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"Better times to follow ... "

November 22nd

Sunday 3.07pm. A beautiful sunset is appearing, a blue sky disappears with a grey cloud moving slowly, showing a silver line holding further peach coloured clouds together. When times are hard such scenes are not noticed by many, because worry and stress clouds do not show clear blue skies. For myself, come what may, I always try to look on the bright side, seeing and appreciating beauty in the natural surroundings of nature, as it all comes free if we start to look at life differently.

I’ve just read a short article telling of a two year old racing pigeon apparently the best in Belgium, that could breed for another eight years, was sold for a record price 1.6 million euros to a Chinese collector. All news isn’t bad, but sad to think, a bird is valued for so much money, when human life doesn’t carry much worth as wars, poverty and death prevail in so many places of our dysfunctional world.

I try to think of this silver lining which is appearing, as each moment we are hearing further news of vaccines that will soon be given to those who are the most vulnerable, and those in the front line services. I wrote in my last blog of the billions of pounds been wasted and given in contracts to friends of those in high powerful positions.

I find it deplorable and obscene, where in the last few days prominent previous government ministers, and those holding office have tried to defend these wasteful and corrupt actions of the present government. Again, I’m not wrong in believing that Boris Johnson the Prime Minister and his crony friends in government regard the public as dim and totally unintelligent when hearing the same excuses now being rolled out by saying, “Well in emergencies because we needed P.P.E., we had to move fast to save lives.” Again, this morning on the influential TV political programme of Andrew Marr we heard the Chancellor of the Exchequer give the same choreographed message saying exactly that in times of such circumstances we have to make such decisions. Consequently, I feel inflamed we are being governed by an utterly corrupt government, that has a weak and hopeless opposition, who can’t cut down these useless politicians while the U.K. is hurting greatly in so many spheres of present life. The older you get, you should get wiser, but with myself there is no should what so ever. I am wiser and have a far greater intellect with knowledge and of being wrong and right than these politicians are showing. I will extend this to having moral values, which is awful in not seeing these virtues used when we are in this appalling crisis, which this present government has made even far worse than it needed to be. I feel ashamed this great country of ours is in vacuum where strong opposition is not seen or given time to demolish this bunch of inept individuals. I could not give one star out of ten to these present politicians, who feel no disgrace when billions and millions of hard earned tax payers money is wasted, and are totally devoid of any apologies or anyone being accountable.

I’ve seen governments come and go, and none have shown enlightened visionary thinking with leadership which befits the people of the U.K. I can understand Napoleon who is quoted of saying, I SAW THE CROWN OF FRANCE LAYING ON THE GROUND, SO I PICKED IT UP WITH MY SWORD. He too was surround by a bunch of cruel inept individuals, who ruined their country by creating a scene of thousands being guillotined. I’m no fan of Napoleon, but the exact opposite, has the full true facts of Napoleon are kept from the ears of the French public. In military deaths figures, it was suggested, Napoleon was responsible for between 2.5 million and 3.5 million, plus for civilian deaths between 750,000 to 3 million, giving a total of 6.5 million deaths. The massacres Napoleon’s troops committed after a battle they had won having had his permission are too unmentionable to speak of.

This weekend saw more time given on the airwaves for Priti Patel, the woman Minister of State for the Home Office, answering questions of bullying individuals in her department.

I feel we have completely lost the plot, and lost our way in where we are going. I have to hope soon that the real powers that be, will see a new door open showing a better and more positive way forward, where for everyone in the U.K. shall see and have a more equal just society for all. It troubles me to write the following facts that are emerging, which was responsible for thousands of needless deaths of the old and vulnerable in care homes. Again on another TV reporting programme it has shown clearly, that 10 Downing Streets Scientific Advisors relied on dubious data taken unbelievably from Wikipedia, to help steer Britain through the Spring Coronavirus and wrongly predicted the peak of the first wave by two months. Members of the Government Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) admitted early virus modelling was based on unverified figures from the online encyclopaedia, which can be edited by members of the public. Criticism by one M.P. Steve Baker who refused to support the second lockdown, who I believe shows a glimmer of light in what should be done in the future. He said, some checking to be following the science seems not to be understanding the meaning of the word. SAGE has been put on a pedestal as if they are unable to produce a single version of truth. Earlier in the year terrifying figures predicted half a million deaths by modelling that was proved to be completely flawed and scientists will no longer be able to defend such assumptions any longer. The reporting TV programme said, over crowding in the N.H.S. had not occurred, and mentioned a prominent Oxford Scientist, who said to use Wikipedia to guide Britain through this crisis was absolutely unacceptable. He went on describing this action was a damning reflection of our lack of preparedness for coronavirus. A professor Calum Semple said, there was not a single human Coronavirus expert in the original advisory group. Regarding the 30,000 excess deaths in care homes, scientists failed to consider the impact of agency workers going from one home to another, spreading the virus. Another damning fact has emerged, which was earlier rebuked shows clearly 25,000 elderly patients were discharged from hospitals into care homes with no testing of the virus. All depressing facts emerging where we know as I’ve said before it will take ten years of an inquiry costing millions and never revealing the truth, and no one to beheld responsible.

At this moment of the crisis we have an on going discussion as to whether for five days over the Christmas period the restrictions that are being presently made are to be reversed. Common sense with many will prevail, but with another large part of society in the U.K., we will see a free for all as party time will begin. I started this message blog with optimism and do believe a new path has to be found. In the U.K. the government has spent £350 billion pounds this year which I believe was unwise in how they have actioned this crisis. We heard this morning of how long can we proceed down this road before bankruptcy can occur in the U.K. High taxes are being spoken of, and freezing the public sector wages for three years. Always hit the poorest, no wonder how I feel, when billions have been wasted and seeing some people making millions out of our stupidity.

In U.S.A, they have their thanks giving day next week which is a big occasion for them, and they too are thinking of advising to use more than desecration as their death toll increases as it is in the U.K. I’m sure no one will remember 2020 in a way they would like to, but I became a grand father again for the eighth time believing, when any child is born, we are witnessing a heavenly miracle.

Today I finished a painting, showing a portrait of Jesus, which I believe I was given to see and do. I did not follow the many other versions artists have painted through the centuries. This painting though is different has I am to paint two other portraits being exactly the same, but each one will have a different coloured back ground showing different scenes. The one I’ve painted, shows in small figures below the portrait of Jesus walking with some of his followers not all men, across a heavenly silver beach. There is a secret coded message, I believe within the painting I’m portraying, but I believe everyone in life has to have help off many at varying times of your life. With this painting and many other situations with our Kompas charity I’ve received help from many other friends. Elena, who lives 2036 km from where I live in Slovakia, has given me great help through these many years, and I believe the painting of Jesus could not have been created as it is, without her direction and help. As this year will come to the end, I hope I can finish these three paintings which will be shown as one, and again there is a good reason for this. Will there be another message, when these three paintings are finished? Well, I believe, I’m given to do what I do, and there has already been proof with the many messages and stories that are attached to my paintings.

My latest painting of Jesus

For everyone, I believe their lives have a bigger reason than they can imagine. We all have a physical body that in time ages, but I believe our spirit that’s within our body does not age nor die. I also do believe we will not lose sight of seeing our loved ones again. Your loved ones are with you each time you have a thought of them. You will meet them again, and I believe with our lives we do reincarnate again. This is my belief which really has a common denominator with all religions, although I say I do not belong to one alone. We are approaching a new time of big change which will be for the benefit of all. WE JUST HAVE TO HAVE A DREAM THAT’S FAR BIGGER THAN WE CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE AND TRULY BELIEVE, WHAT WE WANT FROM LIFE, CAN OCCUR. WITH LIFE, WE CAN, BY TAKING A STEP OUTSIDE OUR COMFORT ZONE, START TO BELIEVE THAT THERE IS A HEAVENLY SPIRITUAL FORCE TRYING TO HELP EVERYONE EACH DAY.

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