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"BELIEF ..."

Sunday, October the 27th, 4pm. Belief is a powerful word. Belief can make you climb a mountain far greater than you can ever imagine, or having the lack of belief you will not venture up this mountain. With this topic of belief, I could write a book on purely my own experiences, but with belief the word is like love there are two versions where one is not as strong as the other. There is the belief that true love surpasses love, where the one who truly loves you would be with you even if you lost every material item you owned. Then there’s a belief that is so strong where you cannot give up with a dream, or a challenge, as it may take far longer to achieve than you ever thought. Think of Michelangelo who was best known for his sculptures not his paintings, when asked by Pope Julius 2nd to paint the large ceiling to the Sistine Chapel which is in the Vatican City in Rome. Michelangelo may have not looked forward to this enormous task, but he believed he could do it. What he didn’t know, was how long it would take. The Pope would keep asking Michelangelo when would the ceiling be finished, he would hear Michelangelo shout down from his scaffold, when it is finished. It would take Michelangelo four years.

The large ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

Belief you may ask in what, first this is my opinion, you need belief first in yourself, and you don’t have to climb a mountain, BUT YOU MUST NOT LISTEN TO OTHERS.

I first remember I believe I did not give my best at school, for when I left school I had the offer of a job in a fabric design office to one of the biggest printers of fabric in the UK. I looked at the drawings I had from school and I thought, these are not my best work, I believed I could do them better, so while still at school for seven nights after schol, I would create something far better. Those seven drawings got me my first job. I remember the company director saying, “ Is this all you have?” embarrassed I said, “Yes”, then saying, “ But I know I can do even better given the chance.” He looked at me and said, “these seven are good though.”So first you have prove to yourself you can do something far better than you thought, and I believe with everyone you can do something far better than you imagine, even ten times better. So why do people not believe in theirselves? It can be many things. I always remember one of my daughters saying of her once friend that she was brilliant at maths and her brother at the same school was brilliant at sport and everything he did and was second head boy at their large school. But through the next few years, I met their parents as they were friends then to my wife. I can say, I’ve never met such a negative father in all my life, and I was expected to like his company. No more than two times would I share the company of him or his wife, as I believed they came from another galaxy bringing negative energy. I believed then, I could had a better more uplifting conversation with a donkey. So what happened to their brilliant maths daughter? She dropped out of university, and her brother who could have achieved great things, believe it or not began is career filling shelves at a supermarket, and today maybe happy though became a postman. This was because their parents had no dreams, could not achieve any dreams, believed your place in life was to be where you had been all your life, so how could they encourage and inspire their two children. That’s the power of negativity. I believe every child has a gift, and each child needs to be told and loved by telling them, “That’s good, I really like that.” They do not have to be academic, as everyone can shine at something, but they need those few words, saying, “ You have done well.” These words should be given to everyone, even if they are employed too at a work place. If you can have a feeling that you have achieved something, it lifts your spirit. It might be improving your overgrown garden, and you get this satisfied feeling after a lot of hard work where others may say, “Wow, you have made a good job,” and inwardly you say to yourself, “Yes I’ve done well, just imagine if we could do this from the beginning with every child to inspire them and make them feel as they all are gifted.

Believe in Yourself

I remember from my late teens I ran a weighting club and some men young and old would be afraid to come through the door. One young man called Rodger came to start training, and many outside the club mocked him because they thought him a bit simple. I knew his back story. His mother left him when young, but he was clever at school, but his father pressurised him so much to pass his exams. This pressure pushed into a nervous break down and he never properly recovered. Through the next two years he came to our gym, bringing terrible stories of abuse towards him from other teenagers mocking him. I became is mentor on building him up physically and trying always to lift his spirit. He became as strong as a bull and my colleagues at the gym followed my example. But there was one thing I could not remove from his mind, he would keep coming to me and saying “ Alan, I believe I’m going to die soon by a bus.” I’d have great patience saying, “ You will have a good life Roger, as he told me this so many times. Rodger had a motor bike and travelled to Coventry some seventy miles away to see his mother some weekends. He did die within the next three months by hitting a bus on his motor bike. A tragic tale, but those at our club with myself did give him a lot of help, as we believed we could help him.

If you have belief, you can achieve all your dreams and even more IF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT PERSON BY YOUR SIDE. I will tell another story of belief, in my early twenties we owned a self made property company out of having belief. We employed many people with different trades. One day we owned houses in a particular area to renovate and sell. A group of four young teenagers came asking for a job. I had already been told,“ don’t touch them, as they are the biggest thieves in the area. Again, I’ve said you do not listen to others, you follow your heart or gut feeling. I looked them in the eye, knowing they were unemployable by anyone else, I even knew a couple of them were noted for stealing copper and lead off properties. I gave them a chance smiling saying, “You will have to work hard for me.” They saw I was no ordinary boss, I could joke and be a bit crazy, but wanted them to work hard. I treated them as I would want people treat me. They came from poor families and never had chances given them. They brought nothing to eat for their lunch. They sat with me, so I gave them money to go and buy something until they got there first weeks wages. They never stole from me, and loved their work. They worked for five years and more for our family company, and as we expanded they brought other friends to ask for a job, who were in exactly the same position where no one gave them a chance. Twenty five years later, I bumped into one of these young men, and he said, that I was the best boss he had ever worked for. It touched me greatly.

When you GIVE, it is returned in a way, money can’t buy. I saw them all change into being good men, and that was all about having belief in someone. I once heard of an army officer from the Second World War say, he would prefer ten men who had a belief to fight with, rather than a hundred men who didn’t. He was referring to a group of Sikh soldiers, he had fought with who would fight until their death. This was another aspect of belief. I have to mention this story of great valour and bravery. In 1879 on January 23rd, 150 British soldiers faced 4,000 Zulu warriors at Rorkes Drift in South Africa. Through the great belief their officers had, they gave the command, saying they could win against such odds, and they did. They fought for over twelve hours and won this battle seeing the Zulu’s disperse. Eleven Victoria Crosses were given for bravery more than any battle before or after. Two more Victoria Crosses were later given to those, who died in this battle. This illustrates that with belief, we can all become giants in any sphere we choose. With belief in yourself, your life can change totally as I’m only trying to pass my experiences on to try and give help, as I will not except negative thoughts off anyone. If you find yourself believing, there is something you want to do, where others don’t believe in you, you have to ignore such thoughts. My lady friend E... found herself in a situation not long ago in Banska Bystrica, where negativity was being expressed. Eventually such vibrations forced her to leave and go and have a shower to restore her energy. Negativity with those at work or with friends, or even family can bring you down, and minimise your dreams and expectations. Do not put your energy into trying to make someone believe in something, everyone needs their own expeirence in life. People will notice your actions and how you look and feel, because belief can give you confidence, and give you the belief to say, WHY NOT ? If doubt steps in and suggests not, your belief in yourself will soon remove such obstacles or problems.

I know a young woman who is beautiful looking but spiritually beautiful too. I’ve seen her on facebook and I know she has terrible pain to deal with. Over the past three years at different times I made contact to say, “Let me give you healing. ” I say, “I believe, I can’t promise to say I can cure you, but I can promise and believe, I know I can help you. ” This is the first door to open. Belief carries a divine spark that can help others.

I remember well and will never forget these words, while staying in a small village near to BANSKA BYSTRICA in Slovakia from 2011 until 2015. I was there to complete a vision painting, when four lady friends would attend every Friday evening at my then home. These ladies brought their own spiritual energy and occasionally another couple of ladies would call with them. When you are in a circle of friends, who have the same belief, there spiritual energy grows too. One evening a young woman of about 27 years came, and upon leaving she said, I LOVE THE WORLD YOU ALL LIVE IN. This is a world we can all live in, and it’s real if you can have a small experiences that can give you the belief of your own or be touched by someone or something they have done or said. I will return to Banska Bystrica in the New Year and link up with these special ladies, as I’ve another vision painting to do. I’ve mentioned before, I BELIEVE THERE IS A PORTAL OF SPIRITUAL ENERGY IN BANSKA BYSTRICA. I also believe a young lady photographer who I met in 2011 who has a very special talent that I will link up again with her camera. Two very spiritual friends who have helped our charity in the past and helped me too, said the other day they went on a walk and found they had gone to far to turn back. Then she said to me, “That is you Alan, you cannot turn back to the past, you have to go forward. With your belief this is your strength and spiritual food you need to carry for the path where your dreams can come true. ”

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