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"Another way forward ... "

January 20th

Wednesday 1.53pm. A great day, when in my opinion a large threat to world peace has been achieved by removing Donald Trump and hopefully any of his family being able to participate again on a world political stage. I say this as a hope, or some would say, this is wishful thinking, but I believe as I’ve said in a previous message blogs, his removal was the action of a Divine Invitation. I can say this with confidence and conviction because I was given twenty years ago a message there was a catastrophic disaster waiting in the near future between Palestine and Israel. I was then being given to believe I could not be shown the consequences of such circumstances as it was to appalling to witness. In the following years as I’ve spoken in previous message blogs I was given two important visions where I followed each twice to Banska Bystrica in Slovakia.

Today, in Gaza there are 45,000 cases of the virus infection and 400 deaths. In East Jerusalem there have been 1.000 deaths, the West Bank has 2,747,943 Palestinian citizens. Israel became the first country to vaccinate all its population but have offered no help to the Palestinians. Palestine has applied for help from the World Health Organisation, as yet there is no specific date for the arrival of even the first doses. What does this story suggest? In areas where the West Bank is occupied by Israel, you have on one side of the street where Israelis have been vaccinated, and living across the street Palestinians have not. History showed once the Jewish people stigmatised with a yellow star, and banned from many areas. Are we not still seeing this stigmatisation act being committed by Israel? If someone today like Jesus walked the same path in Jerusalem and it’s surrounding areas, what would Jesus say today. He would be called today a radical terrorist. Only by giving can there be peace. Would you or I refuse to give someone a glass of water?

Children of Gaza

Vaccines are being distributed in many places and it maybe not until the summer months before we see the majority of people vaccinated in the U.K. But is the vaccine going to cure all our ills on this planet ? A big step is being made to prevent this virus spreading by scientists who miraculously broke all former rules of taking years to create a new vaccine in nine months. But then a bigger problem remains with how and when will change come about in society. A public opinion poll showed, 90% of people saw and wanted change. This virus has shown the vulnerable in society have been hit the hardest, and it’s impossible to say how and when those people in the hospitality industries will see their jobs quickly return.

In another hour at 4.00 pm U.K. as I write now, Joe Biden will be sworn into the mightiest office of political power in the world as President of the U.S.A. His task is enormous with the pandemic, with their economy they hope to have approval of a two trillion financial package to help millions at the bottom of the ladder. Then, it’s trying to unite their country the hardest job of the lot, so I hope and believe providence can step in with urgent help for the U.S.A. I will not talk of the looming monetary dangers waiting further up the road in the U.K. but try and say take a day at a time with rising problems that may seem impossible to go away. We are going have to get used to receiving less with material items, where we have all over indulged in the past, purchasing something and discarding items you never rarely used. Habits will change as everyone has been forced to surrender to a simpler life and living. Many have been forced to walk and appreciate as that’s all the exercise they have actually done rather than keep driving everywhere. To see more of nature if that’s been possible during the lockdown could prove a plus, because the previous life for some was a mad rushing robotic life style where now many will want to jump ship from the rat race.

Later that day, I saw a documentary film talking about the theory of genius. This consisted of six people who must have thought, they were an authority on genius. I listened to each having their own thoughts and they were laughing at one another with their theories. After 20 minutes, I decided they were a million miles away from their theory of genius. Whenever I’ve seen a young child create an extraordinary painting at a young age, or play any music like the once Mozart did I’ve always said and believed they are having help from an higher spirit. I can say this, having my own experiences. So this blows away the so called theories of many, who believe they have an answer to my opinion. We all have a physical body, but we all are a spiritual being, where our soul and spirit conducts all what we do. If we have negative partners or friends and follow everything, where rules are created by ill informed individuals or governments, we will all be locked in a metaphorical box. This will and is suppressing so much individual talent of the young. They don’t teach imagination to children at school. I’ve said before Albert Einstein said, Show me a man with all the knowledge in the world. Show me a man with all the wisdom in the world, but give me a man or woman with imagination for they create the future.

One man who qualifies in this higher sphere of thinking of mine is someone I think, who follows this blog. His name is James. I met him at my third daughters wedding as he went to the same school as my other daughters. He can transport you into another world with his life and he is still in his thirties. He has a career that allows him travel and work, and has travelled by bicycle, motorbike, boat, train, and planes, a bit of an Indiana Jones man. A man, who wants to expand his soul and life seeing different cultures of so many countries. He is not doing want most people do, he has an adventurous streak, which I am sure touches many of his previous lives. What am I saying? I’m sure at school, and I may be wrong, but did a teacher notice James whether there was anything special about him? I would have done, because I don’t prescribe to what many teachers can’t teach, as they know nothing of the meaning to life. Did someone at school tell James, you have a soul made of gold? No. Again, if they don’t understand life, they are limited with their knowledge. Where am I going with this? I’ve said the virus will be eventually and hopefully eradicated. But we are limited in inspiring the young as they all have special talents, which don’t have to be academic, but can pursue something they love and get fulfilment from. I talk of many changes and there are many individuals who succeed in finding a job or career that makes them happy. If you want anything to grow, you start at where the roots are and shower, if a child, with love and encouragement.

I once went to a high school in Banska Bystrica as I was invited to talk to students who spoke good English and wanted to know more about my painting. But when I got there, this higher power said, no, talk about life and the direction you can go. I asked how many of the students had chosen a career where either their parents or teachers had persuaded them to do so. A great many put their hands up. I said, well you are on the wrong path to begin with. No matter, if you get a thousand euros a week, it will not make you happy when you feel you’ve chosen the wrong direction. I spoke for a couple of hours and I believe I inspired them. I believe I made some of their teachers think in a different way. It was a successful day for them because some wanted my autograph and even teachers enjoyed looking at life in another way. I could tell a thousand stories to help and inspire anyone, but I know the secret to life and you cannot have this key in minutes, hours, days, weeks or months. But if you have open mind I can tell you that you are more than special, and I would make you believe in yourself and turn your metaphorical canoe around.

These big changes will occur, because with Elena and myself and thousands more who believe in the same way that all your dreams can come true, and you can all pull on this magical spiritual energy. Our Kompas charity has a big dream where eventually it will be self financing and seen in many parts of the world. Those presently in power will eventually feel a power of love that will begin with a ripple and grow into a wave, that will engulf the world. Soon everyone will have a choice, to cut the rope that anchors them to the past. Many will begin to realise the immense power each and everyone of us possesses. Change is the message that has been given, change in how we are governed, the crumbling pillars that have hopelessly held our society together will be renewed with spiritual values that will bring purpose and meaning to life. To have no belief in yourself, means you can have no belief in anything. Your actions can bring the consequences of tomorrow. By living to learn, you can learn to live, All the answers we seek are found within ourselves. We can be on the threshold to change so many aspects of our life, where happiness rather than mountains of money, or fame and celebrity which wrongly seem essential. All these faults requirements are very short lived, can be seen by so many, so called stars, who just burn out well before their time. We are in January where storms will appear and then disappear in this coming year. I’m only trying to show a better way and direction to go forward. Who can say we cannot travel to a better future by changing how we see life, in where scientists, politicians, governments can’t address today’s problems.

I want everyone to think about and pray for this very special man, now back in Russia after being poisoned by those, who fear him, as he too believes a new future beckons for the Russian people. His name is Alexei Navalny and he’s brave and believes Russia can move forward. I predicted in 2012 Russia would have an incredible future in 2027 as their wealth is in their young. I was given to believe the souls of all their famous authors, scientists, academics, and more are returning to the Earth plane to help all the Russian people to enjoy the fruits of their Labour, which they never have seen before. Tomorrow can be the beginning of a new dawn.

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