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"Changes for a new direction ..."

February 21st

Sunday, 2 pm . Another day which can bring renewed hope to those who have promises from their governments that vaccines will soon be rolled out. In the U.K. 17 million have been fortunate to have received their first vaccine and many may soon have their second jab. It’s good news for those who are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. But for other poorer countries, they see no light in their tunnel which needs to be addressed soon. The U.K. has over 400 million doses of vaccine on order, and questions are being asked when and how many vaccines will be given to waiting and deserving countries. All countries are deserving, but the U.K. will not commit yet to whom it can help and will help. Every rich country will first look after their own, but I guess what you want from life never materialises in a perfect plan you may have made. It’s known by all right thinking people, all major countries should have sat down and choreographed a plan that was synchronised at the same time to start rolling million or billions of vaccines to every country in the world. To do other wise the length of time to eradicate this pandemic is going to prolong the danger to the whole planet. It’s said China and Russia will start to bridge the gap, in supplying vaccines to these impoverished countries, and will gain political advantage by helping them in a time of need.

The thinking and advancement of mankind illustrates clearly, we are a galaxy away in thoughts of going forward together as a human being. We still look and view one another by what nationalities we each are. How many centuries will that take? Is it to see each country go down a spiral of chaos before we see the strands of every country being woven together into one piece of metaphorical perfect cloth? It’s my belief it will occur sooner, because this pandemic is a world phenomenon and a crisis for everyone. It shows clearly it’s touching every economy, and halting all progress to return back to some sort of normality.

Where hope is in the U.K., and many M.P.s, 63 in total, are insisting that a lockdown is now to be rolled out in a suitable way that will not see another appear again under no circumstances. There has not been any data showing the consequences of staying in a lockdown virtual imprisonment, because such detail would reveal a picture that would create a revolution. Facts are showing of the virus in the U.K. where 89 percent of fatalities have been with those of the most elderly age group, and is being shown this group will have had their second jab within the next few weeks. Which suggests, those who’ve had the vaccine will be protected. So who can now not argue to start and bring living back to some normality?

Only some of the epidemiologists and scientists who want to continue with a lockdown are thinking, they would see a lockdown almost forever. In my opinion, if you put 100 scientist together with whatever qualifications they hold into the same room, you would never get the same answer. When eventually history is written, we will see large gaps of wrong information that has coexisted with scientists and politicians, who have never had no idea which direction we should have really taken. Already a judge has determined the government has not disclosed the data on time, which will reveal cronyism, negligence, not adhering to safety standards for the purchasing of P.P.E.. All of these contracts have shown this to be disgraceful and scandalous, where hundreds of millions have been spent wrongly in such contracts. It’s now being said the government could face prosecution over needless deaths of N.H.S. staff, who did not have the proper equipment of P.P.E., when fighting this virus in the first few months. It was clear and apparent, some staff were trying to make protective clothing out of bin bags. Today, U.K. viewers heard on TV, the Minister for Health Matt Hancock, gave his opinions of these events again, believing the public are stupid.

On a brighter note, we are seeing the new leadership in the U.S.A. of his Presidency sign many new orders of climate change directives to change the disastrous policies of the Trump era and commit the US to the most ambitious set of environmental proposals in history. Within hours of being sworn in President Biden reinstated the US to the Paris Climate Accords, and cancelled a controversial pipe line from Canada to Nebraska and pledging a clean energy revolution that will bring the US to 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2035, and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Americans are witnessing prolonged droughts and heat waves, wildfires, and persistent coastal flooding and extreme weathers of all sorts. Presently Texas is experiencing snow, and freezing temperatures that have not been seen for a hundred years. It has brought down their electricity reserves making temperatures unbearable to live with. Without water and electricity, thirteen million people have been seen to boil snow in some instances of being without heating and water for days.

General Motors, the US’s biggest vehicle maker recently announced plans to make its entire car fleet electric by 2035. All these plans will help, but not stop Climate Change when China already emits twice as much carbon as the US, and despite its promises is planning to bring hundreds of new and very dirty coal plants online. Another giant step, with removing Trump, is the selling of new leases for oil and gas production on federal land which has been halted now. This must be music to the Native American Indians, unfortunately too late, but better than never. Their philosophy has always spoken about looking and revering Mother Earth, and not squandering it’s resources. A famous Native American Indian by the name of Ollokot, brother to the famous Chief of the Nez Perce channelled a message, saying, Mans greed has led to the desecration of many parts of this beautiful world, where Mother Earth has been raped of her natural resources, and her atmosphere has been polluted and damaged. How short sighted these men were - their selfish actions spread a cancer throughout the worlds infrastructure, which you know as Capitalism. He went on to say your earthly society does not want you to devote your time to spiritual growth. Rather it only wants you to pursue material riches and the futility of materialism. Ollokot and all great former spiritual chiefs have all spoken the same message throughout the past hundreds of years. Ollokot, the former great warrior leader of the Nez Perce went on to say, Thankfully, a time of spiritual enlightenment is upon you, free of the shackles of so-called organised religion. It will be a time free of crippling economic structures, rather it will be time of spiritual freedom and a brotherhood of all humankind.

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