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" Banquet of Consequences... "

May 3rd

12.16 pm. From the early hours, this quote has been registered in my mind. It was attributed to the famous author Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) EVERYBODY SOONER OR LATER SITS DOWN TO A BANQUET OF CONSEQUENCES. It makes me think the actions we have all taken in life have brought each of us consequences that may have proved right and many where again we may carry great regrets. Where the world is today, some problems go far beyond this pandemic. Right decisions have not been made in so many theatres of crisis. We are all human, we act on impulses, on what your inner feeling is saying, and at times being motivated in what you should choose to do. We know if it’s love decisions we can be carried as though riding a great wave, so emotions from your inner being give you an overpowering feeling that your decisions are right. But with so many other decisions which maybe your career, or where you would like to live, even these carry a love factor. But when we see major conflicts, wars, ideologies, mass poverty and deprivation of the basic needs to life itself, these situations are there and are real through lack of inaction that has consequences we can all witness and see. Let’s imagine we are now watching a fast replay of our past years and actions. Then you select the many decisions you have made that you perhaps originally had misgivings about. In the coming years, those inner feelings you went against proved your decisions were wrong, as you carried wishes and burdens you never ever wanted. With this imaginary setting, you are given a long table and you now saw so many unwanted consequences that literally made you feel ill. This would be a banquet you did not want to attend showing the mistakes we have all made, but if love is attached to your decisions it can have a far better chance of happiness being with you. I look at all the answers I’ve been given through the visions, prophecies, predictions, all attached by a great feeling of love from this greater spiritual energy I talk so often about.

Then I see this enormous banqueting table overflowing with the consequences of where inaction, wrong decisions, self-interest by some world leaders who continue to be blind and have no vision. It appears they are comfortable with how things are, or they are frightened with fear that if they took a new approach and direction the consequences might provide change the people want and their grip on power would be lost. I’ve been shown a way how nuclear weapons could be disposed of, for we are now in a time where the only way to go forward is by greater cooperation by all big and small and strong and weak nations. So let’s put this new and only way of thinking on this banqueting table. I was shown the only way in 2011 with Syria that the same big powers could end this conflict and rebuild Syria over the next twenty years. The mass destruction of the country and many of their lost historical culture sites would take a massive investment by all the wealthier nations. New thinking. I’ve shown in the previous blogs where the bones of how the European Union can be rebuilt far better than its present rumbling tremors of economic and lack of unity. Russia and the U.K. would be in the centre of this idea with the larger E.U. countries contributing to new thinking and dynamic ideas. I’ve been shown in the past twenty years how new Russian thinking by the young would explode with a new dynamism of innovational ideas that would supercharge and fuel entrepreneurship with many new immigrants to work in the frontiers stretching to the Russian Chinese borders. Not that I haven’t tried having said before 13 times between 2012 to 2015 and even after while back in the U.K. still trying through the Russian London Embassy to make contact with President Putin. So again let’s put these messages on this banqueting table of consequences which are obviously unpalatable to those presently in power.

I can say the same again about Iran and Saudi Arabian conflict, the North Korean conflict with its neighbours and the West. Both could ignite a world war. The near 70-year conflict between Palestine and Israel which is so close to creating a nuclear war that if it would happen it would reach all Europe. Add these prophecies to this ever-growing table of consequences. The ongoing Ukraine border dispute with Russian is still smouldering and could turn into a fire engulfing Europe. I’ve been shown how the poverty and desperation of its people in South Africa are on an ever knife-edge which includes other African states that still have continuing wars. The war in Yemen, Afghanistan, the inner quality that exists in so many countries. The deep dark poison that continues to kill and destroy the lives of thousands with drugs around the world. Then we have a climate consequence that could see devastating results around the world that would jeopardise millions of lives in the next twenty years. This banqueting table of dire consequences is never-ending which face the millennium young people born since 1980 and the newborn babies and children now attending schools. We have seen people in the U.K. sleeping on the streets that to me were reminiscent of scenes in the Jewish ghettoes during the second world wars, which have become acceptable in many large U.K. cities. We have not seen Cathedrals, and church doors open to these destitute homeless people through freezing winter times. Why? Because there is no moral leadership. The U.K. church commissioners manage a portfolio of property worth 8.3 billion in assets, and Christian churches are one of the wealthiest groups on earth. Not forgetting the Catholic church with its art, land, gold, investments across the globe where their wealth too seats equally in wealth terms with its Christian neighbours. I have been given many messages to help and show the right directions and actions for Pope Francis and the former Pope Benedict. The abhorrent use of power over the centuries abusing what Jesus called his sacred children is still hidden and not resolved. So along with so many other issues, this BANQUET OF CONSEQUENCES is more than the crisis of Coronavirus. Yet it’s my belief this crisis could make those presently in power realise if we are going to see a better future for the children of this world, it’s now that the right actions could change everything. Coming together is inevitable.

Albert EINSTEIN once gave me a message saying the earth can no longer be plundered for its unsustainable material wants. A few days ago crude oil fell below zero for the first in history at a minus price of 37.60 dollars a barrel. The problem is that U.S.producers are challenged to find a space to store it. The oil glut is a worldwide phenomenon. Falling demand for fuel consumption with cars and the Coronavirus, plus the climate changes are a crisis waiting to be resolved. Perhaps we are at a 5 TO MIDNIGHT scenario. My book I wrote in 2010 was called DIVINE INTERVENTION AT 5 TO MIDNIGHT.

Quotes applicable to our present time... Kindness in words creates confidence, Kindness in thinking creates profoundness, Kindness in giving creates love (Lau Tzu) ... The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure, and the intelligent are full of doubts. ( Bertrand Russel) ... A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. (Winston Churchill) ... Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage. (Lau Tzu) ... Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. (Pablo Picasso)

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