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Updated: Oct 18, 2019

October the 14th. Time, 2.45 pm. Place, sitting in the home of my second daughter near to Manchester. It’s now very quiet and peaceful. My thoughts go to think of writing the next blog. I believe it will be a new phase to my continuing journey. On my last blog, I did not have any thought to finish this part of my journey, only towards the last paragraph it happened, and I say this because in my life and with others too, situations occur that are not planned. At 8.30am this morning, I opened my iPad to make my daily contact with my lady friend E... A Facebook memory message was there of my lady friend J... Then I smiled, as you might know by now, coincidence does not exist in my world, but synchronicity does. I thought today, my lady friend lady E... will receive a letter, where within her letter there is another letter for my lady friend J... Is synchronicity taking place? My lady friend E..., then showed me the stamp on her envelope I sent her, and she said, “ Have you seen this ship,” No, I said surprised, It was a eighteenth century war ship, a galleon with large white sails. Immediately, I thought it resembled our Kompas charity logo ship. I thought is this a sign that might be telling me that my lady friend J... who helped so much with our charity and to get it registered in its early days, is going to return. Synchronicity or providence may have its own map.

Later that morning, I saw the opening of our Parliament with the Queens Speech. Prince Charles sat by the Queens side, sitting in my opinion with an almost forlorn and mournful expression. His once dashing image of a young polo player had long gone, yes, age touches us all. His mother the Queen is now 93 years of age, and she has still not indicated anything yet to relinquish the throne to Charles, her son. Abdication is a word not yet mentioned. It is clear we are all moving to a different age of big changes. Even the Queens procession to parliament with her carriage and escort of Royal House Hold Cavalry did not seem to have any meaningful appeal, as the event seemed to be clouded with an air of despondency. Political correspondents were heard to say, the Queens Speech and the ceremony too, belonged to a parallel universe, because of the present political impasse position, where none of these proposals by the Prime Minister could be passed yet, without the agreement of parliament. Over the last week, a group called EXTINCTION REBELLION have tried to bring London traffic to a halt. There are over 400 scientists who have endorsed a civil disobedience campaign to force government to take rapid action to combat climate change. This group warn that failure could inflict incalculable human suffering. In the past few days, over 1,300 of these protesters were arrested. Their group has a stylised symbol of an hour glass indicating time is running out for saving planet Earth. I recall a painting I did twenty years ago showing the rain forests of the Amazons burning, the Orangutan population facing extinction. More importantly the painting showed a small pile of sand close to its final limits of time running out.

An hour ago, the date is October 15th, I read an article saying an Equity Income Fund would be closed down in January of next year. I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, that when I had finished writing my book in 2017 called THE MESSAGE, I sent the book to this man who created this fund in 2014, on the back his previous fame. He had once been at the top of his tree with investment managing. With my book there was a letter, which later I sent again, saying his star would fall, as there were far more better mountains for him to climb with the gift and ability he previously had. Yet again, another of my predictions or prophecies have come true. Money could have been saved to investors, but money has no value, unless money is used to do good. The man himself could have had higher ambitions and achievements, If he would have met me as I suggested. I believe, I could have shown him a better and happier path with his life. But his story is not over yet, if he should contact me. Through my previous blogs, my story has shown, where billions of pounds could have been saved, and these companies could have prospered far more.

My journey I’ve told of is only a fraction of the story, as I believe that negativity and doubt has prevented many opportunities of actually saving lives through the years. As I’ve said my journey is just beginning, and deaf ears and sleeping closed minds still remain, but soon they will be awakened. When you have many scientists joining street marches, and saying their scientific journals are no longer of any use, because their message is not impacting on its limited audience. That is a very powerful sign, CHANGE MUST HAPPEN SOON. A second ago, my conscience was telling me to go and give my grandson of eleven one pound, as I’m still at one of daughters from the weekend. Why I have I given my grandson a pound? It’s not a lot of money. it’s about the recognition of what he said a few moments ago. A couple of days ago, he had written a good story about an historical battle, but he still had to create an image to lift his story. I showed him the blog with the title called THE HOUSE WE LIVE IN IS ON FIRE. I said a few things about what Harrison Ford, the film star talked of in a speech he made. He was raising an awareness of the radical changes that need to be made about the climate crisis that faces the world. Tonight, at the dinner table he spoke to my daughter and husband firing questions at them about climate change. To my surprise, he spoke of THE HOUSE WE LIVE IN IS ON FIRE, and I was amazed he had actually stored this information in his mind. To me, this was a powerful sign backing my further prophecies, where I’ve said it will be this present and future generations that will change our world. If one phrase, one child can catch and carry in his imagination and say what my grandson said, multiply it by a few million and you have a power nothing and no one can stop. My grandson even went further suggesting, we should stop eating meat. His thoughts and imagination had ignited a small flame that could and will grow bigger by the young of our world. Tonight, or in the next few days we may have a final decision as to whether our country the United Kingdom gets a deal or not and leaves Europe on October the 31st. There are other situations where changes must occur, for far greater problems exist around the world. Hope, faith, and belief are three words we must never lose.

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