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"Another side to life ..."

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

February 7th

Sunday 3.20pm. It’s a cold day and the North winds blows in my locality, and those I’ve seen today are dressed as though they are going for walks with rucksacks on their back and heading for Siberia. People are discovering they can walk with their legs. It has become a prerogative for many, and an essential part of their exercise regime during the lockdown.

Everything we think and do in this world we live in today has consequences, as we see demand for oil drop drastically. The Royal Dutch Shell giant revealed a net loss of 18.3 billion dollars ( £14.1 billion) for their second quarter of 2020, down sharply from a net profit 3 billion over the same period last year, and a 2.6 billion profit in their first three months of 2020. Total the giant oil company for their second quarter was down 96% in profits for the same month of their previous year, expecting global oil prices to remain below average prices for the next three years. For the first time since the Second World War Shell slashed its dividend payment as they face a crisis of uncertainty, and are seeking voluntary redundancies with many of their staff.

Like it or not the mantra of words, I’ve been given from the higher spiritual power, I’ve talked of these last twenty years, which has repeatedly said, TIME FOR CHANGE. When we look at the world as it is presently, it’s almost to me as though a divine power has caught hold of the map we’ve been following for the past sixty years and saying, WE ARE GOING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION. Which country or person can argue with where the world is at now. This virus is pointing a finger in many directions, where governments are sleep walking their society to a place where a sign is saying, no further. People want change NOW. I’ve said before, history has shown mankind is blind and does not learn from past mistakes. We all have a sixth sense and as human kind progresses we will learn more about the many more facets we all possess. I will repeat my theory, ALL THINGS OF GREAT IMPORTANCE WILL HAPPEN AT THE RIGHT TIME AND PLACE. We can all look around and see changes which are harming many people with their finances and their way of life. In my opinion, these foundations that have been built wrongly in so many areas of our society are beginning to move purely because of the present circumstances.

The virus is showing so many wanting improvements in our N.H.S. and our care home sector along with a multitude of other inefficiencies we presently have in so many areas of our society. The government is now talking of a ten year plan to make changes to bring about these two important sectors of our U.K. health care because we are all living longer and to greater ages which means more operations to heal people. But I can say without a shadow of a doubt, it’s a right step but falling far short of what is radically needed to produce the metaphorically right medicine.

I was shown sixty years ago that all care homes should be run by government, setting far higher standards of care, training and only having staff who know about loving care. Higher salaries and training with all SUN SHINE HOMES, I would call them, that provided equal loving care and the best for all. No more, where many have had to sell their homes to acquire such a service, where they have saved and worked all their lives to pass their homes to their families. No more of individuals and companies profiteering from the ill health of the elder generation, nor local authorities playing any part of the financial structure. All would be coordinated to give the best, as the winter of life may touch all of us and our circumstances if our health is impaired. Such thinking was shown very clearly to me, what should and can be.

There’s just been an announcement, 12 million in the U.K. have been vaccinated. It’s good news, but surely foresight or vision twelve months ago should have trained and prepared an army of qualified and voluntary people. This army could have been funded from their furlong schemes, to help vaccinate the legions of people now waiting, some anxiously for their vaccine.

We have paid billions out to many people, where nothing as been asked in return. A couple of days ago in the U.K. we hear of a new fraud task force has been set up that could take years to try and catch those who have fraudulently taken 30 to 50 billion pounds. This money was given to help businesses to stay a float. Preposterous amounts of money were given to almost anyone where the government assured banks, they would cover any debt. This was the time when the government was in sheer panic and being told by the treasury we are opening the doors to wide spread fraud. I will say it again, the naivety of the Chancellor Riki Sunak and his cohorts, who were warned his money tree or the tax payers money tree would pay dearly if they didn’t listen to the advise being given. In my opinion those culpable for this devastating crime who were in charge of the nations money, should now take residence for a long time in the Tower of London. History again repeats when this country faces a crisis as many times it’s of their own making, where such people who don’t have the wisdom or insight of what the future can and will bring. My cage is being rattled again hearing of such large amounts of money that could have been used for affordable homes and many rundown social services. This list is long. I’m given to see many things and they are not all bad, as I can look at my own family where I’ve seen each being part eventually of a larger jigsaw. I see present situations slowly but surely moving into a direction that will complete the picture I saw many years earlier.

I witnessed a interesting but poignant situation a week ago, where my grandson of twelve said to me “Grandad you know of psychic things.” I said, What do you mean? I’ve said before, I have never pressed my beliefs on to my children. Even today they know little what I do or even write, because it’s not their time yet to be awakened. My grandson said he had a neckless with a small cross on around a table lamp in his bedroom, and he saw it move twice. I said I believe you. He then mentioned the word psychokinesis, I knew he’d been on Google, as the Russians have studied this phenomenon for years. I said, I will tell you something more powerful than this neckless that has moved. I told him of his mother, my youngest daughter who is presently climbing a mountain due to fifteen years of addiction with drugs and alcohol. I said for Christmas she had requested a neckless with a small cross on, but when it arrived it came damaged and it had to be returned. Five weeks have gone by, and it’s not been returned to her yet. I said to my grandson, You are receiving a message through me to send this neckless with the small cross to your mother with a letter. I said, She is needing the neckless now. He told me the following day, he would send it for his mother Mother’s Day. This is one small story with bigger meanings if you can believe in such higher powers we can all receive. I will not mention anything again to my grandson, unless later in life he asks. But I know, he’s been given a gift. I have to believe his gift will gently progress later through his life. I’ve mentioned before about my youngest daughter who had this gift at thirteen. Her path she’s presently walking, I hope, will eventually result with here experiences and psychic gift will show fruition in helping others walking the same path she has done.

There is a far greater meaning about life for everyone. Another prediction I’ve had years ago, is written in my small book New Foundations, that wealthy and rich will not be allowed to slide away to a tax haven to avoid paying their taxes, Anyone who pays volumes of taxes as many companies and individuals do, then they see the donkeys in power waste billions, I fully understand it must grieve them. My book though does give a better suggestion and answer to eliminate such grievances. It’s being announced now in the U.K., these giant companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google and many more plus, large on-line sales companies, who don’t carry the enormous overheads as retail businesses do, are going soon to pay their right portion of taxes, they have legally avoided.

A big change that should have occurred ten years ago, when the cracks and pillars of the high street retail sector stood burning, was there for all to see. But again, governments cannot and do not want to see the real world for they might lose their power. The U.K. governments have been blind, deaf and culpable in bringing about our countrie’s present demise which was happening way before any virus. At this moment in time, no plans are laid out to where the U.K. is drifting to. Businesses are metaphorically presently like life boats set adrift all aimlessly just floating in the sea, and trying to stay alive, sending flares into the night sky regularly, shouting and hoping help will arrive.

We hear each day now of the virus mutating and being given names of different variants. We hear too, there may well be another vaccine being given to everyone to fight this virus that’s far from dead. I heard this morning of a once opposition leader voicing his opinion, there should be a universal income for everyone. I don’t disagree, but what I do disagree with is, we don’t just give what money is required for everyone, then ask for nothing in return. We create a plan where, if receiving such money, a job will be created to fit your talent, as work will then give you a routine in your life, until one finds a better employment. When hearing certain politicians you never hear about where and how does money appear without being earned, or businesses should be helped to energise and prosper everyone. We hear of more Covid deaths in deprived areas of our country. This has been abundantly clear yet again, for so many years, when all children don’t equally get the same chances if they have had bad parenting. Probably their parents too have been seen to follow in a never ending cycle of being deprived of love and basic good upbringing. My visions showed me clearly in 2005, the crumbling pillars of society must fall. Just like the bible showed with Samson. I’ve talked often of a new system of banking must appear soon with government control. Annihilating the loan shark companies or any company, running with exorbitant interest rates, who live of those who’ve got their lives entangled with the wrong culture we as a country have espoused.Change in what our stone monuments called churches, who once had the power wrongly over everything, we thought and how we were to live. Change will come just as night follows day. We are all seeing and experiencing with this virus what would have been a fanciful movie film, that would have been watched as entertainment. Change, in how we feed our souls on films for entertainment that sanitise murder, death, cruelties and the abomination of depravity to satisfy lust. I sound like something out of the bible, and I say I don’t belong to any religion. Well because I believe in reincarnation and believe I fought in many crusades that were wrongly fought in the name of Christ, once financed and motivated by the churches. I believe I saw enough blood and slaughter in religious names, to make me feel how I do today. This is where, I believe past lives, can still influence the soul you carry today. I believe, there are two sides of the coin, when you can return to this life after making many mistakes and do the same, or you can return again to do good. There is another side to life to be seen and taught if you are a pupil who wants to know more.

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