey to follow Joseph in 2004. Gary was an important figure in the story that occurred. Strangely enough, I spoke of his story in my last blog. I’ve only seen him a couple of times in the first year of our return in 2004. This lady said, she saw him the other day, which was a surprise to me. She went on to say, he had a big beard and looked rather dishevelled. But then what she said touched me ever more so, because for years I’ve been asking his spirit guide Chief Joseph’s brother OLLOKOT for him to return. In my last blog, I also have mentioned, he was told he would channel a book from Ollokot that would replace the bible. So what did she say to me? She said, she felt his soul was broken and in a very hard shell. This astounded me, but it did not surprise me, because I knew he had taken a different path in his life. So three friends who have played an active part in this journey, I’ve now heard of their circumstances in the past three weeks. I’m saying to myself I’m not in control of my journey. Is the power of spirit presently moving these former friends together, to be active in some sort of capacity, I’ve not been given to see yet.


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