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"Aspects of the future ..."

May 10th

Sunday 3.27 pm. I feel we enter further into this vortex of surreal reality, as this is my opinion of events in the U.K. today. Having referred partly in the last blog to Slovakia’s successful handling of theIr Coronavirus of only then having 25 virus deaths, it gives me the feeling we are light years away and living in another galaxy from this small but great country. I will start by the extraordinary events taking place in the German football Bundesliga where on May 16th Borussia Dortmund play Schalke. A game where previously 80,000 people and more watched these two sides battle for points. Angela Merkel’s government are appeasing the football clubs as money comes before the health of others. These players are being quarantined for seven days in a hotel, and each player will have their own cleaner to their room and even have their sachet of salt and pepper. Any lift buttons in the hotel they must touch only with their elbows, and on their return home, they are forbidden from kissing or having sex in case their partner develops virus symptoms. Does this sound a little like the players are being used as Guinea pigs and being sent metaphorically to the moon? One young player of the Schalke team revealed, he has to be mentally strong twice a week, as they have long stick placed down their throat, then have another stick placed up their nose which the player said it’s not pleasant at all. Another German team Dresden in a lower league have all had to be quarantined as this virus has been found with two members of the team. The U.K Premier League which has contracts worth billions from media companies wait with bated breath of how this experiment unfolds. Many premier league teams don’t want to take part in this suggested formula of finishing the league football programme. Financially if they lost games and found themselves going down into the lower league and losing their place in this golden league of money in such bizarre and extreme circumstances, they could each lose 200 million pounds and more. This uncertainty of millions of money being lost if a bigger spike of Coronavirus occurred bringing a higher death rate would prove to be a big gamble with peoples lives. History tells of the once gladiatorial games in Rome where death hovered over many, as it was their sport where money was wagered by those in power and to please the crowds.

I’ve mentioned before to those who may have followed my message blogs that the gift I’ve had throughout my life has brought glimpses of the future. I’ve also said a hundred times all my predictions come true as I’m shown in various guises whether it be by visually seeing aspects of the future or combined with a clear voice message too. Throughout my life, I could have saved many lives and stopped the consequences of billions of pounds being lost to certain companies I’ve mentioned before. But those readers have heard me say of how often I’ve tried to make contact with the highest in the land as my prophecies always come true. For ten years I gave mediumship freely at the small church I attended, and I have always given messages freely to those who I believe needed help. When giving such messages to anyone I cannot change what is being given, and as you can imagine many times people could not accept perhaps the unpalatable truth I was being shown. If there are unwanted scenes and feelings I do not tell, but if with messages I give someone, I cannot reverse or make the month of May turn into June. I remember giving one lady a message where I clearly saw she was holidaying in a caravan. In front of everyone, she tried to ridicule me and the message, but this is a natural course, as like most people they can’t accept what they don’t want to see or hear. The lady laughed and said out loud I’ve never been in a caravan nor would I ever go in one for a holiday. I would just smile and politely say I cannot change what I’ve been given. Nearly a year later this woman tapped me on the shoulder in a supermarket and humbly apologised of the message I had given her. She said she had received a surprise letter from an old school friend she has not spoken too or seen for over twenty years. She with a friend were invited to go and stay at a beautiful coastal resort in Cornwall, her friend owned a beautiful large static caravan. With predictions I cannot prove they will be true until it happens, this is now a story many will not accept.

I guess hearing on Saturday the daily government briefing on the Coronavirus, I sat and listened to the message the government Minister was giving. In shock, it felt metaphorical as though like Alice in Wonderland I was falling down a deep rabbit hole in sheer disbelief of where Alice finished up of attending a Mad Hatters tea party. Many in the U.K. are more than sceptical of our how our government is pursuing, wrongly, in my opinion, the right course of action, and definitely, how they are distributing billions of the future wealth our grandchildren should inherit. We have been shown the devastating consequences of loss of life on TV and how this pandemic is effecting many major big companies and thousands of smaller companies. Lose of jobs will approach millions and the consequences are not a good read. The theme of the briefing that greatly disturbed me, was the Minister talking of spending a couple of billion pounds on facilities for more bicycles to get many to work. It´s not a bad idea but that was the future and he was not addressing what the country wanted to hear. He said on trains, and for tube travellers and other forms of travel only ten percent would be accommodated and bicycles would be the answer. Think of the thousands who are dependant on travelling each day in getting to work. Many travelling into the city centres, the hub of the economy, and many travelling far more than thirty miles each day to work.

This was the main topic of this briefing about bicycles, and I thought of all those travellers listening to this nonsensical proposal at this moment in time. Not only would this working population be mystified, but they maybe have been bemused, but explosive and extremely angry with theses thoughts given now.

Then I had one of those flashback moments I’ve had all my life. Over three years ago a particular and articulate conservative member of parliament stood out to me, where I was being told he would be a future leader of his party and a Prime Minister. When the U.K. was going through three years of the agonising premiership with Theresa May, a prominent leading Conservative figure by the name of Jacob Rees - Mogg invited this man to visit with him to Checkers the residence of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The man I now name is Steve Baker, and with his knowledge of Brexit and to leave Europe, he conducted all the questions towards Theresa May. So on Saturday, May 10th, when it was clear the present government had lost the plot his name with quick flashbacks, returned telling me of the message I had received before. Anyone who has followed my message blogs has seen how I have reacted to this tortuous journey of seeing my country having mounting deaths and ever-growing debts. I’ve gone so far as saying A COUNTRY OF LIONS LED BY DONKEYS, and I don’t retract one word. I’ve felt I could not keep this message under wraps when I see our great country facing dire consequences if the change of leadership is not made. I’ve spoken many times when having such visions I’ve had to act, and who would have made the journey I did in 2011 to Banska Bystrica in Slovakia spending thousands and enduring at times many hardships that lasted four years completing the painting CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE. Boris Johnson no matter how many people may like him, he is not the man to be at the helm of this very critical hour of Great Britain. Boris wrote a biography of Winston Churchill, but he should know Neville Chamberlin the then Prime Minister was removed as he was not the man for the right job to fight and win the war. Boris is in the same shoes as Neville Chamberlin. I mentioned a couple of months ago Boris who is loved by many but will not complete his five-year term in office due to ill health. He must accept this message as a blessing for his health and well being are paramount and he could have many more happy years of life. I have had my fair share of pain in this life, much of it is fated just the same as everyone else. When fate or destiny comes knocking at your door you will follow what you believe to be right. In this particular scene, I pray and hope Boris accepts and opens the door generously, for he is a likeable man, but likeable men cannot make the decisions that are now needed to be made.

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