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"Anything is possible ..."

November the 27th, It’s Wednesday morning 10.30pm. I’ve just been talking to my friend E... from Banská Bystrica on viber, which allows each of us to see and discuss more of where our metaphorical canoe is taking us to. I’ve been taking many notes of an incredible story that’s been growing where E... found herself making a dream catcher. This though is not any dream catcher, as it’s being woven by the power of spirit to tell a story. I believe, it will later catch many with the most positive of thoughts that will eventually defy belief. E’s ... dream catcher at this moment in time is having additional threads attached, from those close souls who unknowingly are not aware of what is fully unfolding. I read a couple of days ago a small article where in the USA, astrology is being used by certain large companies to increase their sales. It mentioned even in the time of President Obama, astrology was being used in the same way, but now with President Trump, people believe their jobs and future are even more insecure, as many more are trying to find reassurance about their future. Last evening I went on Facebook and saw a short film, where a school boy of about twelve was idly walking from school, looking at his phone. At his side was a metal fence as a barrier, but with only walking about two yards or ( two metres) past this point, he was still fully engrossed with his phone. At that precise instance a car came crashing through this metal fence barrier, which in my opinion I felt this car would have instantly killed him. It was my belief that a miracle had occurred to save that boys life. Miracles in my opinion, happen for certain reasons, and I believe that this young boy was maybe given his life, where later he may do much good in this world to help others. I can talk like this, because as I’ve mentioned before my eldest daughter had expectations to live a few weeks with cancer. Her life was saved, and she now has three young sons, and a situation is emerging where with her gift of teaching she may well see her soon of having her own academy teaching and helping many young children. Following this short video film of the school boy, I showed this to my eleven year old grandson and I said, I believed this was a miracle. He said no, he didn’t believe this. Asking why, he said , that’s my opinion. I ask why again. He said at school they are being taught about fake news and that seventy five percent of news is fake. So I said, do you believe that figure of seventy five percent is correct, or is that a fake figure. The essence of this story is, I believe children are not being taught or allowed to see the bigger picture of life. The education system does not touch on our meaning and purpose of life, because their curriculum does not have such answers.

This morning like many times, I don’t have a clue what I’m going to write in a blog, until something just appears from no where. Having spoken to my friend E..., I went to my iPad on the sports mail page, as I’m interested in our premier league football news. The first story I saw, showed an incredible story of young footballer of then eighteen years who was signed to the famous Manchester Football club. In 2018, after starting his football career, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer and had to go on a nine week course of chemotherapy at Christie’s hospital in Manchester. In February 2019, he responded successfully to the cancer treatment. March 2019, he returns to football training, but then has to undergo a five and a half hour operation to remove six swollen lymph nodes. May 2019 begins the process of building muscle mass and fitness. September, at now nineteen years old, he returns to football action and is chosen to play in Manchester United’s under 23s side, and plays in half the game where they win 4-1. November, he plays again in this team and they win 3-0. This week he is included in the first team, which travels to Kazakhstan in the Europa league. The title of this story from the newspaper said, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

An inspirational story for anyone, as this young man hearing his diagnosis thought he would never play again. ARE CHILDREN TAUGHT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE ? If we beIieve in ourselves anything is possible, and yes there are unexplained situations where individuals, certain scientists and church’s too, do not believe in miracles, and with some churchs not even in the doctrine they teach. Yes, we all live in uncertain times, and yes we live in a material world, where the word rich and wealth is only defined by the amount of money you may have. If we lead children to believe this, what is their future ? The world increases in its monetary debt, in the U.K. our political parties intend to increase even more debt which will be passed on those being born now and their children too.

I read a article yesterday where an eminent figure suggested we are looking at climate change but not at its cause. He said the problem is the growing population which is now approaching eight billion and we are using our planet as a big dumping ground for material waste. He said there will be more weight of plastic in the ocean than actual fish. He said, we have wrongly thought that this material economic growth is our salvation. Just keep persuading everyone that with these material wants happiness follows. Consume more wants with monetary dreams and this brings about the situation we presently face. Ask anyone, who has accumulated great wealth, have they found this great state of happiness? Each day you read of some highly privileged young person who have lost their life with drugs. Some people can say money has given them the freedom, to do what they want. But did it bring them happiness? A famous quote is MONEY HAS NO VALUE UNLESS YOU CAN DO GOOD WITH IT. There are many wealthy people who follow that principle, and only find true happiness, when they see the good it can do others. Paul Newman did not like to be known as just a film star for he found his happiness in GIVING. Paul made more money from his salad dressing company than he ever made from his film work, and he gave all its profits, which was well over a hundred million dollars to create large holiday camps helping underprivileged children. Besides the love of his family, Paul put his generous thoughts to helping many charitable causes, one being, he gave over 1 million dolars to the Native American Indians to secure some land they required. Paul was a wonderful spiritual human being who continued through his life to give help to many people.

Paul Newman

I read yesterday of a English woman model who had wasted the 45 million fortune she had made, and is not yet 40 years old. As a consequence to her actions, she is now bankrupt and still bankrupt to know what life is about. I think and I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking, that great changes have to be made in how we live our lives on this planet, for it is clear we are leaving a terrible legacy for future young generations The human being is clever, but not to the degree where it sees how to correct its continuing mistakes. I quoted in the blog about the young footballer, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. These are the words and thoughts we can and must encourage this future generation to believe in. WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING TO GIVE.

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