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"At a crossroad..."

April 29th

3.33 pm, I have been given visions and messages of great change throughout my life, and today, if I looked at our present weather from a few days ago of great warmth to a feeling now of extreme cold. The reality is, we all presently live in this present bad surreal dream, where we can’t remove this feeling that GREAT CHANGES HAVE TO COME. Many cannot accept change because their circumstances are just right at this present moment in time for themselves. It looks like in their minds those unthinkable changes should not appear. Their reality does not belong to everyone, as so many suffer unbelievable circumstances in this world today. Just think of those 22 million people in 2011 who lived in Syria, where events began to unfolded that saw their future being turned into a nightmare. By 2016 the U.N.identified 13.5 million as displaced persons requiring humanitarian assistance. Six million were internally displaced, and five million had crossed in fear of their life into other countries seeking asylum, or placed into Syrian refugee camps established in Turkey. Would these people wish for great changes to appear, as they have been living a nightmare existence, and would only wish they could return to what may have been a happy family home. When catastrophic events occur it does not discriminate with what sex, colour or race you are, as everyone is caught in a maelstrom of storms that are out of control creating chaos.

So what do I think when I see such visions? Do I ignore them? I can’t when eventually I see them come true. I’m given to do what I can, to forewarn which is a natural thing to do. If you saw a fire would you ignore it and maybe see a family die with the consequences? I was given a powerful prophecy on July 6th in 2005, which I have spoken of before after witnessing thousands celebrate the announcement in Trafalgar Square of the Olympic Games coming to England. Within one second I was given to witness the same flag, waving crowds cheering in the Belfast shipyard on the 31st of May 1911, it was the launch of the great hull to the Titanic Ship. On April 2nd 1912 the great and unsinkable Titanic ship was completed and it’s maiden voyage began on April 10th. In 2005 the public were being told the cost to the London Olympic Games would be no more than 2.5 billion pounds. But on this unusual day I was told it would cost over 13.5 billion pounds to finance the Olympic Games in 2012, and our country could not afford this. So strong was this message that on March 28th, 2006 I addressed over 150 people after pushing leaflets everywhere in my home town. People could only listen not knowing the full consequences that were coming in 2008 of a financial crash and ten years of austerity. My prediction was correct with those financial figures.

Where am I going now with this story? A few days ago we showed a letter for football supporters on our blog message about the future possibilities of seeing the financial collapse of many football clubs. We sent emails to many newspapers around the world, no replies because who wants to accept this sort of news. I believe only all the football supporters around the world would want to realise this dream. Tomorrow the 30th of April, Angela Merkel the German Chancellor will discuss after hearing there has been a further rise in more Coronavirus deaths, and she will discuss whether another lockdown is necessary and whether the German football Bundesliga can go ahead to start having football games behind closed doors. It is said 13 out of 26 German football clubs face insolvency if they don’t complete this season's campaign. France has already said no to their football league, as Holland has too. We in the U.K. are about to make a decision, whether we are to allow our football league to continue. Already from some quarters in Germany the words PROFESSIONAL GREED are being used. In the U.K. these words stand like a huge mountain, where no footballers have agreed to substantial cuts to their excessive wages they are paid to help smaller clubs in lower leagues. What are the consequences if football would be allowed to proceed before safe vaccines are introduced? Perhaps thousands of more probable deaths. Which leader of their country can sleep peacefully if such dire consequences do occur? Here we have a perfect moral choice, does the voice of money with any sporting fixture come first before other's lives. Such morals don’t even exist with some people. We are at a signpost in life where we can choose which direction we go in. Dramatic and further unseen consequences will appear if we appease those who live in a world of self greed when they want to continue accepting vast amounts of money in the times we are in. To take the high moral road and the only road to stop football and other sports could probably see this great change come about that I have predicted. But in my opinion and with millions of football supporters they would love to take control of their beloved clubs. These and many more similar decisions by all governments will have to be made as they will need their public support. If ever there is metaphorically one-word to torpedo and sink this U.K. government handling the Coronavirus, it is PANORAMA. This is the name of a very powerful U.K. TV investigative program that blew apart the government´s policy in handling this pandemic virus. In 30 minutes the fudge and unpalatable untruths the British public has been fed in these last three months saw the complete wreckage of their policy of trying to save lives. Can this government ship survive? It can limp on believing the public is less intelligent than them.

I have seen in my lifetime when figures such as MARTIN LUTHER KING, PRESIDENT JACK KENNEDY AND HIS BROTHER ROBERT KENNEDY, WHO HAD THEIR LIVES TAKEN BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO BRING CHANGE. Then 2000 years ago a man called JESUS came bringing a change of thoughts and a spiritual message towards each other. His message was simple THE SPIRIT OF WOMAN IS EQUAL TO THAT OF MAN, AND ANY FORM OF GIVING IS A SIGN OF LOVE. I’m also given to believe that with my experience in Banska Bystrica from 2011 to 2015 I felt the strong presence of Jesus with me three times.

Throughout my life I’ve never been given to think such thoughts before. I’ve previously mentioned I’ve seen and felt the presence of my spiritual guides with me. Everything I do, say, and act upon I follow my feelings, that means following your heart, as your soul is the engine to your whole being. With such powerful prophecies, visions, predictions I’ve had since being 12 years of age, I guess and feel I’ve been tested throughout my life with the actions I’ve taken. But now where we all are in this life, I feel we are at a crossroads. We are going to have to make changes and decisions, and accept our actions will affect each baby and child and their future children too. I’m given to believe that the spirit of Jesus will appear again through a human form. Change we must. The god of celebrity, fame, and money will eventually evaporate, just like the stone deities of past ages. Once the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten with his Queen Nefertiti came with a message of great change to all Egyptian people. This was to remove all their stone deities that had been their gods for thousands of years. That was called then a great change, but it was only accepted until the death of these two royal messengers.


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