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"Another wake-up call ..."

April 18th

Sunday 1.32 pm. A sunny day with Artic temperature, common in the past couple of weeks, but now signs of things will get better. I wish I could say this with my mantra of Boris’s bumbling corrupt situations with his ministers. My habit of doing a message blog on each Wednesday failed to appear, as I got a call from one of my daughters who was struggling with two young children not being well, needing a few small walls painting. As a parent, you will always have worries, and concerns about each of your children, you even when they are adults.

This sort of thinking of DOING THE RIGHT THING is unheard of at this moment and time with the government Ministers. My opinion does not change about Boris Johnson, Theresa May, David Cameron, or John Major, neither were ever fit to lead a great country like ours. The public now see yet again another Conservative administration full of corruption, cronyism, lack of integrity, and morals, who believe, they represent the people. I mentioned in my last message blog of this stench growing daily about David Cameron lobbying for a company who received 60 to 70 million in paper shares. Greed is a deadly sin. Five years ago, David Cameron vowed to stop this trade of treasury officials, and Ministers being involved without side companies wanting help, or in this case government handouts involving millions. It’s the tax payer who supplies government funds. I’ve said from the word go about the Chancellor being naive, giving everyone the impression he had an orchard of money trees. In my opinion he was out his depth in facing a crisis equaled to that of a war situation, believing all would be well by last October with furlough money. He even pacified the media, he was a good chap, by giving billions out with no scrutiny of where his Ministers were throwing the money. This was later described by the audit office as the greatest bonfire in British history of money being wasted.

It’s now been revealed the Chancellor made contact ten times with officials to try and help Cameron to receive loans for this finance company Greensill who he was a lackey for. Camerons greed was now devouring the prospects of what could be in it for him. For Chancellor Sunak this is a resigning position along with Matt Hancock who had shares in his sister’s company who received a large contract from the N.H.S. Cronyism is king in the present government, as this dunghill will reveal much more as inquiries grow. The foundations have been moving and cracking for a long time and the government will fall soon. When millions don’t know how to pay their heating bills, and millions lose their jobs in the hospitality section, what comfort is there for those facing debts, collapsed businesses, and loss of homes. We are seeing just the tip of an iceberg of problems to come, and in any loss of a battle which the U.K. has faced, with sheer incompetence, new leadership should appear. That’s metaphorically like diving into a beautiful lagoon and only finding a rusty tin can. No real leadership is there, unless the one M.P. I’ve wrote to acts urgently.

Good news appears in small doses, which is better than none, as President Biden has made contact with President Xi Jinping to have a two day meeting about Climate Change. One hears reports in the Maldives, Malaya, and Florida how extremes in weather are effecting their economies and how coral reefs are collapsing. Another disaster is occurring in the South Atlantic. It sees a giant iceberg called A68a splitting in two, which is becoming a familiar pattern with ice melting in regions no one would have thought possible a hundred years ago.

I have been told years ago by higher spiritual powers, there will be an awaking with everyone seeing a light that shows a better, and more equal society that will emerge around the world. This is already beginning when politicians forget who put them in office, as we see in many countries that the young will not accept what has gone before. The genie is out of the bottle, where present day media gives news every minute of the day, and shows those in countries where dreams are still possible. A WAKE UP CALL IS NEEDED EVERYWHERE. We can all make a difference to this planet in the smallest of ways, united a wave can be made to make a better world for all the new born angels coming to Earth.

In the U.S. we see racism between police and the African Americans which is abhorrent to witness on TV screens, and with laws that permit anyone having their own arsenal of weapons. President Biden must be wishing he was years younger, to tackle a seven day job with little sleep to be had. But he his a man of integrity and high morals which showed Trump as belonging to a dark planet. Many American Generals and N.A.T.O. Generals, with British too, do not agree with fully pulling out all of their troops from Afghanistan in September. The consequences are frightening when the Taliban don’t agree with women showing their face, or being educated, or even enjoying music. I truly hope this young Afghan generation, who have seen a better future in the last twenty years will not see bloodshed and their dreams disappear.

An Indian mutation of this virus has appeared in the U.K. that could have serious consequences. Stories abound that this Indian virus will not be prevented with the present vaccine. Big questions are being asked, where you will never get a truthful answer. Why was India not put on a red list to prevent people entering the U.K.?

The shops have opened which is progress, as people want to see some normal activities appear again. Constantly in the U.K., we hear people on the news saying, they can’t wait to get into a pub. TV announcers, celebrities, and even Andrew Marr on his Sunday show this morning celebrated having a pint outside a pub. What message does this send to the outside world? We have a drink culture and thousands of alcoholics too, but it’s as though you are a hero if you believe a pub is the oxygen to your lifestyle. Schools start on Monday, and anyone who have had children at home of all ages must feel, they would now like to leave them and have a weeks holiday in a place of paradise. I’ve seen for myself at one of my daughters having a twelve year old at home with months of lockdown, tranquillisers for the parents as been a must. Students in the U.K. have not returned yet with no date in sight, as celebrations will not take place for a long time with this virus.

Brilliant news has seen scientists create vaccines in 15 months where it was said, normally it could take ten years or more. Miracles are real and no one can argue with what I will say.

This weekend I saw the scan of a beautiful image of a twelve week old baby of one of my daughters. The shape of the head, and how the child lay was purely divine and only 4.5 centimetres in length. Every new born child is a miracle throughout the world. We all have to believe, we can leave this world in a better place than it presently is. Such sights of the plights of children around the world can’t escape ones conscience, but hope we have, dreams we have, and this is the elixir to life. I believe better days will always be the prize for everyone but accepting the simpler things of life will bring more happiness than constantly wanting more material items. An awaking is occurring now with people in the U.S. wanting a complete changed in their gun laws. Nothing is impossible until someone proves the possible. A quote from NELSON MANDELA.

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