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"Before the storm ... "

April 8th

2.30 pm, A new day, the heat from the sun saw me sitting without a T-shirt on a balcony on the front of my home. I have no real neighbours, that means those who you can speak to, since 1997. I can look back and now know why. It was a few months before when I had a life-changing experience, of seeing my main spiritual guide Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce. Through these years of bringing up my family, it is my belief only certain people have been placed on my path. The list is long but already chosen, as I send this message to James who I met at my daughter's wedding and Rachael who I was looking at your photo this morning when in 2002 you were in our family photo. But I knew your mother when she was fourteen. It is a new day and I will reveal more. I’ve mentioned before about experiences and synchronicity of events that have been growing more and more frequently with my daily journey. Experienced too with my friend Elena who helps our metaphorical canoe to go further forward with an object of seeing eventually our Kompas charity that will be self-funding in every country that has a child in need. Let’s say I’m given to see many things coming down this river of life before it happens, even with certain things that lie in my path.

I’ve been given the tools to fund my journey throughout my life, some may say lucky, I will say fate and destiny which we all have if you have an open mind and follow your heart. Can one explain this encounter on the last day? Well you can if you believe in me. When I talk daily to my friend Elena doing what we do, her young daughter is at home as they have been in lockdown in Slovakia for the last month. For weeks now I’ve heard her daughter blow her nose rather loudly and I’ve joked saying, there is an elephant in the room. It’s my crazy sense of humour. Then more recently I’ve said to Elena I keep getting the feeling I have to paint an elephant for her. This situation had me repeating this a number of times. Was I joking, not really, because if I say I’m going to do something, I do it, and like the Native American Indians I can’t break a promise. I may have said before but I was told in my early days I cannot profit personally from the gifts I’ve been given or they will be taken away from me. Yesterday after saying I will paint a small canvas of an Elephant for Elena´s daughter. Later in the day I felt I was being pushed to think I will have to find a small canvas. I happened to go to my bedroom far later in the day which is like an art gallery full of Indian paintings. Then to my surprise my eye caught sight of a small canvas, one of my daughters gave me in 2018 when one of her friends placed the wrong birth date on the canvas for her baby. It was passed to me, and I thought I’ve only ever once painted on a print before. Why would I have it now? The twist occurred or was it fate and destiny. It said on the canvas, WELCOME TO THIS WORLD, and it showed a baby elephant on it. Please don’t say it’s a coincidence, since a young boy all of these wrongly called coincidences have occurred all my life, and my blogs only spell a fraction of what I’ve been given to see and say.

One of my elephant paintings created a long time ago.

This story has now triggered me to think it’s time to say more of what I know. I go to bed most nights late because there is never enough time in the day, but I get up early too at 6.00 am and hear the radio news which I wouldn’t usually hear. This morning because airline flights are down 94 percent a politician said,” NOTHING IS OFF THE TABLE, meaning that when the time is right they could pick these businesses up for nothing. That opens a door to purchase at a rock bottom prices as so many will face bankruptcy. I’ve given this prediction before. The jigsaw pieces are now coming together. The title of this blog is now being written BEFORE THE STORM. Let me reassure you like any storm it will eventually pass and sunshine WILL APPEAR. I mentioned football in a couple of blogs back and it was anger that threw this story into the pot. The obnoxious salaries paid to footballers, and I will refer to others, I´ve said before many football clubs are insolvent, but I could have said more. Today no footballer has come forward in this hour of need for the U.K. and offered to take an 80 percent pay cut. No moral values. These footballers are mercenaries, where they travel to certain clubs just for the money. The club owners are no better, all will collapse soon. Why am I pointing footballers out when sitting with them are many celebrities, film stars, investors, and that is not a full list? But I can point out there are some great philanthropists like Bill Gates and many others who have the right spirit of the present time. Today in the sports column of the Daily Mail it said, DOOMSDAY SCENARIO for the second tier in English football which is called The Championship league. All are having a meeting to stave of bankruptcy. Footballers are followed by millions so they are in the spotlight, seeing their big money and seeing their lifestyle which will no longer fit into this present world we all live in. Who owns all these big football clubs, which will not be for long? Everyone is looking at their moral compass, and it will not stop there long as this compass will point at others besides those who own these football clubs. Their fans and this is how change can happen. The big money contributors come from the TV who spend billions, and investors want a return. What if in a moral outrage the football supporters said enough is enough, and all supporters would say no to anyone attending these matches? What would happen? No revenue through the gates, no revenue from the big TV subscribers. The owners would be left holding metaphorically a dead pig. Then what? Those fans from each club would be in control of their club by their own supporters. The end of the crazy and obscene salaries would finish. Football would see a revolution of dynamics and players would be paid reasonable wages for their talents. The support for these big clubs would double because thousands presently can not afford to pay such large fees of entry. A new system would evolve where those supporters who could not get in for one match would have a ticket for the next game.

I can and will roll out many other situations that will change the way we live. With this Pandemic we could see far worse, for as a country we can not afford to pay out for long periods, with the large amounts of borrowed money as we would go bankrupt. Again not in this blog I have the answers, and no I’m not a communist, but an enlightened thinker. New ideas will come from the young, the economy will boom with new thinking and a new philosophy about life itself. This present generation just before their forties will see a new dawn. They have lost heart with ever owning an affordable home, I promise you there is a new way. But this blog is only touching the tip of an iceberg. You will see the same thing in every country. In this week's magazine it states, farmers have warned crops will need picking from April to June, from May, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries will need harvesting and at least 27,000 foreign workers will be needed. We have daily poor leadership, I’ve said before we are paying many 80 percent of people's wages to stay at home. This is battle and war to save our country, we conscript people, men or women, in the given areas where people are needed and if necessary for a period the farms would have great help.

This ball will begin to roll because we cannot accept what is wrong morally as so many children and their families are seeking refuge in very large unhealthy camps where wars are a big factor. Great changes have to be made for the better for the majority of people. Let’s imagine you are a King or a Queen. Your country is not being told the full truth, and besides the Coronavirus there could be if this virus continued a state of emergency because money is running out. These are my thoughts if I was a king and I had a Queen too. I would look at the wealth I had, knowing full well it was plundered throughout history at the expense of the poor. Let’s say I had 560 million in cash, and concrete assets of 88 billion, some of this included our branding name, and we knew taxpayers contributed to many things outside our purse. WHAT WOULD YOU DO AS A TRUE KING AND QUEEN WHO LOVED YOUR PEOPLE? Remember, in the Second World War Great Britain was short of steel, iron, copper and more. If you had an iron gate you gave it. Well, I would say I will give all I’ve got because we are being told we are all in it together, and so with my Queen in this hour of great need, we would do everything we possibly could. Those assets I’ve just mentioned are owned by our royal family. Those who may have followed my blogs I predicted this forty years ago, and more so in a previous blog a few weeks ago, saying it’s the end of the road for the monarchy in its present state.

We must all remember when we take that journey to our next heavenly place, you will take no material wealth, only the accounts of the love you gave and the good deeds you have done to help others.

One last thought I will touch on another time. We all know when an eruption occurs there are tremors, in today’s news it mentioned an Italian scientist as lit a fuse with Brussels.

We are now entering a wonderful new era. We are not going to let this present generation of children and babies coming into our world picking up the tab or the debt for the mess we have left them. They deserve better, and we will do the right thing to help our children all we can. This dark cloud that has hung over our world for many previous centuries will be removed and a new light and a new dawn will appear. There will be a silver lining that will touch everyone as each hour and day will soon feel awesome to be alive.

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