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"Change is in the air ..."

June 17th

3.10 pm. One can begin with good news which came from the Oxford University that has been working tirelessly on trials and testing a drug that had existed since the early 1960s called Dexamethasone. This steroid drug had been previously used for a wide range of treatments such as rheumatoid arthritis and asthma, but a research team have made a major breakthrough in the fight against this deadly Coronavirus. It is not a cure for the virus, but with a low dose steroid treatment they have proved that patients of Coronavirus on ventilators could cut the risk of death by a third, and those on Oxygen by a fifth. It’s said if they had this knowledge from the start of the virus 5,000 lives could have been saved in the U.K. To many of an older generation it will bring back memories of a time when the U.K. was in a crisis of losing the Second World War when other great individuals stepped forward to shorten the war by two years and saved millions of lives. They were known as the Code Breakers at Bletchley Park. The genius of Alan Turin, Gordon Welchman, Bill Tuttle, along with Tommy Flowers who built the Colossus, the worlds first programmable electronic computer in 1944. Hidden enlightened minds seem to appear when a crisis has no answer which brings hope with this drug Dexamethasone which can save the lives of thousands around the world, for with this drug it will cost less than a dollar in many countries. A victory no matter what size can lift the hopes and spirit of a nation when progress is seen and achieved.

Another victory came on the same day from a young English football star of 22 years of age, Marcus Rashford who plays for Manchester United. A quietly spoken young man from a low-income background, where free dinners at school played a big part of his younger life. The pressure was already being put on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to provide food vouchers for 1.3 million children during the summer break, and in the previous weeks, Boris Johnson was not for changing his mind as he showed in Parliament. Then like a shining light from nowhere, this mild-mannered young man articulated quietly the desperate need for disadvantaged children from low-income families to receive help through the school summer holiday period. One can associate this feat Marcus made as a David and Goliath moment when his slingshot hit Boris with such a force, that Boris had to make his third U-turn with his government policy in less than a month. The overwhelming support Marcus received from a large number of Members of Parliament from each party made the government reverse its intentions to not provide further support for such children. Marcus quietly says, there are further steps he intends to make. If another situation occurred to Boris Johnson, where he had to make another U-turn regarding this young footballer requests I’m afraid Boris would have to walk the plank.

A prominent Scottish Conservative lady Member of Parliament tweeted, “Boris do you want to die on this hill fighting a battle you can’t win?” More questions are now being asked about the advice Boris is receiving from his Svengali Dominic Cummings, and clearly, Boris is showing indecision’s almost daily. WHEN A CAPTAIN OF ANY SHIP LOSES THE BELIEF AND FAITH OF HIS CREW, THERE IS CHANGE IN THE AIR. A virus that is now showing its return in China and Germany sends vibrations of concern and further action plans should be at the ready for the U.K. and other countries too. The two-meter distancing rule the U.K. is presently defending, many scientists dispute this by saying this advice is flawed. Only two other countries Canada and Spain like the U.K. adhere to this thinking although the U.K. has the third highest number of Coronavirus deaths in the world. News from China tells of another outbreak of the virus in Beijing, as over 1250 plane flights were cancelled and residents in lockdown are barred from any essential travel. The reported virus cases now total 137 over the past six days after two months of no domestic cases had been reported. With Germany at a slaughterhouse where many of their East European workers returned home to visit their families it’s now reported there are 657 infected workers. This new outbreak is a significant regional spike for a country that has recorded nationwide infections in the low hundreds. Outbreaks have been recorded in Berlin too. Each country now, throughout the world should be sitting down together to resolve and produce a plan to help each other, it’s almost like another warning. As I write this message blog I hear thunder and lightning, and I’m thinking are these words I’ve just spoken ARE WE HAVING A SECOND WARNING a coincidence a word I don’t believe in.

Tonight in the U.K. a Premier League football match has started in an empty stadium, hoping they can cauterise the loss of money flowing from this rich body of the Premier League football. Not once have these wealthy players offered a reduction in their high weekly salaries to help lower league clubs to survive. WHEN A BOW IS BROKEN THE CRADLE OF FOOTBALL CANNOT BRING NEW LIFE INTO FOOTBALL. We don’t seem to have a plan in the lockdown certain areas when an outbreak occurs. During the Second World War when German bombers were flying every day, we had control centres to focus and take action against them, when they were trying to destroy our cities. We need a figure like Air Chief Marshal Hugh Dowding who would run a 24 hour operation to attack, trace and test and immediately have a lockdown in that particular area. We are at war with this virus. Other areas we would hope could carry on as normal with an economy almost fully employed.

Is this the INDICTMENT that will be made against Boris and his Cabinet of Ministers? Lack of P.P.E equipment for the U.K., lockdown to late, no defence for the elderly in care homes, and no adequate precision test and tracing. Not going on a proper war footing by allowing panic buying, and seeing profiteers in all sizes of companies and individuals. High sentences for the crime, shipping them to some isolated island without the creature comforts they might have on land and working to maintain their food and upkeep. Not showing a clear direction from day one, allowing 80 million people to pass through the airports and have never checked or tested them. Telling everyone that masks are not needed for months, then just days ago you should wear them on public transport. The list is endless and I’ve spoken before there was a better way than giving billions away where public sector workers and others were offered 80 percent of their salary until October. Now many do not want to return to work. Work could have been found to help others in society rather than sitting at home doing nothing. This enquiry should show how incompetence lost the battle against the Coronavirus and how to bankrupt your country. Meanwhile, it has been said that President Trump has introduced a 3 trillion dollar package to stimulate the economy because he will fall at the next election if there is an economic slump. He believes he can buy votes with employment. Between 2008 -2020 following the financial crash 3.2 trillion dollars was introduced into their economy within 12 years. Now in three months, Donald Trump is introducing 3 trillion dollars which equals 20,000 dollars to each U.S.A. home. Each day and week shows how turbulent this river of life is we are all travelling on. But there is hope and there are enlightened individuals out there who don’t presently follow this metaphorical river. There is a light with new ideas that will appear because we are in times when new institutions with a moral compass base will have the necessary vision to move in a better direction. More cooperation will be seen because individual countries cannot go forward being isolated with their own ideologies, we must stay positive and ask what can we contribute while we are on the earth plane.

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