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"Connection with a higher consciousness ... "

February the 23rd

Time 4.00pm, I’m often in this state of mind when I write these blogs and just have no idea what I’m going to write. It seems when I put my mind to my iPad, I just connect into a higher level of consciousness. Strange I’ve just said these words, as I will refer to these in a minute. Just seen an email from my friend Elena who has just sent me a tweet from Kevin Costner. He has posted on his timeline, where I feel he is talking about looking for a film. Coincidence ? In 2004 I was on my odyssey journey in Oregon, following my spirit guide Chief Joseph and his brother Ollokot. It was on a Sunday in October and the sun shone as though it was the middle of summer. We were leaving for the day having just been given a secret map in the town called JOSEPH. The map was given to me by a good man where only an hour before, just being myself with him, I inadvertently turned his life around. Consequently he said, “I know why you came to my home.” I was staying for a couple of days at his beautiful B&B log cabin. This is another story to tell later, but because of the map and with my friend we decided to go straight away and try to find this mountain canyon where he said he knew Joseph and Ollokot were born. Just as we were going out of the town it was a moment when I suddenly stopped and said to my friend, we have to go into what appeared to be a sort of art gallery come shop. A lady in her thirties ran the place, and again I found the Americans are really friendly people. Being in their small town she was curious why two English men were in that region at this time of the year. After a while, we were on the same vibration, and she was really hooked on my story of why, and where we were heading. I said to her “Have you seen the film Field of Dreams, my story is true though.” Then having referred to Kevin this lady said his wife lives not far away in the mountains. I stopped for a second thinking Wow, that’s incredible as my spiritual guides had been telling me I must try and make contact with him. I was given to believe my journey is linked to a film Kevin could make in the future. This idea I have been given from the spirit of Joseph, saying this film will surpass his great film Dances with Wolves that he made in 1990. I was told by my spirit guide Joseph that with my help he will fulfil an important mission he has been given to do. Then the lady said Kevin had just divorced and I knew this was not the time or place to go and tell my story. My journey then in North America was synchronised for each minute of where I was to go and visit while being there.

In 2006, I sent to Kevin’s agent my book My Journey with Joseph. It was not to be a film about my book, but a connection I will not disclose.

Then with my friend Elena’s help I tried not long ago to pursue what my spiritual guides said, to try again to contact Kevin Costner. Maybe this time I will open this important door, not for me, but because of the message this film is to give.

Back to where I mentioned a higher consciousness. I saw in the week a double three (33) staring at me, then somehow I saw or heard this these words you are in a higher consciousness. I can go back to a young woman friend I still know from Banska Bystrica. We made contact after someone saw my painting in the Europa Shopping Mall in Banska Bystrica and told the young woman to meet me. She did this, and she was on the same vibration, very spiritual, funny and interesting. She was the same age as my second daughter. She was about to talk to me on that first meeting about herself and I said, please stop. I was already picking up psychic vibrations with her, and got bullseye with her saying that Greece figured in her life. Her friendship remained with me through the following years, and laughingly she would say, I was her guru. She was psychic herself, and told me two years later she had qualified as a psychologist. She had developed a relationship with someone, I knew straight away this was wrong for her, but I cannot divulge with my gift what I fully see. Many times, when she made a contact with me, she was talking about number 3, permanently seeing on many occasions. She knew she was being told by spirit then, that the relationship was not right for her, but she persevered as she was in love with the man. Through these troubled times of driving to where she now shared a place with him, she rang me up one day saying she had a car crash. She was not hurt and the car could still function, but she said she had hit another car and it had spun her car around pointing her car in the direction she had come from in her home town. We both knew the message she was receiving, she just wanted confirmation from me. She was on the wrong path and the car was telling her to return to her home town as her future path was there. Later she returned, as I was guiding her all the time and building her spirit and confidence back. Her dream was to help young troubled teenagers. Her dream had already began in a school using her qualifications. Now back in her home town, she was put on the right path and today she runs team of people for a big charity helping young people that sees her travelling to many places in Europe. I have predicted as she is an exceptional young spiritual woman, that one day she will be known in many places around the world. She once told me, she ignored her rule book and was led by her own feelings towards young people, and that light she shines is love. Number 3 she is highly conscious of, because she knows those higher enlightened powers are with her.

I have to believe when seeing that double 3 earlier in the week I was getting help myself.

It began on the Monday of this week and in conversation with my friend Elena as each day we are editing the blogs to put them in a new book. I’ve said before and it’s not that often when I get this feeling of this spiritual energy either around me or within me. I said to Elena earlier in the week, “I’m getting an immense powerful feeling of energy coming from yourself.” Elena said, “I can’t feel anything,” so I let it pass. I have known a while Elena feels close to wolves.

On Friday while I was reading a blog to Elena, I had to stop reading, as I could feel this powerful energy within me again. A few weeks earlier, she had been getting a feeling for a while for me to paint a picture of wolves. I’m not drawn to wolves but Elena is. I said to Elena again This energy is for you and I’m getting a feeling there is another Indian guide with you, and I feel he his pushing me to do this painting. Elena had already sent a file to England to my two spiritual friends who would print off coloured images of wolves. Then to my surprise Elena said it’s the Indian guide I had drawn her more than six years ago. I could n’t even remember this. I said I feel compelled to paint this scene, then she told me I have to paint a ghost form of her other Indian guide into this painting. I have to believe spiritual energy was with me this week changing my plans, but of course the spirit guides don’t tell me so, but their actions do.

Earlier in the week I had decided to put a painting up for sale which is a rarity, as I find it almost impossible to let any of my paintings go. One of the reasons for this is I believe with any painting I have created, it carries part of my soul. Just like the Native American Indians, if they have their photograph taken, they too believe part of their soul and spirit is taken away. I’ve said before I’m not a nine to five guy with my thinking, and I’ve been funding my vision journeys and paintings for the last twenty years. At times I can only believe I’ve had a lot of help from the spirit world to get by. Also I was once told after meeting the famous Russian artist Vladimir Tretchikoff, he said , Never sell your paintings unless you have to. Well, in the week I sent three women images of paintings I created from the photos of my photographer friend Lucia. I was trying to get an opinion from my two English friends , as to which one they would choose if they purchase the painting. For spirits reason they did not receive the message. I sent a message to one of my daughters who has qualifications in the legality of law, making a suggestion whoever purchased only one of these three paintings, I would pay double of the selling price five years later, if my circumstances were right. I have never received a reply from my daughter. I sent another message to a friend to call on Saturday, to take photographs of these three paintings. Thankfully my friend didn’t call, because during Saturday and Sunday, I had this feeling to change aspects of the three paintings. Believe it or not, somehow while I was painting, I was guided to a Leonardo da Vinci documentary on google showing Leonardo how he used to paint double images of certain paintings. This was strange because all the time on one particular woman image who I called the Renaissance lady, I had the feeling and presence of Leonardo’s spirit with me. This is not unusual for me, as Ive had this experience of master artists with me since I was fifteen. So during the weekend I greatly improved the beauty and power of these three paintings, at this moment in time I await what spirit will do next.

I know I’m compelled, as I’ve previously said I have to return to Banska Bystrica to paint this prophecy vision of the flooding of New York in 2035, as I have to try and bring awareness and save twenty million lives there. I’m not forgetting the consequences what will touch other parts of the world too with floods. I heard on the news today that Holland has forecast the sea level will rise by six feet in 2035 and it will hit a lot of the East coast of Great Britain. How do you think that makes me feel, having been given such powerful messages?

I’m also compelled to paint a image of Elena when I reach Banska Bystrica as a Sioux Indian lady with wolves and other symbolic signs in the painting. Why ? Because I’ve been shown this two metre square painting of Elena will travel with my other Native American Indian paintings to deliver a message to all tribes in North America. A week when seeing that number 33 had a greater meaning than I could have thought of. As I’ve said before having a belief in yourself is part of knowing who you truly can be.

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