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"Are we going to make this world a better place?"

May 27th

5.45 pm. Frustrating moment, having just spent three hours writing this message blog then it disappears. It is said you are judged by how you fall then get back up. This is that moment in time when you count to ten and don’t show yourself to be knocked out and get ready for another fight. There is no quick fix to where you want to get, that’s my message to anyone, there ain’t no easy way in this life. That’s perhaps one of the commandments you bring when you decide to re-enter your life again, but we may still encounter the same problems you faced before. Deja-vu, an experience I’m sure many have faced and don’t fully understand why and when you feel you have experienced these feelings before. This frustrating experience of mine losing hours of time is a minor irritation compared to many suffering in this life. It just made me think maybe this whole life of mankind is the recycling of life. Maybe life, as we know, has happened all before, and we made big mistakes that saw that civilisation finish. Are we here again being given life and we are committing the same cardinal sins yet again? How many times have we heard it said we don’t learn anything from history? It’s true, we are not fully evolved as human beings can be. The major wars, we don’t learn from, we create nuclear weapons that can wipe out our civilisation in seconds, and we know we are destroying our planet. Also, we know materialism, and capitalism enslaves our way of life. Who can honestly say well this time around we have learned from our previous mistakes? That sounds hollow and a sick joke. Each day we continue to blunder along and change of direction doesn’t appear.

You hear of people with limited thoughts say we evolved from apes. I´ve always believed Darwin’s theories to me have been a joke because I believe we have evolved from a higher enlightened being. We are finding that civilisation has been here before, and left evidence of former cities built where only advanced technology could have cut and lifted stones of such a great size that have been found below sea level globally. Ever likely U.F.Os have been here centuries ago and probably seen we have not progressed much at all. They must think we are not at a time and place where they feel they could introduce themselves because they’ve seen it all before. Today in Florida a commercial space flight funded privately and with public money are sending two test pilots former space veterans into space with the object that money can be made from this initiative. Taking wealthy people into space is new and exciting if they achieve their aims but money has always been the backbone to finance explorers like Columbus hoping he would return with riches. Why can’t humankind finance such expeditions for the good of everyone? Because we have not progressed enough with enlightened thinking that helps all human life. We can all rightly say what a mess we are making of this planet, we are destroying each day the earth as we see with climate change, and how human beings discard all manner of rubbish into our beautiful oceans. We destroy the beauty of animal life, we destroy the forests, we do not adhere to the Native Americans Indian culture who say LOOK AFTER MOTHER EARTH. We do not share our knowledge in the way we should, we do not help poor countries enough to face impossible odds with disasters in the best way we can.

I hear and see a story today that clearly shows part of a society that hasn’t changed in thousands of years towards helping a fellow human being. This story went viral around the world as someone filmed the brutal action of a group of policemen in Minneapolis where one policeman had his knee on the neck of an African American held on the ground with the man handcuffed. The man by the name of George Floyd was saying “Please, please I can’t breathe. He asked for water, people were screaming at the policeman. After several minutes of this racist, xenophobic barbaric act of putting extreme pressure on the man's neck, when the paramedics were called he had pasted out and later died. Mayor Jacob Frey of Minneapolis gave an emotional speech saying this is not right when help was needed by this man. Immediately these policemen were fired from their jobs as the F.B.I now investigate further as these policemen had a camera at this scene. Such scenes saw sporadic violence occurring when this story was shown on TV and quickly spread. Community members and leaders expressed outrage drawing comparisons of a similar death against an African American in 2014. Such situations that keep recurring evokes the memory and spirit of Martin Luther King who paid with his life in trying to prevent the evil and obnoxious thinking towards black people. Are we changing enough to make this world a better place?

Every day we see rubbish left on the ground around the world where people have been, we also see the oceans dying each day with what people throw into the sea. I saw a scene yesterday of what a snorkel diver saw in a paradise setting where he was swimming. Piles of rubber gloves, masks all used to combat this virus, and there was various rubbish of every kind. We are witnessing the destruction on the land, rivers, and oceans, and such acts are not all down to individuals, but big companies have polluted the seas with oil, unwanted chemicals, sewerage that have seen many beaches unsafe. We see beautiful animal life that is rapidly disappearing where in the last 150 years the wealthy slaughter such animals for fun and gratification. We see the wealthy slaughter thousands of pheasants each year for pleasure in the U.K. and are purely breed for such occasions for the profit of money. The list could fill books.

Another frightening proposition was to take place very soon with Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel where he believed President Trump had given him the green light to take or grab land on the West Bank from the Palestinians. On the 26th Tuesday evening, he was humbled and had to reverse such warlike actions until a new election occurred in March of next year. In my opinion, I believe providence stepped in and prevented a catastrophe that could have escalated in a war, I would not like to describe. When you are given a prophecy and vision I undertook in Banska Bystrica in 2011, I can assure anyone why, I was given to paint a scene that could have been shown to every school of learning in Palestine and Israel to bring peace about. With both Palestine and Israel giving by both sides. This is the answer. But what has been said before those who have created barriers to peace will not be the ones to bring peace about. It will be the young the new generation who are sick to death of seeing their leaders with no enlightened thinking and know, how to give for a better future for the young.

If aliens of a superior knowledge had seen the history of the earth, they maybe thinking, we can watch them again destroy their beautiful planet, or we could intervene and help them.

We are in the darkest of times but with this pandemic, some countries have acted correctly where bigger countries have ignored their achievements. I’ve mentioned before to my friend Elena, I can’t understand why we the U.K. and other countries haven’t taken notice of your country Slovakia. Today for the first time I read this:

A SMALL NATION WITH A BIG SUCCESS STORY. When the history of the pandemic is written, Slovakia will stand out as a success story. A relatively poor country that lacks a strong healthcare system has never the less achieved the lowest per capita rate in Europe with new infections in the single digits. It’s no coincidence within days of the first confirmed cases, far earlier than many other European countries - the government sealed borders and shut down schools and restaurants. Face masks were made mandatory in public places, and Slovakian politicians made a point leading from the front. When a new government took office in March following the previous month's elections, everyone at a swearing - ceremony wore a mask - playing a key role in normalising them in a country where people were not “predisposed” to their use. Today no Slovak politician or public figure is seen without one - the country is slowly returning to normal. Shops and hotels are reopening, and people are dining out on restaurant terraces. Clearly, politicians such as the U.K. and U.S.could learn a thing or two about leadership from the mask - clad government of Slovakia.

Good stories need to be heard like this, and it isn’t the biggest who is always the winner. Perhaps when our book CROSSING THE BRIDGE, BETWEEN THE PAST AND FUTURE has found the right Publisher, people can then unlock their thinking and see a better way forward. I have to believe the philosophy I’ve been given from above EVERYTHING OF IMPORTANCE HAPPENS AT THE RIGHT TIME AND PLACE.

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