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"Anxious days ..."

May 16th

2.20 pm. Todays date I’ve just recorded, maybe it’s ironic or saying something profound. I have to begin where I left off with my last blog. The facts and details of today of this desperate situation in Gaza with the Palestinians will stir the conscience of millions of peace loving people around the world.

I will begin with this story. In German-occupied Poland during world war two in 1943, a Jewish resistance group was formed to fight in Warsaw, as further Jews were being rounded up for the death camps. This spurred Polish resistance groups to support the Jews in earnest. The uprising began on April 19th, the Germans had overwhelming military resources. The Jewish fighters lost 7,000 with many Polish resistance fighters dying too. The German casualties was 110 wounded, 16 killed. The uprising ended on MAY 16th over half of theses resistance fighters were suffocated or burnt to death.

Israel today with its overwhelming forces as an occupying army on the West Bank as Israel are planning to go into Gaza against two million Palestinians, half being children who are crushed into the most densely populated place on Earth. One can hear the young saying, Israel’s actions are like the Nazi’s during the Second World War. The U.N. have sat by doing little to help the Palestinians as thousands voice these thoughts. They are seen as weak and pointless if they can’t intervene, when a crisis is occurring that could effect the world. The U.S. seem reluctant again to be strong and exercise their power to stop this conflict. The U.K., who created this mess in drawing wrong border lines up in 1922 say nothing other than stop the rockets. They never mention the apartheid regime operated against the Palestinians, denied clean water supplies, continuing evictions from their homes and the illegal Israeli settlers taking further land from the Palestinians. Preventing vaccine supplies to the Palestinians, this list is endless.

Now genocide is being placed at their door with ethnic cleansing just as it happened in Bosnia in the nineties. The Palestinian people are treated like second class citizens, and now they have their water and fuel supplies cut off, as the world asks this question, Is Israel wanting this situation to occur? These actions are happening now where Palestinians have lived in squalor in Gaza for years. Israel with its overwhelming occupying army against the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, are committing casualties and deaths with rising figures of 50 children deaths, 1,000 wounded and over a 100 adults deaths. The U.S. say, the Israeli state must be allowed to defend itself. When the same question is returned by asking, “CAN THE PALESTINIANS DEFEND THEIRSELVES?” There is no answer. The U.S. never asks why rockets have been fired at Israel, because Israel does not want the world to see the terrible treatment being given to the Palestinians over these past 70 yrs. I said in my last blog all empires implode from within. These past few days as seen in Israel an insurrection with Palestinian Arabs who live within Israel. They have rebelled seeing their holy mosque in East Jerusalem attacked by Israeli police forces which has shocked many of Israeli’s citizens, as there had always been peace between their neighbours. Didn’t the Hebrews revolt with Moses over their slavery with the Egyptians?

My painting called "Peace will come ...", showing Palestinian and Israeli children.

Answers are there for a two state solution. One... Jerusalem would be made an independent State, just like the Vatican, where all religious denominations would have that sanctuary to theirselves. In the Vatican there are 106 diplomatic missions to Nation States who reside there. The Vatican City as operated from 1929 and does meet all eight criteria’s for an independent State. Two... The borders that existed at the outbreak of the 1967 war between Palestine and Israel would be returned. All settlement homes repaid for their illegal gains. Three ... Palestine and all surrounding countries would recognise Israel rights to exist as a Sovereign Country. Four ... Palestine’s new Sovereign State would commit to a friendship and trade deal with Israel and by coming to each other’s aide in times of conflict. Together would see both countries prosper and the desserts bloom with a harvest of fruit and food, giving all their children the chance to fulfil theirs dreams.

The present status-quo between Palestine and Israel is a nightmare scenario if not corrected soon, as a catastrophic disaster is waiting for the world. It can be corrected where both sides have to give and compromise, the word love provides the answer for all problems as Jesus once preached in that same area.

Tomorrow in the U.K. sees pubs, cafes, restaurants open which will help to see some normality return. Is it certain for the U.K? No, as the Indian variant is growing in many areas with an equal amount of concern. Questions are now called, why was India on April 3rd not placed on a red alert country like Pakistan, and Bangladesh? Answers came this morning on the Andrew Marr show who said, “Boris had arranged a visit to India to sign a trade deal three weeks later.” His visit to India was cancelled due a surge with the Indian variant. It also emerged questions and answers are now needed for Boris again, to explain this time how is Mustique Caribbean getaway holiday was paid for in February 2020. He also has a top previous Lord advisor, who is having to answer questions about his role, in being involved with millions granted to company he was involved with. Matt Hancock, his Health Minister, is being asked about another company, he gave his preference to them in having a big money contact awarded to them. The shambles of government and stench of cronyism continues to grow. If a country likes our doesn’t act now, new foundations needed for future young generations will show a bleak future. Someone can sell you a bad second hand car once, but it seems in the U.K. governments come and go with promises they never fulfil. Native American Indians would say white men talk WITH A FORKED TONGUE. I believe every day and week, these established pillars of government and the way we live our lives will fall, as new enlightened minds emerge.

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