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March 15th

2.30 pm. Another wet, and windy day, combine this with continuous disturbing news about the Coronavirus and it’s not the best of days. There is one word we will all need no matter what your beliefs are, and the word is RESILIENCE. The definition suggests the capacity to bounce back and recover quickly from difficulties when faced with tragedy, natural disasters, health concern, relationship, work or school problems. Like a roller coaster of further problems facing people with a lockdown in their society, inevitably, big changes are already occurring. I have continued being saying in previous blogs and books for years BIG CHANGES ARE PRESENTLY OCCURRING. The climate change we cannot dismiss, and this has been evident these past seventy years and more. With this Pandemic was it mentioned to me by message or vision. The answer is NO. But I do know for what I believe to me is a fact. I can be shown only certain events, I’m able to mentally carry at times. We can say, is there any generation like our parents or grandparents that in their time they didn’t face wars, economic depressions, and for many nations oppressions from invading forces, bringing evil, death and more.

This moment in time there appears to be chaos in some supermarkets as in London no toilet rolls are available anywhere. A French friend of my son-in-law came to Manchester to purchase a wedding suit and then found himself being driven around Manchester in search of toilet rolls, where my son in law was searching trying to find where nappies could be bought. Aldi the supermarket chain had half is shelves empty of many tinned goods as panic continues to spread. I said in my last blog, strong leadership was needed and it was clear there would be a rush on some essentials goods, and only now rationing might be brought in. Still no evidence of toilet paper having anything to do with Coronavirus. Behavioural scientists have said, this is a passing anomaly, the abnormality is another word, where behavioural scientists suggest buying toilet paper alleviates some of the anxieties people may have, giving them the feeling they are in control of the present crisis. Professors and scientists all carry different opinions, and it’s seen in the U.K. that scientists have given out advice one day, then only a short while later to reverse their suggestions and follow actions of others in another country. Our Prime Minister follows scientific advice, but where does that leave his decisions when it’s contradicted the next day by such advice. Common sense is a great arbiter for great leadership, adding confidence to his nation or forces. Lose confidence, then we have chaos as we are presently seeing by some sections of society. Another prominent professor said the modelling that scientists are using is running on assumptions, by feeding numbers which throw not facts but assumptions their figures may be right. One professor said, having large numbers at a football match will not infect more people than many drinking in a public house or bar. Fear, phobias, panic, stress, anxiety, worries all weaken your immune system and unfortunately, it’s being now recognised by some reports, that the media are scaremongering many listeners. The next fear to come which is natural is when people become out of work and will not have enough money, they have too much time on their hands, all actions have consequences. Repeating myself from my last blog there are positives where major governments are helping each other, and China is giving great help to Italy. In times of this crisis, it is finally seeing some countries uniting together where hopefully soon we can see them erase the many wrongs that still predominantly exist on the Earth.

On March 4th 1933 Franklin D Roosevelt took office as the President of the United States facing an unemployment figure of a staggering 25 per cent. The Wall Street financial crash occurred in 1929, and he stated no longer would banks profiteer ruining the lives of millions. In his inauguration speech he said ... So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyses needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life, a leadership of frankness and vigour has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory. I am convinced that you will again give your support to leadership in these critical days.

It’s sad such leaders are not seen today to remove the present fear that exists. I’ve just had a message from my son, who’s firm has now gone into lockdown in Amsterdam. The Dutch government say this will be with Holland until April 6th. My son usually flies there at times but can work at his home in Brighton. This just illustrates the scale of how Coronavirus has infected so many countries. I can add my friend Elena to this list as Slovakia has introduced their lockdown earlier in the week. My week has had help in a greater personal way, and I will put my prayers have had been answered.

On Monday my continuing pain and fear were that my youngest daughter I’ve spoken of before was in such a dire place whereby help was not being excepted due to a chronic situation she has with her addictions. By Wednesday evening my eldest daughter took actions and drove 130 miles from her home and rescued her from her dying moments. They both appeared at my home and the following day my youngest daughter was seen to a train for Scotland by her elder sister having secured a place in a rehabilitation centre. The change from darkness to light was dramatic. Let’s believe this power of belief and light can touch the world to take a new direction and overcome this Coronavirus.Only minutes ago I received a message from my friend who with her partner help our Kompas charity. She said a friend had called her for healing help, as her son still at school has taken an overdose of tablets. Healing help will be given, but more importantly, our society has got to give a lead to where many young people through circumstances find it impossible to cope with this river of life. Through my blogs, I’ve said time and again children are not being taught they are all special and each has been given a special gift in life. They are not taught the meaning of life, and love and help can be shown by all of us towards others, especially young teenagers, children who lose their way in life. Leadership showing that high values must not be allowed to slip.

One day in Banska Bystrica in 2012 a lady friend brought a story of a young English schoolboy of thirteen who had taken his life. It had touched my friend as school bullying was the awful culprit. She wanted me to put the beautiful portrait of this young boy into my large painting I was creating of children from around the world. I believe I had spiritual help from great masters of the past with every child I painted. We tried to find his parents which I believe were somewhere in Walsall England, as I wanted to say their son is not forgotten, but he is with many other children and their spirit lives.

The future belongs to this very young generation, and soon I will have eight grandchildren. As parents and as a society we want to help them all we can in their lives. So fear grips many, but we stay resolute and strong and retain the highest of values to pass on to this new generation.

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