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"Beautiful thoughts can change the world ..."

March 25th

4.15 pm ... Only one word occupies everyone in the world today, Coronavirus. Stories abound, many stories of loss of money invested, and greater hardship for those who have lost their jobs with no other alternatives. Maybe a time when people begin to help each other. Next door to me a man purchased land off me 26 years ago to build his house, and in all those years he only spoke to me five times. I never saw him, and his wife only once. He had just got the last plane out of Spain as he had been living there these for the last three months, and now at the bottom of his drive he was standing to trim a hedge. He spoke for over thirty minutes, and I thought this is a big change. But change will be seen by everyone before this year is out. Good news is coming out of China, where they believe the worst is over, although vaccines are not available yet. We all have to be positive and get through the present day we are in. Thoughts for those fighting for their lives, and those angels and hero’s fighting on the frontline who are doctors, nurses, ancillary staff and more, must have the power of our thoughts to help them turn the tide. I’ve mentioned this before thoughts are actual energy cells created through our mind and body they are alive if you allow them to fly. It is said those with beautiful thoughts can change the world, but equally those with bad thoughts can do the reverse, as many places in the world today show.

I have previously mentioned with this power of spiritual energy, if I receive a message I have to send it to the one it’s meant for. I sent a message to a lady friend I had been out of contact with for a long time. The message was “A THOUGHT CAN TRAVEL TO WHEREVER YOU FEEL YOU WANT IT TO BE.” Unexpectedly I heard via a friend that this lady was making face masks for me and my family. You can imagine this to me was a powerful and beautiful response. More importantly what does this say, thoughts of good intentions do travel and this lady lives 2,039 kilometres (1,267 miles) away. It shows that beautiful thoughts can carry momentum, gain power in its flight of thought, and to some bring hope, and lift one's spirit. If you can raise a smile you can literally raise the dead if your belief is strong enough. This is what we can do to help others in difficulty, especially those in Italy, Spain and other countries that are in this paralysing vortex of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Yes prayers can be the same beautiful thoughts that can change a defeat into victory, if your belief and faith in yourself are strong. You don´t have to belong to a religion to pray. Before this epidemic is over, who will be able to say it’s not touched our family, nor do I know of anyone else. Very few if any, will be able to say this now. I can say and it’s my opinion CHANGE WILL OCCUR THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. This virus has already shown how many countries are cooperating and helping with equipment and knowledge now. UNITED... ANY FORCE IS STRONGER IF THEIR INTENTIONS ARE TO DO GOOD.

There is a flip side to what may happen with how events unfold. Planes are being grounded, and many are knocking at U.K. government doors for money, and yet Easy Jet planes have in the last week paid its shareholders dividends of £174 million. Its founder Sir Stelious has been paid for himself £60million and they are asking for tax payers money to bail them out. It’s the same with Richard Branson with Virgin Atlantic, he’s a billionaire still has 20% interest in the company as he has sold his 31% share for £220 million. He is now asking on behalf of Virgins Atlantic planes for British taxpayers money. These firms will not exist as this economic fallout will see them go under, as will the railway franchises, and the government could profit by nationalising them for very little cost. Many lives will change, and with my predictions and visions this change I talk of is coming fast. The U.K. Banks will soon be on this hit list eventually, as I gave talks on this issue in 2006 following a vision and message in 2005. British banks and Building Societies over the last 15 years have paid 53 billion pounds in fines, compensation and legal fees for misconduct, and aggressive selling culture. Times are going to change. I could say a lot more, but it’s not the right time. I’m also not a doom monger, as I’ve been given an insight to a far better world as my previous blogs have suggested. I know there is a lot of anxiety, stress and worry out there in every country. The fact is there are horrendous situations of suffering in war-torn and poverty-stricken countries, where CHANGE FOR THE BETTER WILL COME, that I will talk of in later blogs.

My niece rang me a couple of days ago asking if I needed anything, I said no thanks I’m alright, honestly. She had set up a nail bar four years ago, and I remember one night her visiting my home, she was despondent and not happy in her job, nor with the office staff around her. She had this idea of doing something she loved to do, by starting her own Nail Salon decoration business. I encouraged her to go for it, as anyone who has a dream, that’s the advice I give them because that’s been the story of my life. No one is a failure, only if you knew you had the talent and never used it. No one wants to live a life of regrets if they felt they should have followed their heart. My niece followed her dream and her path in life had already been difficult. She took a six-month course and began the hard and difficult ladder to climb progressing gradually towards her dream. So when she rang me I said you have now had to close your Salon. She said her conscience made her do so. So I said, “How are you coping?” She said, “It’s great, it’s like having a holiday, I’ve been working six days a week 12 hours a day for four years.” I said “ What do you do with your day,” She said “I’ve never cleaned my home so much, as she takes her dog walks in the day time she’s not been able to do before. She went on to say with her garden she had already started planting all sorts of seeds and she was going to grow all her own vegetables. She spoke of the pleasure she was now presently experiencing, which was a simple life to some. But if you have worked so hard to build a good business, surrendering so many hours of your day, this was a new world for her and felt she was on a holiday. It’s my belief we will enter a new way of living, appreciating the beauty and pleasures that are free, and we will no longer be a slave to materialism. Hearing about my niece’s new days was gratifying and pleasing to me as I could hear in her voice she was happy. She is still in her early thirties and only got married last year. There are going to be hard times, but we can all adjust and think differently what we want from life. My visions and predictions for the future are good, and has I’ve said so many times before this new very young generation will turn this Earth into a garden of greater beauty, and we will see more equality and justice for all.

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